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  1. Oh man, nothing better than a red brat there.
  2. Bingo. I have one. Also, I accidentally made the original post in my long lost account. Meant to use this one.
  3. It's a definite improvement, but I still think that brick red and teal is a terrible color combination. No change in the design can fix that.
  4. 1. Illinois 2. North Carolina 3. TCU 4. Arizona State 5. Florida State
  5. This is amazing. I went to Highland Park Senior High, so The Fort resonates with me particularly. There should be two teams named the Fulda Curmudgeons and Buffalo Punks. (I'd be so tickled if any of you fellow Minnesotans get that reference.)
  6. 1. Tulsa 2. Tulane 3. Fresno State 4. Memphis 5. Eastern Michigan
  7. Here's one from a series of fantasy novels called the Dragon Banner:
  8. By adding a neck to the face it kind of looks like the swords just decapitated the poor cowboy.
  9. I love how the profile view and flowing mane evoke memories of the previous logo.
  10. I gotta say, this design works MUCH better on the Bengals than the Jags. If possible I'd like to see this but with the gradient going top to bottom with white on the bottom. That would match the colors of a real tiger with an orange back and a white belly.
  11. Target, Best Buy, or 3M would all be better than Pillsbury.
  12. This is perhaps my favorite Josh Harding mask, which is saying something since he's had so many great ones.
  13. They may not have been bad, but when they dropped the N logo and made black the primary color it was a huge downgrade. Ah screw it, they were bad.
  14. With the Raw and Smackdown logos colored I'd remove red from the center piece. It makes it look unbalanced.