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  1. Being in the Milwaukee/Chicago area what are you looking for? I have t-shirts and sweatshirts from my high school that I could also trade. If not a trade I would purchace the t-shirts.
  2. I am looking for any college volleyball t-shirts. Mostly from major D-1 colleges.
  3. Now would be the best time to change back to the Warriors. Marquette already has to repaint their basketball courts to reflect the change from Conference USA to The Big East.
  4. Lyman Bostock-Minnesota 75-77, California Angel 78
  5. I am glad that the Racine Raiders dumped the Oakland Raider logo they first used after dropping the Gladiators name.
  6. I love the Maple Leaf. Modernizing a once great uniform!
  7. At least they didn't make a Volunteer holding a hammer (habitat for Humanity) or a soup ladle (Soup Kitchen Volunteer) or any other volunteer work you can think of.
  8. Great look for the Maryland jerseys but I would love the hat to have the M with the state flag. The Maryland flag is used all over the state. It helps that it is one of the best state flags.
  9. On the Clemson alt. maybe using the paw print instead of the CU.
  10. I also love the use of the T. Maybe it could be used as the road hat. I am also not a fan of black uniforms but it still looks sharp.
  11. As for the Bucks I liked the floor they had at the MECCA with the M's made up of the lighter wood.
  12. Don't forget about the Pirates gray hat with the black bill. Those looked sharp.
  13. I would say Chicago if they would get rid of the basketball behind the Bull at Center Court. To me the ball takes away from the logo. Many colleges have better court paint jobs than the NBA!
  14. The new scoreboards on the outfield wall make it hard to see the ball on TV when a ball is hit to the gap. Even the announcers on TV lost track of the ball. Otherwise I really like the look. Now only if the Blue Jays would get rid of the Black helmets and gray caps.
  15. If the Cubs wanted to go with Tradition on the home uniforms by not having names on the back they should have gone back to the blue one numbers!!
  16. I do like the look of the hat with the Star, but I would use that as an alternate or a BP hat. Have the hat with the T has the main hat.
  17. The Iowa Jerseys remind me of when Hayden Frye had the wings on the front along with the helmet logo.
  18. Is it me or is the front number on the Rockies Alt rather big for a front number?
  19. One of the best courts was Virginia when at half court they had Thomas Jefferson's home at center court. Now they have the V with the cross swords.
  20. Colorado State has the stained wood Ram horns too.
  21. Another interesting paint job-Temple and the Owl wings inside the 3 point line.
  22. I loved the BSU court. What was with the NCAA covering up the center court Lute and Bobbi Olsen Court at Arizona?
  23. I don't like how the center line cuts through the team logo. They need to come up with a way to have the line but not taking away from the logo. Aka many center court logos for basketball.
  24. Now we should fill out the brackets based on the best school logo.
  25. Being a coach from Bradford High School in Kenosha I really like the look. I wish more schools from our area would adopt wordmarks for their school that are not taken from other schools. That is what we are trying to do here.