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  1. I have been a Cub fan since I was 3 and a Blue Jays fan since the mid 80s.
  2. Yes! Keep puck away from Crawford in OT and the Blackhawks win!
  3. Hawks work so hard to score and Crawford gives up a soft one again in OT. Leddy didn't help out with poor positioning.
  4. When the Rays wore a Smokers throwback jersey they didn't have a cigar on it. Is it MLB's decision or each team how PC the throwback's are going to be? Edit: Just read that it is MLB's decision. I don't remember reading this when the Rays wore the Smokers jersey.
  5. I don't like it when teams use current logos to celebrate championships won when using old logos. You won twice with the F Fish logo. It is part of the history of the team. I wonder how they are going to have the World Championships represented in the new stadium.
  6. In the 80s the Cubs wore white pants and the blue top on the road.
  7. I have a Barcelona Dragons and a Frankfort Galaxy caps from the World Football League. I also have a Duluth Dukes cap from the old Northern Baseball League.
  8. The Fielders are trying to get the city of Zion to build them a new stadium. KENOSHA ? The possibility of the Lake County Fielders staying in Zion, Ill., is still in play, but team officials believe they will hit the road if an agreement with the city is not worked out soon. The team, which started playing in Zion last year, finished a tumultuous baseball season last month. The team started its season with a 32-game road trip, including a trip to Hawaii, while waiting for a permanent stadium to be built in Zion. Upon its return, the team continued to play in the small Zion stadium as the previous year. Over the course of the season, financial difficulties became public, and the roster and coaching staff were overhauled. The North American Baseball League threatened to drop the team for not making a second trip to Hawaii in August. The team ended its season in mid-September by playing 17 games against the Kenosha Kings. ?At the very least, we can say that we provided entertainment,? Bernie DiMeo, a spokesman for the Fielders, said of the series. DiMeo said the team drew about 1,100 fans this year, down from about 3,500 last year. DiMeo said the team?s management, headed by lead investor Rich Ehrenreich, is committed to fielding a team next year. But staying in Zion is dependent on the city agreeing to build a new stadium. ?The window is rapidly closing on whether they will be able to stay in Lake County or not,? DiMeo said. ?If there is a permanent stadium, they will be able to play there.? Team owes money Zion officials say the city is owed $185,000 in back pay from the Fielders for use of the stadium at Highway 173 and Green Bay Road. Fielders officials contend that a $7.5 million bond deal approved by the city in March to build a permanent stadium and $1.3 million from the state for assistance in that project have gone unused by the city. They further maintain that without a permanent stadium the team cannot make the profits it was expecting. ?It?s a shame that the city let us down on their end of the deal,? DiMeo said. ?There were tremendous upsides and possibilities. People were expecting more than a temporary stadium, and we were promoting our stadium as more than that.? DiMeo said team officials are considering a lawsuit against the city if a deal cannot be worked out for a permanent stadium. ?We have contracts that said they would build a stadium, and they are not responding to requests for meetings,? DiMeo said. ?We?re getting the impression that they do not want to be bothered.? The city has put the updated back payments owed at $340,000, and officials have indicated they want the Fielders to leave Zion, according to a Chicago Tribune story. Calls to Zion Mayor Lane Harrison were not returned. Carthage not paid DiMeo said he believed most of the team?s debtors have been paid. Carthage College, which hosted 15 games in 2010, has not. Bob Bonn, Carthage athletic director, said the school is owed $7,500. Bonn said many inquiries about the debt have been sent to the team without a response. ?We?re still hopeful we?ll get payments at some point,? Bonn said. ?But we won?t be hosting any Fielders games anytime soon.? DiMeo said the team?s status with the North American Baseball League is still up in the air as well. But no matter where and what league, DiMeo said the team expects to take the field again in 2012. ?There are plenty of options for the Fielders,? DiMeo said.
  9. Their 1915 jersey is perfection!! Why is Nebraska written in both end zones for an Oklahoma poster?
  10. The tv show the Baseball Bunch
  11. I don't have time at this point to look for a picture, but the Cubs Blue Road uniforms from the 80s should be the alternate uniform instead of what they use now.
  12. For the Duke court, the ACC Conference logos don't look right. I guess it is because I am use to the Coach K court being on the court.
  13. I love the look of the yellow jersey. I think the NBA messed up by not letting the Warriors have a yellow home jersey. But now they can create one for an alternate jersey. I wish when teams would do a Hardwood Classic Night that both teams wear a Hardwood Classic jersey. Same goes for all throwback events.
  14. I am glad that you are going with a new look for the school. I am tired of high schools using and/or recoloring other teams logos.
  15. The modern Iowa Tigerhawk didn't last long either. The general public didn't like it. If I remember right, it was brought in when Steve Alford was the basketball coach. It never made it to the football helmets or center court at Carver Hawkeye Arena. I am not sure if it was even adopted by the athletic department.
  16. I don't have a picture, but the Championship hats they wore after the game didn't have the Nike Swoosh on the side. The same hats are for sale at lids.com with the swoosh.
  17. There is a big UK at center court now, along with a thick outline for the volleyball court. http://www.ukathletics.com/athletic-dept/memorial-coliseum-volley.html
  18. Being a fan of Big 10 basketball, I can't believe I forgot about IU. If I remember right, Maryland and Virginia also had the state outline on the court.
  19. While watching the Florida at Tennessee game I remembered that Tennessee once had the state outline at center court. I was trying to think of schools that have or had them. The current one I could think of is North Carolina, Texas, and Texas T&M. I know that Kansas had one before the did the large Jayhawk and Michigan State has 2 small ones with State going through it. Are there schools that still use it besides the ones I thought of? Are there schools that had them in the past?
  20. The non matching red bothered me today too. Aren't they to be a cardinal red, but use the traditional red? I think they would look so much better with the darker red. It wasn't as bad as Tennessee the other night in the Music City Bowl.
  21. I think the Liberty Bowl patch covered an Adidas logo. The pants they wore was Nike and the sideline gear was also Nike.
  22. I don't know how much BS it really is considering SMU has worn a 9-11 sticker on the helmet and June Jones has worn it on his headset during the regular season. Also, June Jones always schedules an armed forces team during the regular season.
  23. Why couldn't they do that wearing red, white, and blue? I thought the same thing when it was said.
  24. At the start of the game the announcers said that SMU is wearing black to honor Army and all members of the military.
  25. When the Bears would use the Bear logo they used in the early 90s, they would put a Santa hat on it as well in December.