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  1. How were you active yesterday!?

  2. Congrats on moving up the all time profile views list.

  3. Is this what you wanted? Pretty much. But for the Rock Cats I wanted the RC "claw" logo in the upper right. If you could change it that would be great. Thanks.
  4. TC

    New Sig I Made

    Says the guy who has been caught plagerizing, and later tries to accuse a respected member of the same crime. People will never forget what you did, so I would do my best not to refresh peoples' memories. bmac, save in .png, your sigs are really blurry. EDIT: plagiarize Kids these days can't spell to save themselves.
  5. I would like one with the logos in this order... Beloit Snappers Fort Myers Miracle New Britain Rock Cats (upper right logo, sorry I couldn't find a better picture) Rochester Red Wings Minnesota Twins Just remove the background color. Thanks.
  6. TC

    Tweakin' the T'Wolves

    Yeah, you probably shouldn't be eating those.
  7. TC

    Tweakin' the T'Wolves

    I had one made up actually...
  8. TC

    Tweakin' the T'Wolves

    I knew I shoulda toned it down.
  9. I have had this idea in my head since the Wolves introduced their new uniforms. I remembered my idea while watching the Cavs-Lakers game last week (Cavs were wearing their alternates), and have been working on it here and there ever since. I would like to say that this looked way better in my head, and I tried as best I could to put it on pixels. I eliminated the 20 outlines on the numbers and script and stuck with just one. I think that their numbers would work better if they didn't have all the extra outlines on them. I brought back the trees to the rest of the uniforms, I am pondering if I overdid it? Solid stripes on the sides and brought back the black alternate. C & C please. UPDATE: or this one. I took off the trees from the collar to try and fix the "tree-overload". Any suggestions on how I can make it better?
  10. Much better! I like it a lot more. The stitches free up a lot of space so more is visible. I still don't think this would work for the Rays, but this is perfect for an MiLB team.
  11. Because this is just pathetic. You won last year, man. No need to cry.
  12. No, you don't. When you are up 59-0 at halftime, you put in all your bench players, stop shooting 3's and you do not, under any circumstances, use a full court press. In fact, you probably do all of this when you are up 30-0 against a team that has gone winless over the last four seasons. It's called "class", which apparently you could use some of if that's your real, honest attitude. Sorry that I was blunt with that post. Yes, you do put in your worst players or players that don't get much playing time after you're up by fifty. But those players still have to play all-out. If I didn't get much playing time and finally got into a game, the last thing I would want my coach to tell me is to not play as hard as I normally would. Maybe you would try to run some new plays, try stuff you normally wouldn't do, but you still play hard. It's sad that it had to happen to this particular team, and I agree that these two teams should have never played each other in the first place. The girls on the losing team should know they aren't likely to win a game, I hope they are just having fun playing the game. I can say that I have been on terrible winless basketball teams, and it sucks to lose. I remember getting blown out 82-2 in one game. But you get over it. You just practice, get better, and have fun in a situation like that.
  13. 1991 World Series Game 7 is a classic. An' I'm not jus' sayin'. Watch it if you haven't.