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  1. The head and the beak are two separate shapes in your logo. Try to make the beak blend seamlessly with the head.
  2. I'm amazed at what some of you consider a "good" album. Panic at the Disco?? Creed??!?!?
  3. Wow, can't believe someone bothered to resurrect a topic from 2009.
  4. Sure is (
  5. Honestly? I don't understand the unbridled enthusiasm for these. Technically, they are terrible - poor copy and paste jobs. The stripes, numbers, and names don't conform to the shape of the template in any way. I'd suggest learning how to use your tools before producing any more of these. They're kind of embarrassing.
  6. Here's Dayton, Ohio's subway map.
  7. I really, really, really miss the USFL.
  8. I'm sorry to have to report that I adjusted my TV and discovered that the Cowboys pants are still green. What a disappointment.
  9. I thought this deserved its own thread, since we're seeing the Fins uniforms on the field for the first time. I think they look great, but it's a little disorienting to see that the orange has been downgraded to a highlight color equal to the navy. Also disorienting is the huge "MIAMI" printed on the players' butts. I hope that's not something any other team emulates. One more thing - I'm watching football in HD for the first time and the Cowboys' pants no longer look green. Is it my TV? Or did they finally, FINALLY chuck the green pants? (Someone please tell me they chucked the green.)
  10. I'd like to see the bug logo again. It was so terrible that it was awesome.
  11. I nominate these non-lamented uglies.
  12. Wait what?? When did NU get rid of its football team? It was still alive and well when I lived in Boston.
  13. At least you spelled it right in the logo.