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  1. Then the FBI must suck at their job, because they sure don't "show" their caring about Chinese NFL jerseys, considering how many people get away with it. The FBI understands that there are bigger battles to fight than Chinese NFL jerseys, which is why they don't pay as much attention to them as you'd like. I never said it was a victimless crime, which leads me to believe you didn't really read my post, and instead just want to argue for the sake of arguing. Yeah, I do think a lot of Federal Law Enforcement is a bunch of self-righteous busybodies. A lot of times they look to make up crimes just to justify their existence. Surely you already knew this? I would hope. I don't think we're talking about the same jersey - that Ravens jersey looks fine, and most people on the street wouldn't give a damn. If the owner of the jersey is happy with his product, that's all that really matters - not whether YOU approve of it. Don't like it? Then don't buy it. Yes, the FBI has many big battles to fight. But as my examples stated, the confiscating of Winter Classic jerseys in Canada, not FBI but Canadian Feds, show they are concerned. Just like local law enforcement, there will always be bigger fish to fry. But people still get traffic tickets which are not high on the crime scale. Also as I stated with MegaUpload being shut down, from what I've read many of these sites get shut down. Therefore, the FBI does care about mass counterfit rings. I've seen raids right in front of me in NYC for people selling purses. They might not care or be able to get each person, but when it comes to mass quanities, you are incorrect, they do care. You're reading comprehension could also use some work it seems. I clearly said, "which may be what you are getting at." I realize you never stated it, but it seemed the way your argument was leaning. I applaud your attempt. I don't think Federal Law Enforcement are a bunch of busy bodies or self righteous. I think they do a much needed job for our country and I appreciate what they do. Sure there are bad seeds in every job every place, and complaints about jobs. But on the whole, I don't find them to be creating crimes for the sake of it. Then again, I'm not a criminal so I have no fears them. I respect them and I'm glad they exist. And we are. That jersey of the criminal looks like crap, fitting I suppose given the team and player. But like others have said, on a site like this, most of us are going to notice it. I admitted before most fans at games wouldn't think twice, but people here are those who have an appreciation for jerseys, logos, and are detail oriented types in these kind of situations. I'm not his mother or father, I don't need to approve. I'm stating two facts: it's illegal and it looks terrible. I'm sure plenty of people are happy with narcotics they purchase. Is that all that matters, that the consumer is pleased, not the legality of the product? As for the quality part to go along with the jersey analogy, I have no idea. But it's back to the DVD point already brought up. I think I may find some of these sites selling fake jerseys and forward them to FBI or DHS in my spare time.
  2. Now you're making meaningless comparisons. You're comparing something whose bad quality directly worsens your enjoyment (a poor quality bootleg DVD) and something whose debatable bad quality doesn't negatively impact your enjoyment (a fake jersey). Based on the responses on this board, it seems like the fake jersey wearers are perfectly happy with their products, and the only people annoyed by it are the people who don't wear fakes - which is basically the exact opposite of the bootleg DVD example. Nevertheless, I'll try to entertain your comparison. I've bought bootleg DVD's before, and their quality sucked. So because of that, I'll probably never buy a bootleg DVD again. Many of the fake jerseys posted here seem fine. If I bought some fake jerseys and they fell apart within a month, I would acknowledge their quality sucked... but that hasn't happened to me. I don't have anything against people who buy fake jerseys. If I DO want to become some sort of self-righteous nosy busybody out to fight "crime," it's going to be against something that is a bigger deal and more serious than Chinese NFL jerseys. Cute. I think the FBI has a slightly different understanding of crime then you do. Putting the word victimless before the word crime doesn't negate illegality or criminal behavior, which may be what you are getting at. But this a crime, and it does indeed have victims in many senses. The American workforce, those receiving profits from a product, the owners of places that sell the items legally, and so on. I guess the "busybodies" in Federal Law Enforcement are "self righteous" according to you. See: Piracy warning labels on DVDs and CDs. See: MegaUpload shutdown. See: Fake jerseys seized in Canada in past Winter Classic games. Also, I don't buy your quality argument. The appearance of a jersey is part of the quality, not just the material lasting over time. The crappy logos and words on the fake Ravens jersey and others is a sign of poor quality.
  3. NicktheRipper has a point, that I stated before. Sleeve patches look awful on fakes. And he's a moron because he said it's a patch? Direct emrboidery, patch, we know what we are all talking about. The logo affixed in someway onto the sleeve that has some detail to it. When I get past the fact that I HATE the Ravens and HATE that worthless loud mouthed criminal Ray Lewis...the jersey doesn't look good. The logos on the sleeves and font on the chest, just like with the Bucs, looks like crap. It's very obvious it's a fake to myself and probably most of us on here. Maybe not to a majority of fans, but it would bother me personally. It looks off, and that's despite the fact it's that bum on the jersey. If you can't afford an authentic, don't buy it. Seems rather simple. No one NEEDS a jersey, let alone an authentic. I don't buy at all that your fake is better quality. Most are the same crap made in the same places, but there has to be a reason, other than the legal reasons, why it's so much cheaper. The material may be similar, but the details which I find to be worth paying for are costly. You aren't a better fan because most people think you have an "authentic" jersey, and yes they are authentic style. Just not game issued. Not to mention, in the perilous time this country is in, why not support your own country? It probably won't be much more considering, but buying from NFL Shop or your local sporting goods store does more to support your own country than the country that has taken plenty of our jobs and makes most of the products anyways. You're way too pissy about a jersey dude. This is the beauty of capitalism. Anyone can purchase what they'd like with their own money. So no one has to have authetnic jerseys or spend more on a jersey. In that same sense, dealing in stolen property and purchasing known counterfit items are criminal in theory, before you try to argue you can buy whatever. Technically yes, but I prefer to remain under the confines of the law. I only have 3 authentics, 2 football and 1 hockey, all real. The one Strahan authentic is now about 7 or 8 years (more than 6) old and looks amazing. I purchased it in FL when it was on a discount rack at a sporting goods store. No signs of wear or tear at all, it looks fantastic. I'd rather not waste my time taking pictures and uploading them here to show you my real jersey, that is older and well worn looks much better than your fake jersey that isn't as old. But I may have to do that when I have time. I'm sure you'll have an excuse for it, so I'm not sure I'm going to bother.
  4. Not that I care one way or another what you do with your money. I'll tell you that if you like details you will probably not be happy with the Freeman jersey. The ship patches on the arms of the fake ones look really bad. You can easily tell they're a fakes, which might not be a big deal what other people think, but it would bother me personally that they look so bad. The Buccaneers scrips on the center chest usually looks really bad too. You can get away with fakes with teams like the Packers and Colts and Raiders, teams like that. But with detailed patches and scripts like the Bucs, that is when you can really tell the poor quality. Frankly, it doesn't bother me all that much. For $20 you get what you pay for. I'd rather have a fully stitched jersey that doesn't look 100% correct that was cheap than have a screen printed jersey that begins to fall apart after two washes that was 5 to 6 times the price. ...and this infringes on your constitutional right to own a Packers jersey? When did I ever say that? Makes sense, just wanted to give you a heads up in case it would be something that would irritate you after you got it, not sure if you were aware.
  5. Not that I care one way or another what you do with your money. I'll tell you that if you like details you will probably not be happy with the Freeman jersey. The ship patches on the arms of the fake ones look really bad. You can easily tell they're a fakes, which might not be a big deal what other people think, but it would bother me personally that they look so bad. The Buccaneers scrips on the center chest usually looks really bad too. You can get away with fakes with teams like the Packers and Colts and Raiders, teams like that. But with detailed patches and scripts like the Bucs, that is when you can really tell the poor quality.
  6. The two people in front of me at the Bolts game tonight were wearing fakes. Really bad ones. I pointed it out to my Dad, he had never noticed people jerseys that closely, but now he will haha. The logos and fonts were just dreadful. I've seen semi-decent fakes, but these were some bad ones.
  7. I loved the Blue Jays look with black, blue, and gray. Uniqueness no longer gets you anything apparently. Stellar contribution with the picture. Really added to this thread. Some of us, myself included, appreciate when a team does something unique and not a carbon copy of the past or of other teams.
  8. I loved the Blue Jays look with black, blue, and gray. Uniqueness no longer gets you anything apparently.
  9. Just realized apparently this wasn't a popular opinion: EAD Lukas, the Mets black looks awesome. Love the Bears orange: I have loved all of the Ducks looks over the years, some I prefer more than others, but I like them all: I dig the new Maryland unis: I enjoyed the all red and crazy helmet: I like all of Boise State's unis, the orange are my favorites:
  10. Yeah. Idk if I should just pay way more than I want, or keep waiting. I mean I'm sure they will turn up here and there on eBay, but like with some other jerseys I've spent a little too much on, idk. I waited for the old Coyotes third for a very long time before I found one. So I can try and be patient, but it seems hard to wait sometimes when you're not sure if and when they'll show up.
  11. Still trying very hard to find one of these. Preferably blank and size XL. But with it seeming very hard to find one, I am able to compromise and go with L or XXL, and/or with a player and number if it comes down to it. There was a perfect one on eBay I was bidding on up until the last momment, then my freaking computer froze. I thought I found one, and get it today in the mail and isn't the same jersey pictured. They sent the new third rather than the old one. So I'm still left with the only one I see is a XXL with Thornton on it for about $200 with shipping on eBay. Given it is bigger than I wanted and has name/number, not to mention it's very expensive, I figure I'd try and ask around before jumping on it.
  12. Flames definitly never had a white jersey with the horse head as the primary crest. Was probably a fan made or fashion jersey. I'm assuming somebody just crested the White Pre-Edge jersey with the horse head and added the other horse head jersey's shoulder patches. Ok, good to know. Thanks for the info, I can take that off my list lol. I don't want fashion jerseys for hockey, I've seen some cool ones but nothing to add to my collection since it isn't the same.
  13. I've recently found most of mine. I have both blue and white Rangers libery jerseys. Coyotes old third, just found a little while ago on eBay. Bruins bear head yellow third. Lightning 90's third. Seals 60's sweater, with the logo as in my avatar. Flames black horse head. Fisherman Islanders jersey. Mets orange BP jersey. Sorry, just listing off as I'm thinking. The only jersey really left I want is probably the Sharks jersey in my sig. The previous alternate. I've found a few here and there on eBay but either too expensive or not my size. I'd also like to get my hands on the white version of the Flames horse head jersey if those are real. I can't remember if they actually were worn in games or not. Edit: Forgot about this beauty. Never ran across one even on eBay that I can remember. http://www.nhluniforms.com/DefunctTeams/Americans13.html Brooklyn Americans jersey. So sweet.
  14. Unfortunately it does have the name on the back lol. I've never tried to take names/numbers off of a jersey, wonder if it could and then it would be a Texiera one.
  15. Hmmm, I've never listed all my jerseys out, this will be interesting to see typed out. NFL Giants- Dave Brown blue replica (90's) Giants- Jason Sehorn red alternate (early-mid 00's) Giants- Jeremy Shockey blue replica (early-mid 00's) Giants- Jeremy Shockey white authentic (mid-late 00's) Giants- Michael Strahan blue replica (90's) Giants- Michael Strahan blue authentic (early-mid 00's) Giants- Amani Toomer white Super Bowl replica (mid-late 00's) Giants- Plaxico Burress red replica (mid-late 00's) Giants- Kenny Phillips white authentic (Current) Giants- Eli Manning red replica (mid-late 00's) Giants- Lawrence Taylor white replica (custom early 00's) Giants- Lawrence Taylor blue replithentic (80's) Bucs- Warren Sapp red replica (current) Bucs- Keyshawn Johnson red replica (current) Bucs- John Lynch red replica (current) Bucs- Michael Clayton white replica (current) Bucs- Kellen Winslow red replica (current) Bucs- Carnell Williams black replica (current) Steelers- Hines Ward black replica (current) Eagles- Charles Jones green replica (current) Falcons- Jamaal Anderson red replica (late 90's) NCAA Hurricanes- Ken Dorsey/#11 orange replica (early 00's) Hurricanes- Kyle Wright/#3 white replica (mid 00's) Hurricanes- Jacory Harris/#12 orange/SOD replithentic (2010) XFL (yup, lol) Orlando Rage- blank red replica Birmingham Thunderbolts- blank purple replica NHL Islanders- blank green Fishsticks replica (95-97) Islanders- blank green replica (96-98) Islanders- blank white replica (96-98) Islanders- blank orange replica (02-07) Islanders- Rick DiPietro blue replica (current) Devils- Martin Brodeur red replica (92-07) Devils- Martin Brodeur red replica (current) Devils- blank white replica (92-07) Devils- blank red replica (82-92) Lightning- blank black replica (01-07) Lightning- blank third replica (96-99) Lightning- blank black replica (current) Flames- blank black/third replica (98-06) Flames- blank red replica (03-07) Rangers- blank blue Liberty third replica (96-07) Rangers- blank white Liberty third replica (98-99) Penguins- blank black throwback replica (81-92) Penguins- blank black/third replica (95-00) Stars- blank black/bull third replica (03-06) Seals- blank blue wool replica (67-69) Coyotes- blank third replica (98-03) Bruins- blank yellow/bear head third replica (95-06) Sabres- blank red third replica (00-06) Thrashers- blank blue authentic (99-06) Panthers- blank red replica (93-03) MLB Yankees- Jason Giambi grey replica (current) Yankees- Andy Pettitte white replica (current) Yankees- Derek Jeter blue Nike fashion Mets- blank black replica (current) Mets- Kaz Matsui black Nike Fashion Mets- blank orange spring training Devil Rays- blank white inagural season Devil Rays- blank gray road replica (00's) NBA Bulls- Michael Jordan red replica (90's-00's) Wizards- Michael Jordan green replica (current) Celtics- Antoine Walker green replica (current) Magic- Tracy McGrady blue replica (early 00's) There they are, no pics either, but I'm quite happy with my collection. My next few purchases will be as follows: Lightning BOLTS third jersey Sharks black third jersey Winnipeg Jets blue throwback Giants Jason Pierre Paul blue replica Giants Antrell Rolle blue authentic Bucs Selmon throwback That's subject to change based on deals I find, gifts, etc. Alot of jerseys I got great deals on or were given as gifts. Missing from the collection is a green Hurricanes jersey I think I had, but can't remember, and a white Yankees replica with 99 World Series patch.
  16. The Scorpions, Bull horns on the helmet, and New York team from Any Given Sunday are all really cool.
  17. This should be a popular opinion. Those things suck lol. I also like the Connecticut Whale. I think it's a cool logo.
  18. I like it better than their lackluster wordmark third they are using this year. Oh my, how creative! You guys have a wordmark with a tiny logo! That's freaking amazing! Sigh.
  19. Ouch! How I and many other Pens fans miss the traditional gold and black, not this stupid vegas gold. I love the skaing Penguin logo, and really like the triangle Pen as well. If they use that jersey from a few years back with the real gold, I'd be all over it. Also I like the triangle with the lines across, I own one of those lol.
  20. I will not be happy until they go back to the gold and black from before. Yellow, gold, vegas gold, whatever you wanna call it, it isn't as good now as it was. I don't care what logos/unis, use the old colors! No blue please, I hate the blue.
  21. I don't think there is enough room to list the unis I love that everyone hates. It seems the common opinion is plain is good, and no one likes bright or odd colors, or crazy and creative designs. Just a taste per sport. NHL- Penguins gold jersey, Bruins yellow jersey, Isles orange jersey, Seals/Golden Series jerseys, Flames horse head jersey, Isles fisherman jersey, current and old Coyotes third jersey, Stars bullhead jersey, Preds mustard jersey. NFL- Bengals orange, Seahawks bright green, Giants red, Browns orange, Texans all red, and most monochrome looks that everyone hates. MLB- all D-Backs jerseys, Pirates pillbox hat, stars and stripes hats, Pirates red, Rockies purple. NBA- original Grizzlies and Raptors unis. AS for what everyone seems to love and I don't, pretty much alot of classics that are just plain or hyped just because they're old. Leafs, Canadiens, Packers, Bears, most NBA unis now, and hate the Rays unis most. The permanant throwback trend I loathe. A throwback here and there, but just reverting back for a big "change," is stupid and lacks creativity.
  22. There are some of the Bucs concepts before their current uniforms, this link has some more. http://www.pewterreport.com/gallery/view/74
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