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  1. 1 hour ago, EddieJ1984 said:


    No duh sherlock holmes. That is a lousy excuse too "Its better than their worst look the team has ever had!"


    It's still the one area of the look that feels a bit off to me, its like it is so close to perfect and just that one issue bugs me.



    It's looked off to me that they don't have the baseball behind the logo on the cap and jerseys.  I heard they don't because of an MLB rule that teams can't have a baseball on jerseys and caps.  But the Brewers have ball on their new caps.

    I do still like the Blue Jays uniforms without the baseball behind the logo.  

  2. 23 minutes ago, pitt6pack said:


    There are certain guidelines. The endzone template these days are a logo and a wordmark. The league likes to use logos and wordmarks that the team uses on their fields, but the teams get a say in which logos and wordmarks they use. You can see this going back to Super Bowl XLVIII, when the Seahawks endzone had the NFL logo on the left, which on their home field, they would normally have the NFL logo, with the team logo on the right. In Super Bowl XLIX, the Patriots had their team logo under the wordmark, as they do on their home stadium (which in Super Bowls LI, LII, and LIII, the changed to fit the current field template better). Last year the Rams chose to use their helmet logo in their endzone. This year, since the 49ers have been using a helmet and their saloon font for the past couple seasons, the NFL gave them the option to use that for the Super Bowl (although, the endzone would look much better if they could also add the NFC logo, as they do on their home field).


    The consistency then is that both endzones have a team logo (or helmet now apparently) and a team wordmark, preferably what the team uses in their home stadium for the majority of games.

    I am liking that the NFL is allowing teams to have endzones like they do at their home stadiums.  I am one that also likes when college bowl games have the endzones like the teams use.  

  3. 6 hours ago, Aznkid25 said:

    This cap is named the “Clubhouse Collection” for 2020. Not something that they wear on-field, but essentially just another fashion cap for MLB/New Era to sell. 

    Didn't New Era and MLB try a clubhouse cap a few years back that players were to wear post game?  

    As for the cap itself, just like the 2018 Spring Training caps, I have stayed away from caps that don't have the logo stitched on.  They look cheep and I think the logo can peel off.  

  4. 9 minutes ago, SFCOM1 said:

    Yea those Candlestick fields where classic. I doubt they will go as far as painting the numbers and adding the extra fun stuff!

    KC_1969^1 Thumb

    Just like I would like the Chiefs to go this route for the AFC Championship game, but I doubt they will go this far.  At minimum I would love to see the arrowheads marking the kickoff location.

  5. I like the use of the throwback hats.  I wish MLB did a throwback weekend or two (this would give a chance for a home and away series) where teams had to go all out with the throwbacks.  But making sure the teams were wearing throwbacks from the same era.  

  6. 15 hours ago, insert name said:

    So the Rangers just retired Vic Hadfield’s number, officially reuniting The GAG Line. This is the 2nd time the number 11 has been retired (Mark Messier). Now, what makes this unique is that it’s not the first time the Rangers retired the same number twice. 


    They retired 9 twice.



    I’ve seen the Yankees retire 8 twice but is there any other team anywhere that retired 2 different numbers twice? 

    The Chicago Cubs both have 31 retired for Fergie Jenkins and Greg Maddux.

    The Chicago Blackhawks have 3 retired for Keith Magnuson and Pierre Pilote.

    I'm sure there are many teams with a number retired for more than one person.  

  7. 55 minutes ago, leopard88 said:


    This one is pretty close . . . in the NFL category (at least in length).




    There's no contest if we add college teams . . . again, at least as to length.



    I personally like the larger midfield logos.  Which is why I enjoy seeing bowl game fields.  I also like large center court logos, but not ones that take up the entire court.  

  8. 14 hours ago, RealSkillsAbraham said:

    Thanks for the mention! ^_^


    SIMULATION (with whatifsports.com)


    In a battle of premier defenses, the Vikings beat the Jaguars with a Super Bowl home-field advantage, 29-20




    Kai Forbath kicked 5 field goals from 23 yards to 47 yards,


    Stefon Diggs caught a touchdown pass with 15 seconds left in the first half,


    Harrison Smith and Chad Greenway lead the Vikings defense with 25 tackles and 3 sacks,


    And finally, Case Keenum won the MVP going 14/23 and 213 yards with 2 touchdowns.


    So there you go, 2017-2018 is in the books! Now all that is left is the real Super Bowl!

    Did Chad Greenway come out of retirement just for the Super Bowl?  

  9. 2 hours ago, pitt6pack said:


    I still think they'd completely replace the turf for the game, so my guess is they'd use the format from the past two years. But let's hope that of the Vikings do make it, they'll change the endzone.




    I can speak for this year, but 10 of the 32 teams have had location in one endzone, and just team name in the other. I'm not entirely sure how those numbers have been throughout history, or just in recent years, since I'm missing a large number of fields not re-created yet.


    It will be interesting to see what you find.  IICR growing up, most teams had location in one and team name in the other.  It might be more of a college thing than NFL, but when I was a kid I'd make endzones for my Monday Night Football game and would have one and one thinking that was what teams had.  

    Again, great work.