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  1. Does anybody know what font is used on this black jersey^^?
  2. Thanks so much! I appreciate your offer. I also just found the other templates that you posted and those work great on our PS7. I will use those. Thanks again for all of your efforts. I am sure our athletes will enjoy what we put together for them and thanks to you, it will look pretty professional, coming from a hack like me.
  3. This is just awesome work! I would love to try to use this template for the football team I coach, but we are limited to PS7. I've tried to open this with the PS7 and it doesn't show up like the one's above. Any suggestions? Our district is going thru a lot of financial problems (big suprise, huh), so dropping $600 for new PS is probably out of the question. We make our playbook and scouting reports in PowerPoint and this would look really good in them . . . you know how kids are with graphics these days. Thanks for any input.