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  1. that is just a fantastic logo. Love the final version.
  2. Cuss16

    My First

    great idea! would be awesoem to be able to use them in our posts.
  3. which 3D program do you use? Very nice work! I love it!
  4. I like it! How about adding some teech to give it an even meaner look? Or maybe arch its body a bit more to exagerate the motion of the whale hopping through the letter? Nice work!
  5. I want to get CS2 but my machine is a bit outdated and wont have enough RAM to run the software.
  6. I don't know if there's an easier way to do this, but you can just draw a shape in the desired area and fill it with the appropriate color, then send it to back. Or copy and paste the two lines and join the ends of the lines together to form the shape to fill the color in and send it to back. Hope this helps.
  7. Open the pathfinder palette and click the combine path option. Hope this works.
  8. Have you noticed if this feature increase the working file size if any at all? Sounds like a cool feature for sure.
  9. oh that's a player? I always thought it to be something related to oca bay, a whale or something.
  10. Cuss16


    I just want to jump in and say both of your sites look really unique and nice to me. Now please continue and pretend I am not even here.