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  1. I think he was being sarcastic, referring to the simplicity of their game unis.
  2. Is that not Red Lobster's lobster in that graphic? I mean I know thats gonna be the first thing that pops up in a google search for lobster logo, but I figured someone would've recognized it before putting it on a shirt. Unless they're in on it too.
  3. I dont know if Brandon Moore mentioned it already but according to the new logo slick the Dolphins still have the tramp stamp on the pants.
  4. They were listed in the logo slick when Nike took over in 2012, so Madden just rolled with it. I don't believe the Bears have updated it since then, so they're technically probably still listed. Who knows whether we ever see them or not, or if they were just an oversight.
  5. @Conrad. would you happen to have a flat graphic showing all the numbers like you posted with the Titans? Interested to see the full set.
  6. Like the look of this except for the 4, why not a traditional closed 4? But this a nice modern take on a full block, kind of like the Jaguars new one (or at least what we've seen of it).
  7. So @BrandMooreArt a technical question, is the new stroke on the numbers the same overall size as the double stroke from before? It seemed like the old ones were very thin, so I always figured if they were combined together as a solid color they would look normal.
  8. I think he meant the name "wintergreen" wasn't coming from the Jaguars, not necessarily the color itself
  9. Its Florida State's old font or "Glades Bold" by Nike catalog standards
  10. Talking about 2 different fonts, the one Ashley Strauss used (Crayfish AS Bold) is different than the one Bosack created (which looks like Brothers). You can tell by the S's, Crayfish S's have some rounded corners whereas the Bosack one does not.
  11. In the logosheet its just referred to as "blue", but that doesn't mean they didn't try to call it that initially.
  12. Teal is probably going insane right now, waited so long for this.
  13. Was just coming to say this. Cant believe this conversation went this long without mentioning the Trop. Just a giant warehouse with the worst turf I've ever seen.