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  1. Its Florida State's old font or "Glades Bold" by Nike catalog standards
  2. Talking about 2 different fonts, the one Ashley Strauss used (Crayfish AS Bold) is different than the one Bosack created (which looks like Brothers). You can tell by the S's, Crayfish S's have some rounded corners whereas the Bosack one does not.
  3. In the logosheet its just referred to as "blue", but that doesn't mean they didn't try to call it that initially.
  4. Teal is probably going insane right now, waited so long for this.
  5. Was just coming to say this. Cant believe this conversation went this long without mentioning the Trop. Just a giant warehouse with the worst turf I've ever seen.
  6. Numbers look like Twizzlers
  7. His reaction seemed so generic. The only thing in that box was probably the script.
  8. Honestly you could get Madden 07/08 for PC and customize it to your hearts content, uniform wise. And I'm not talking the in-game create-a-team, I'm talking like creating them externally in Photoshop and importing them into the game. There's definitely a little bit of a learning curve in terms of navigating some of the tools and file structures, but overall you could definitely customize it to your liking. Obviously its set up to be a NFL game so if your trying to do a custom league, it might not be as easy as AXIS to set up but not impossible either. I feel the gameplay even in those older Maddens is better than AXIS is currently.
  9. Technically he's not banned, he was suspended for a month. Probably be back just in time for the actual unveil. Which means his "Not long now/Everything sounds good" mantra will actually apply at that point.
  10. Is it just me, or is it weird that the anthropomorphic bratwurst is so excited to serve up his fellow brother brats?
  11. I know in years past they always specified PMS 356 for logos (left) but designated PMS 3425 for production (right), so I agree it does look like they went with the logo green
  12. The 49ers and the Colts have numbers with the slant in the 6 (and 9)
  13. Considering its by PDW, I'm not surprised that it has beveling, I am surprised that its not in City Bold font though.
  14. The lighter one used to be the official color on the logo even though they had royal blue in the uniforms.... Whereas now its the correct darker color, like their uniforms. So essentially the ones where its the lighter color is just the people using the older/wrong file.
  15. Both of those pants were shown in the official style guide for those teams, so Madden included them thinking they would be used, but both ended up on the chopping block.
  16. http://www.dafont.com/face-off-m54.font?text=0123456789
  17. The north star being in green makes me think of the original XBOX logo..
  18. Yeah I usually wouldn't post it, I just get tired of seeing people getting adamant about stuff when there is hard facts to the contrary. I took it down though.
  19. I just saw an updated logosheet with it updated for LA, no uniform changes or color changes, looks like they just switched out San Diego for Los Angeles in the wordmark, just like the Rams did.
  20. The whole thing is the player coached the team he's playing for in the picture, they're not connected in anyway, i think thats just how he grouped them.
  21. Also Latrell Sprewell in a blue and yellow jersey, always think of him in the navy/orange/yellow set.
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