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  1. If you have the mask on, you shouldnt have a background anyway. After that if you did want a bg, you could just make a layer with the color you want
  2. All credit goes to Davidson on this obviously, but I thought I would upload a PSD of the the first helmet for anyone who is having trouble with the mask or is just lazy . http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dlenodhtm5n
  3. These are the settings I used, you just adjust the bottom 2 sliders. Just make sure your outermost color on your logo is the same color as the helmet, or you wont get the same effect (if not, just make another layer or stroke with the color of the helmet)
  4. I got CS3 and if you do it exactly how he explains it, it works fine.
  5. This was a logo that I liked on here, I think it was a draw brawl entry, anyway wanted to make a helmet with it.....
  6. In the little toolbar at the bottom of the layers box theres a little folder icon (thats in CS3, just look for a little folder icon anywhere on yours), click it and a folder will appear in your layers box, then drag all the layers into that.
  7. Thank you so much Davidson for posting this, these helmets are unbelievable. Amazing work as usual. Heres two I did for some of my TeamBuilder teams. Havent really got the logo placement down, but put some stripes on there and added a little decal effect to the logos and I like the outcome. Any tips on how to make the logo look good in terms of placement?
  8. Would "Corel DRAWings X3 Professional" be a good program to use to do all this? Im kinda confused by all these different programs lol.
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