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  1. The high school I teach and coach at had someone on the boards here design our schools logo and wordmarks. The price was very reasonable and we are very happy with it. It is great to have an athletic identity that only we have.
  2. Because the game is being played in Toronto.
  3. I can't find a picture of it, but #67 on the Dolphins has the shoulder logo on his right side is facing the wrong way. It is facing the back not the front. I noticed it early in the 4th quarter.
  4. No I fully agree. It would be nice to see a few of the players from the 92 & 93 teams come out and give him a nice sendoff. I wish the Blue Jays would have worn the home uniforms from the World Series seasons for Cito's last home game.
  5. I liked the old smiling logo. It was a nice tie in to the first logo they had with a smiling face.
  6. They need to bring back that hat as an alternate, replacing the O's hat.
  7. They have also switched from Asics to Russell brand. Next time I talk to a player on Colorado St. that played in the club I coach in I will try to find out what is with the change.
  8. Add the maple leaf behind the Blue Jay and it would be even better.
  9. The Fielders are going to play all June home games at Carthage College. http://www.kenoshanews.com/home/newsnow.php#8081413
  10. Yes, but would you like them once they have been "Edge-ified"? I think I would like the current uniform if it had stripes at the bottom or if they used the shoulder logo as the crest. I would also like the current uniforms better if they had the stars on the pants.
  11. I like these uniforms much better than the uniforms they have now.
  12. The Twins only have the all blue TC batting helmet. The Indians have home and road helmets, but they don't have a helmet for the C alternate cap or the I alternate cap.
  13. You are not the only one that is bothered by this. It bothers me more when a team does this when they wear the throwback more than once during the season. If it is a one time thing it bothers me a little less. What about when a team has a road hat but doesn't have the batting helmet to match?
  14. Dale Tallon is the new GM for the Florida Panthers.
  15. MD has the BEST flag! Most states use blue or white backgrounds with a crest that means nothing to most people. MD has a unique design...love it. (Yes, born in MD) Maryland's flag has the unique design, but it also has 2 crests with meaning that most people don't know about.
  16. Maryland and Ohio are among the best state flags. Iowa (birth state) and Wisconsin (state grew up in) have dull flags.
  17. I also like seeing a logo evolve during a teams history. Although, there are teams that should avoid evolving like the Bulls, Lakers, and Celtics. Edit: I just looked at the logos in more detail on the site and the Lakers and Celtics logos have evolved.
  18. Cubs-Like the home and road (would like them to get rid of the blue alternate or go throwback and have the blue alternate be the blue road jersey from the 80s) Blue Jays-Adding on for this-Need to get back to using more blue. Go back to the World Series set including the blue alternate. Bears-Home and road are good. Hope to never see the Orange alternate Blackhawks-All 3 are uniform sets are great.
  19. It matches their black alternate jerseys, which also have a white-outlined "P". I know it matches the black alternate jersey, which to me shows how pointless that jersey is. If a team is going to have an alternate hat to go with an alternate jersey, that hat should have major difference than the regular hat.
  20. I don't understand, besides money, why the Pirates added an alternate hat with the only difference is the P is outlined in white. It is pointless. Of the two hats I do like the red outline hat better. I wish they would have gone back to the pillbox hat as the alternate. Or the gold hat with black brim.
  21. The school superintendent said they are a victim of their own success. So, if the teams were bad they wouldn't have gotten caught? He's not really taking responsibility for using a stolen logo.
  22. I agree with the idea that it looks like the penguin is dead. To me it has to do more with the white X in its eye.
  23. Probably not. The alternate uniforms have a huge Chief Wahoo patch on the left sleeve. The new C hats are just another revenue stream. My guess is If they were going to make the move away from Chief Wahoo they'd just do it. They should do it but they aren't going to. I understand for the Alt cap, but not having Chief Wahoo on the batting practice cap surprised me when it was released. I thought they would have Chief Wahoo or the I that matches the one on the batting practice jersey.
  24. So, to teach about recycling and not being wasteful, they use a hat that is only being used once. Seems pointless.
  25. I am so glad that the high school I teach and coach at has developed it's own identity and has not taken it from colleges or the pros.