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  1. Where is his right arm? lol that is his right arm his left arm wasn't even visible in the photo Thanks for the advice. I know it gets confusing I wanted more opinion to clarify that. This is my first concept for it maybe I can separate the guy and the earth somehow so it is more clear
  2. This is a logo concept for my uncle's martial arts studio called - One World Martial Arts Let me know what you think Thanks for looking
  3. I think it was just a huge influx of concepts....This looks really nice. I'm not crazy about the outline of the players, but it's really sharp. yeah or it could be because of my sig i need to change that
  4. wow this got buried fast I thought it was cool guess no one else does
  5. just something i came up with no real stars in this one but some good images. with photoshop 7.0
  6. yeah i think you could do somethink like one of teh golden gate bridge towers as a side stripe on the pants, or jersey
  7. ummmm..... im speechless .... in a bad way
  8. the heavy metal one is sick i like how u got the 'M' w/ the metallica font the helmet logo is a little too complicated w/ the real photo and detail on the guitar, simple it up a bit and itd be sweet
  9. how bout a BP giants one? thanks
  10. BavarianMW

    WLAF Orlando

    i would define the cheeck bone more, thats what really stands out on a horse's face
  11. thanks for the feedback keep it coming
  12. BavarianMW

    NO Saints

    nope, not likin the logo, sorry. and the concept just looks like the ones they have now w/ more variations
  13. BavarianMW

    New sig

    none of your links work buddy
  14. so i edited the post and put another render in there. i minimized the template, so the main focus is what it looks like in real life.
  15. yeah i have posted this concept before, i couldnt choose between the 2 pants types. but i like the bottom ones more, so i put those in the picture, and the pants are a diff color, just cuz it went with the picture better, and i think it looks good that way, i might try another picture if i have time