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  1. I don't get it. My favorite Olympics logo is still Athens 2004.
  2. Eden Hazard looks sickly in that Chelsea promo
  3. To each his own, of course, but that one's about as boring as sports wordmarks come. I really liked that whole identity the Astros had during the 2000's. A lot of people seemed happy to see it go, but I always thought it was unique and attractive. The new one just feels lifeless to me in comparison, especially since they got rid of the shooting star cap logo entirely.
  4. This old 49ers wordmark is as beautiful as the Sistine Chapel ceiling or a Hawaiian sunset, as far as I'm concerned. That they've switched to the current wordmark absolutely breaks my heart. I just can't understand it and I never will. Even if they ever went back to the classic one, that moron Jed York would probably insist on modernizing it in some hideous way, thus ruining it. Man, I'm feeling pessimistic today...
  5. So Milan have abandoned their crest? This is, what, the third season in a row they'll have the St. George's cross on their shirt rather than the logo? It looks so weird to me, I can't get used to it.
  6. The Giants shiny blue helmet bugs the absolute HELL out of me. They wear the matte blue shirt and grey shorts, so everything about their uniform has a matte look to it, but then they wear those shiny-ass blue helmets. It looks awful to me and it ruins the team's entire look (along with one of the dullest logos in sports). Having said all that, they've always worn that shiny helmet as far as I know, so I guess their best look would have to include it. Bleh.
  7. Yikes, check out those roided up arms...
  8. Wolves look sharp as hell. That's as good-looking a kit as I've seen them wear.
  9. And here's Philly. C&C welcome as usual!
  10. Hate to sound rude, but I may have been forgotten. Nah, I'm working on it now. New England is taking up lots of time and I'm finally taking a break from it. Friggin hate the Rev's logo. Hate it.
  11. TWolves design looks cool but I'm not a fan of Minnesota's current wordmark at all... The typeface looks sort of amateurish, I guess.
  12. I love them both, actually. The first one is great but I'm also a fan of lighter, stained court designs (unpopular opinion?) so the second one floats my boat too. I just think it looks nicer when the out-of-bounds area bordering the court is lighter than the court itself, which is just about impossible to do with paint.
  13. I'm surprised that so many people dislike the Giants new WS ring. (though I wonder how many of said people are from SoCal...) It's just about perfect, if you ask me. The 2010 ring kinda sucked but the last two have been major wins IMO.
  14. Yep. Sorry to spoil it for everyone, but it looks like we'll be getting a black jersey with red numbers. Probably black pants too, I'd think.
  15. For the Niners alternate, I'd like to see a uniform of all red (a darker shade than the current cherry red they use) and gold with no black and as little white as possible. But forget what I want. It'll probably be some garish gold jersey, or black or something.