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  2. Where and for how much? eBay for $105!!! I had almost bought one a month ago for $175. It's in great condition too. Real happy with it.
  3. Just got one of my whales, finally got a white Isles fisherman jersey.
  4. I'm on my desktop having the issue. I'm using Chrome as my browser if that changes anything.
  5. Quotes are not showing up with the person who said them. I haven't tried quoting yet, but just from what I've seen it doesn't have the username and date when it's being quoted. It gets hard to tell who said it, gotta keep scrolling back up.
  6. Looking for a red Pirates vest jersey, like so: http://www.ebay.com/itm/100-Licensed-MAJESTIC-PITTSBURGH-PIRATES-SEWN-Baseball-Jersey-RED-New-/370633582466?var=640032637987&hash=item564b7ba782 But I don't really trust that seller. He has those, which he oddly has quite a few in stock, and also has red jerseys with McCutchen on them. Cutch never played in those jerseys. Both of those, plus the price, makes me think they are fake. So if anyone sees any or knows where else I could find one, preferably XL, lemme know.
  7. I HATE the pinkwashing the NFL does. Didn't look back to see if it's unpopular or if anyone else mentioned it, but most people around me hate hearing me say it. But it doesn't do a damn thing. Everyone is well aware of breast cancer, and it's just a money grab by the NFL as well as pandering to gain more women fans and I'm over it. A month of ruining NFL uniforms really irks me. Probably the only thing I agree with Paul Lukas on.
  8. Yep. Do not get the love for them at all.
  9. Well that explains quite a bit. But I'm with the other poster, I prefered the black and blue Jays unis much more than their current newold look. I'm so sick and tired of the lack of creativity in pro sports. If a team does make a new design, it ends up looking like (Marlins, Lightning, Rays) and other teams just keep going back (Oilers, Blue Jays, Islanders). The Blue Jays and Isles and some other teams did make minimal changes to their throwback look, but it's still just laziness I feel. I'm not a huge fan of the throwback trend. Bring them back for a game where you are honoring old players or a special event, but not as a full time uni or even full time 3rd.
  10. Really? Haha, that's funny to me. To me, a world champion would be a team or group that beat the best in the world. Like the World Cup in soccer. Not winning a Super Bowl or NBA Title. Just because the NFL and NBA are the most popular sports.
  11. I still get a kick out of the NFL being the only sport to call their respective champions, "world champions." I guess since the NFL has demolished every other league that tries to be semi-professional at least? Save for the UFL and Arena League. The CFL must not enjoy the idea of the NFL champs being called world champs, time for some NFL/CFL games!
  12. LOVE that Giants ring. Really nice looking, it will look great on my finger.
  13. I got 2 XFL jerseys from my local Sports Authority back in the day for $5 a piece. I was younger, and didn't think anything of it other than I'd use them to play football in my neighborhood with. Turns out I still have them, a Birmingham Thunderbolts jersey and an Orlando Rage one. Now if my mom had kept my Yankees away jersey with the 99 World Series patch on it.
  14. wat What a piece of garbage... Just waiting for Logodude to come on here and defend this retina searing atrocity. I wouldn't be surpised. He always fails to awknoledge my posts that make him look foolish. He goes quiet when he can't think of any comebacks, which is most of the time. Now he's been back since, just trolling. He really is the ultimate troll. It pains me to realize he is serious.
  15. Remember when you said that? http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/Federal-authorities-seize-nearly-fake-Super-Bowl-goods-020212 Now remember when "they" did this? LOL. Andray Blatche hit 2 three-pointers this season. Does that mean he's a great three-point shooter? You can't take isolated incidents and use them to generalize. The amount of counterfeit merchandise that slips through the cracks is FAR greater than the amount of counterfeit merchandise that actually gets people in trouble - that's why it keeps showing up. Again, the FBI realizes that there are bigger battles to fight - Chinese NFL jerseys aint one of them. LOL, wow. SOMEONE is taking this internet discussion a little to much to heart. If someone disagrees with you on an issue, that's not them "talking about or to you." But if it makes you feel like a pimp, nigga, go and brush your shoulders off. Yeah, it came across as super white, too. You just KNOW you are losing an argument when you have to actually THANK people for agreeing with you. Jesus Christ. I disagree - many counterfeit merchandise wearers would not buy the merchandise at "regular" price. There's no financial loss for the team. You're (wrongly) assuming that everyone who wears counterfeit merchandise would be willing to buy the product at "regular" price - nowhere near true. And of course that kind of story is going to happen now and again, regardless of whether the product is counterfeit or "authentic." Hell, numbers peel off of jerseys that the actual players wear in games, now and then. You really are not the brightest. I can't believe you even showed your face back in this thread. And when you do, you quote things that have nothing to do with the discussion that I murdered like Kaylee Anthony not long ago. Cute. You come back to try and stir the pot, did a decent job at that I may add, and provided nothing but more evidence to make yourself look foolish. Those were 2 examples I posted, there are many more. I never said I felt like a pimp or anything, nice job taking it out of context, I was explaining the gif. I know reading into something is very hard for you, and taking things out of context is quite easy. The super white part...felt the need to quote that? You aren't whtie? If so, a little on the bigot side making a comment like that. but then again, you can't be racist against white people so that doesn't matter. I thanked them for being sane, and not a criminal like you. Congrats on being an uninformed and paranoid criminal who hates the idea of law enforcement, especially on the Federal level. I'm really jealous of how cool you are. Tell me, how was jail? Or were you in prison? Was it a federal prison? I bet you have great stories to go along with your delusions of grandeur.
  16. Remember when you said that? http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/Federal-authorities-seize-nearly-fake-Super-Bowl-goods-020212 Now remember when "they" did this? Edit: Thanks to icecap and Morgo for the support and understanding of this issue. Glad we are on the same page. Not a problem, but what is the gif in relation to? Pardon me for being ignorant No big deal. I'm not sure if you're asking why he was doing that or why I posted it. But I was posting the gif of him brushing his shoulders off after I made logodude look silly again. It's just like people talking about or to you, and you just brush your shoulders of. I felt super white saying that haha. I just thought it would be be funny to go with it, like get off me bro, essentially, but funnier because it's the prez doing it. Oh, and that Alex Jones/Ventura thing wasn't supposed to be anything personal and what not. I'm just more sensitive to the guys about 9/11 stuff being a New Yorker. I'll leave that out next time, as you said I was doing well enough without haha.
  17. Hmmm, guess they really don't care about fake jerseys. What's this? Is this the second story in the same day of feds seizing fake jerseys/goods? http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/02/02/feds-seize-400000-in-counterfeit-nfl-goods-in-new-jersey/ No, they wouldn't bother with counterfeit NFL gear, that's petty. Logodude, I'd suggest you stay away from this thread. You're done here.
  18. Remember when you said that? http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/Federal-authorities-seize-nearly-fake-Super-Bowl-goods-020212 Now remember when "they" did this? Edit: Thanks to icecap and Morgo for the support and understanding of this issue. Glad we are on the same page.
  19. You were doing so well until you made it about Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura. Those two have nothing to do with the issue and would probably side with you and the rest of us sane people here. Besides that your post is on point like a javelin. Those two were examples of conspiracy theorists in popular media, and logobro had alot to say about the Feds "manufacturing" and making crimes for their financial gain and conspiracies about the Federal Law Enforcement level being a joke essentially. So I lumped him in with those guys who also believe the Feds are all out to get us. So do they have to do with the issue directly? Maybe. Indirectly? Yes, after his comments about the government and law enforcement. Those two would never side with us believing the Federal Government has a reason to exist and do their job. Anyways, I appreciate your support on the rest of it. I'm really not sure why the guy is on this site when he doesn't care about logo/uni details, which is what brought alot of us here.
  20. Because 1) He is a grown man who can wear what he wants (does he make fun of what you wear?) and 2) Most people wouldn't think it's a counterfeit. I wouldn't have thought it was a counterfeit if it wasn't posted in this thread. Is it counterfeit? Or are you upset that he is in a Canucks jersey? I think it looks good on him. It's a nice jersey. Remember that time I destroyed your logic Shock and Awe style? (see: Iraq War Shock and Awe for reference). And you didn't respond, just tucked your tail between your legs and left the thread? Let's get back to the part where you leave, regardless of how it's done, and don't come back. Your flawed criminal logic and stupidity is mind boggling. Maybe he would make fun of what I wear, but guess what? I'm not a picture of a counterfit jersey on a site where people are uni/logo enthusiasts. Most people here, would know it's a fake. You wouldn't know, because attention to detail and reality are two things you don't have a very firm grasp on. Upset it's a Canucks jersey? Great argument, not like a Canucks fan also said, "Oh God why..." That could have been an Islanders jersey, and I'm sure for Nash could have been a Blue Jackets jersey and the reaction would be the same. You think it looks good on him because your taste in quality has already been established as piss poor. Go back to your Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura conspiracy theory pages about the "man" being after you and "wasting time" on what your high IQ self doesn't consider a crime.
  21. And often, that is a manufactured "crime." Oh, and I could easily say that Chinese NFL jerseys are not "high on the crime scale." And a big reason they care is because they need to "do stuff" to justify their existence. Oh, and to get money. Yeah, you misunderstood then. I only really say what I mean. I'm not a "hidden messages within my message" kind of guy. If you ever get in trouble for a manufactured crime, you'll see where I'm coming from. If you never have, then you might not see where I am coming from. Oh, and I don't believe that you aren't a criminal. That's bull . If you have ever driven over the speed limit, then you are a criminal. Or do you selectively break whichever laws you want, and then complain when other people break laws that you "feel" matter? LOL, so you saying that a nice jersey looks terrible makes it a fact? I guess that fits in well with your "logic." As Charger said, all crimes are "manufactured." Alot of things haven't been illegal at some point, but then were decided to be illegal. Laws were established to set boundaries since the beginning of lawmaking. To say they are manufactured is redundant. And large scale counterfit jerseys that steal away jobs and money that could reach easily tens of thousands is surely high crime. That isn't petty theft. Wow, you and Jessie Ventura and Charlie Sheen must see eye to eye on alot given your attitude of conspiracy in the Federal level. "Do stuff" to justify their existence? No, that's people like yourself who do things that justify their being there. Getting money? Lol, yes because it is a well known fact law enforcement employees in the public sector are the billionaires and millionaires in this country. You are way off base, each Federal level of law enforcement exists to, watch what I do here, ENFORCE LAWS. The laws are there, the FBI agents and DHS agents don't make the laws, they ENFORCE them. You only say what you mean? Sorry I have to paint a clear picture on everything for you, reading between the lines is surely something that takes at least a high school reading level. If I get in trouble for one?! LOL. I'm not a criminal, I don't commit crimes. I'm on the side of law enforcement and have decided in my whole life to live without breaking the laws. If these laws that have been made over the past thousands of years upset you so much, go to a country like China where you beautiful jerseys are produced. Surely their laws are more just and punishments much more fair. Speeding makes me a criminal? Ok, I am breaking a law by speeding, in that case I guess I'm worthy of the title, using your logic. But then I abide by laws I "feel" are worthy? Like not killing, raping, assaulting, manufacturing/selling drugs, counterfit, etc. Should I keep going? Crimes can be misdemeanor or felony, and in the law enforcement field such offenses as speeding are not referred to criminally, thus traffic court and traffic violations, not criminal court or criminal violations. The laws have established what crimes are severe and how severe they are, I choose to not be involved in criminal activity that is far worse. And it is a fact they don't look nice. It's not my opinion, it looks cheap. Anything else? I feel like I should charge you for this lesson on criminal law in the United States. You did, what you claim you don't, and didn't say what you meant. You implied you had been in trouble for being a criminal. So I guess that's why you dislike law enforcement so much, criminals usually do. Sorry I'm not sorry.
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