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  1. Kinda looks like a skinnier version of Tennessee's former numbers (credit to Conrad):
  2. Numbers on the away look so skinny, and the double outline doesnt look good either, not looking forward to these
  3. Or depending how you look at it, from a color aspect at least, the black helmet has different striping than the garnet & white helmets
  4. You asking the originality of it, or if just if someone remembers it from the past? From an originality standpoint, its a little old school London Knights-esque, but I couldnt find it anywhere else.
  5. Their full title is Order of Friar Servants of Mary, so I'm assuming it's for Mary.
  6. They've put out an updated logo slick and nothing has changed in terms of colors, uniforms or logos, the only difference is that the logos/marks that have the city included say Los Angeles instead of St. Louis.
  7. I always found it funny that they actually designated a darker purple for the uniforms as opposed to the purple used in the logos.
  8. I would actually love this Since they have 2 weeks for each decade they could have a home and away so you see both unis for that decade, that would be an awesome season.
  9. With historical colors in play, it would be interesting if Seattle went monochrome blue, but with a royal blue and green version of their current unis.
  10. People used to mod that? That's sweet. I'd love to design uniforms for it. www.mvpmods.com was the place for all that. I think they even did MLB 2k12 when that came out on PC. People still mod Madden 08 on the PC to this day as well.... https://www1.picturepush.com/photo/a/14903609/640/Madden-08-Mods/screen0031.bmp
  11. I dont necessarily blame EA on that one, the NFL had the orange pants in the style guide, so they were just following that.
  12. Any ideas on these? Closest thing I can find is Solido but the M's dont match.... EDIT: Nevermind I found it, it was Tungsten
  13. These have already been posted. Most of these have been posted 3-4 times, you just gotta let it go and move on.....
  14. Capitals looks like "Florida Project".... http://www.dafont.com/florida-project.font?text=CAPITALS
  15. Totally forgot Eddie George played a year for the Cowboys and wore the throwbacks too...
  16. Its a proprietary font by EA Sports, Called "EAS-NCAA"
  17. If you look in the CSS code for the NFL website, it has the links to the fonts
  18. Colorwerx pointed it out a while back, thats one of his favorite things to point out lol.
  19. This must be a new school, I never heard of them and I grew up around there.
  20. It looks real, except that it is not kiss cut, but I'm not sure if bronco jerseys are kiss cut to begin with, I know my patriots jerseys are and that's the best way i can tell if its real or fakeGame worn jerseys are kiss cut for the Broncos...
  21. The Jets are a littany of people in the wrong uniform since they love signing washed up "names." It almost isn't fair. Outside of Curtis Martin, Al Toon, and Joe Namath does anyone really look RIGHT in a Jets uniform? Wayne Chrebet
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