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  1. It almost appears to be in relation to the length of their last name, for example Koufos' and McGee's number sit higher up, while Iguodala's and Gallinari's sit lower due to the name arching down further
  2. I know someone posted an article once saying about how that little hook at the bottom of the paw was put in for anti-counterfeiting measures, so maybe the little dots tie into that.
  3. That site has some horrible quality logos. And if you look on the mothership here, there's a better quality version and it has the years......
  4. I like how he mentions "considering getting some half and half Vikings jerseys". Yeah nothing says legit like those crappy half and half jerseys that are faker than fake lol
  5. explain this one please. this looks foolish Basically he's excited for college football season..... http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/david-price-t-wait-football-season-throwing-bullpen-210338529.html;_ylt=A2KJ3CWgIB9SDDIATrtNbK5_
  6. The Seahawks TV numbers also don't have any outlines or the feather pattern on them: And the reason gordie_delini gave was that is was due to "visibility issues". Doesnt that kinda say its poor design if you have certain features on one set of numbers but you cant do it on another?
  7. The font weight inconsistencies on that Pittsburgh one is a dead giveaway as well.
  8. Actually someone did earlier, but yes this is the first game I thought of when I read the thread title.
  9. Thats still vector last i checked....
  10. That was changed in 2010. The 2012 sheet listed 2685 while the new one had 268, thats what i was going off of. It briefly changed to 2685 (a prior value), but then was corrected a week or two later. Gotcha, thanks for the clarification.
  11. That was changed in 2010. The 2012 sheet listed 2685 while the new one had 268, thats what i was going off of.
  12. Just checked out the new logo slick, looks like they did change the purple for the spot (logo) color, but the textile stayed the same.
  13. I know what you're trying to say, but this just makes me unconfortable. Its amazing how "the" totally changes that sentence lol.
  14. Getting back to the uniforms, what are the chances they go with purple sleeves on the white jersey to keep the yellow and white stripes consistent?
  15. ......Well he did marry Samantha Steele correct?
  16. Josh Groban in anything other than business casual or dress clothes is a win in my book lol.
  17. Same here, I always think of Ray Allen as a Buck or Sonic, then maybe a Celtic, because he did good with all those teams. At the moment he looks wrong in a Heat jersey, but one day that might look right.
  18. Hi I tried to PM you but it said you could not receive messages, can you pleases send me the NFL fonts to ctizzle777@yahoo.com Thank you! http://eriqjaffe.50webs.com/ Thats the team fonts, he was talking about the fonts the NFL uses.
  19. That modified version they call "Terrafont" or something like that, you can get the letters and numerals from the Under Armour catalog PDFs.
  20. Ultra surprised cat, pole dancer cat, overly drawn cat, and Gargamel's cat playing basketball
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