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  1. I wouldn't mind if they wore a special jersey on opening day, but I don't want them do what the Royals did and wear it all season.
  2. Has anyone heard if the Cubs will be having a special opening day jersey with gold trim or gold lettering? Or if they will have a World Series Champion patch on the jerseys?
  3. Or just make a button down version of this for the alt.
  4. I don't mind the Cubs blue alt, but would like it more if it was a button down version of their 80s blue road uniform.
  5. I didn't mind that the Orioles wore the black alt, but it was ruined by the O's alt cap. The black alt looked sharp when they were at bat with the regular road helmet.
  6. I went to a Phillies Spring Training game just over a week ago and was looking for the maroon hat. I was disappointed that they didn't have them. I already own the current cap.
  7. The school I teach and coach at, Bradford High School in Kenosha, WI, uses the following logo and wordmarks. Which were done by Skye Dillon. Which for the most part replaced this logo.
  8. I would like to see the Cubs retire the numbers of players pre 1960s, for example Gabby Hartnett. But one of the possible problems is that Hartnett wore 7, 9, 2 while with the Cubs. For the Blackhawks-Toews and Kane have been mentioned. Duncan Keith's number 2 should also get consideration.
  9. Looks like New Reeds uses the New Mexico Lobo logo.
  10. Besides the basketball game with the holes in the floor, I had a Monday Night Football game. This game had mini records that you played in the record player they gave you. The offensive player picked a play and put the record into the player. The defensive player rotated the record to the defensive play, then the record was push down into the player. You would then listen to the play and more the football on the board accordingly. The endzones were blank, so I drew team ones on green construction paper. YouTube has some videos of this game.
  11. I didn't realize that was a video Pepsi board. Do they ever have anything on there besides Pepsi?
  12. Is the Pepsi logo covered up because they aren't an official NFL sponsor?
  13. I was lucky enough to have gone to a Chicago Blitz game. I can remember the seats were 3 rows from the field and at the 20 yard line on the west side of Soldier Field. I bought a bumper sticker and wrist bands. But I can't remember who they played.
  14. you couldn't be more wrong, all the stadiums they have built have tons of differences and features that makes each stadium unique.Nope. I'm right. They're pretty much the same. You bought the marketing.Its not marketing, its fact. They are all different for you to say they are the same is asinine.They're the same. You have fallen for their marketing.I've been to several HOK designed ballparks and there are more differences between them than there were between the concrete donut stadiums of the dual-purpose era. That's not marketing that's experiencing it with my own eyes.And now we will hear from Phantom, "You bought into the marketing." I'm glad he is branching out from his one trick pony of Pullovers.
  15. Shoulda faced it the other way. The right field fence is flatter, and would allow for a better view. I guess they did it this way though, because there would be more seats on the left side of the soccer field though. And the Friday's restaurant is just over the left field fence.
  16. I would be interested in getting a few of those hats if it wasn't for the New Era logo on the side.
  17. 1989, maybe? The Cubs wore non-pinstriped white pants on the road with their blue pullover tops. I've been wanting the Cubs to go back to that blue jersey as the alternate, but as a button jersey.
  18. I would consider buying some of those hats if they didn't have the New Era logo on the side.
  19. Great find. Interesting how the covers have changed over the years. The 2005 cover had 3 players linked to PED use.
  20. One thing I like about the NCAA Bowl season is looking at how each bowl does their end zones. I like when a bowl game does the end zones like how the schools have them at home. How should bowl games do them?
  21. I would like Miami's helmet if it was all white. I do like how the logo chrome logo looks. Miami could have taken a lesson from Louisville's helmet.
  22. In general I am a traditionalist when it comes to uniforms, but I do like some of the non traditional helmets. I have yet to find a multi color face mask that I like.
  23. Last week the Bears and Bills wore throwback uniforms. Did the Bills use the regular helmet but with the old logo? Did the Bears take off the C and change the face masks?
  24. The sign is still there. I wonder how many people have gotten off that exit to go and see the field.