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  1. I think the new Delanteros SC crest looks fantastic! I would agree with @vtgco that the neck may be a bit skinny, but I think it's a great pivot away from the Dayton-esque logo.
  2. It's not bothersome at all (to me), but since I enjoy seeing all your designs during this project, I am interested in seeing a different treatment for the Delanteros FC identity.
  3. I like the simplicity of the Delanteros FC logo, but I feel like it may be veering too close to the University of Dayton's primary logo.
  4. Saint Peter's University unveiled a new brand identity Old New
  5. I disagree. One of the most dynamic parts of the original concept was the pant and helmet stripe. Trading that in for a normal stripe robs the concept of not only its visual continuity across uniform parts, but also its fun aesthetic. I think there's enough difference in color between the rust and maroon. Just keep the triangle stripes -- that's by far the most unique and engaging part of the uniform.
  6. That's pretty much perfect! The New Mexico concept looks awesome!
  7. Really like the split stripe for TTU. I think it works great with the Red Raiders and gives the whole kit some nice visual distinction!
  8. Baylor: Well, that definitely makes sense, although it's a shame in a vacuum because the gold and green sets are the best. But I can appreciate the design more that I know the guidelines regarding colors. Texas: That's completely fair. I think on the field these uniforms would play completely differently than on the screen. With so much white on the screen, this concept (in my opinion) screams for some more color, but on a grassy field, the all-white shorts would certainly look sharp. Austin: Yeah, both greys look fine, so it's really splitting hairs when it comes to which shade works best. I do really like that you picked the official charcoal color, it adds to the authenticity of this whole series. TAMU: Now that I see a photo of your inspiration, I can follow you design process and I do like the choice. I makes more sense with some context and really does a magnificent job of being an on-brand but unique clash to the instantly recognizable primary kit. Silver: I'm certainly inclined to agree with your original design after seeing the maroon shorts. I thought maroon might have worked, but I think you were spot on with the silver shorts. TXST: Both of your counterpoints make sense, and I think you have two good home-and-away concepts for the Bobcats. I like both almost equally. My only other comment is that I don't think you need the white-outlined Bobcat logo on your original home kit concept to justify the white shorts. I feel that there's enough white with the white numbers and the white-outlined "TXST" logo to visually justify the white shorts. Sharknados: You've got me in a bit of a conundrum, because I think the gold looks good but not necessarily better than the original choice of black. Both are great looking. The aqua throws me off a little -- it borders on a goalkeeper's clash jersey and not in a good way. This has been a really great series to follow! I'm looking forward to more concepts!
  9. Baylor: Definitely like the set without the white, especially because that just looks more like Baylor to me. I also think going all-in with the gold and green could work with so many of your other concepts relying on a white clash uniform. I'm also not a huge fan of the diagonal stripe, but I think it undoubtedly works better on the alternate take. Texas: No complains -- maybe a stripe down the side of the shorts to give it a bit more balance and some color for the clash set. For Austin Quidditch, I like the general direction, but the shade of the charcoal feels too cool; something warmer that complements the Texas orange may be interesting. A&M: Love the primary, especially since it's immediately recognizable as TAMU. But the clash is bit underwhelming with the sublimated logo. For as a classy and on-brand the primary is, the clash feels like a lower-tier, gimmicky uniform. The Silver Phoenix is nice, but I feel like maroon shorts would help reinforce that this is TAMU. Texas State: I actually kind of like the maroon bobcat on the maroon jersey, especially since the gold bobcat with the white outline on your concept looks too cluttered on the front. The clash is great -- have you thought about using the TXST wordmark instead of the full "TEXAS STATE" mark? I think it could possibly looks very cool on the clash. I agree the all-black fir the Sharknados is a bit ambitious (not to mention quite susceptible to heat stroke in San Marcos), but it's a good looks. Maybe an all-gold look could work here?
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