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  1. That Olympic tournament was the first time I realized Rory Sabbatini is representing Slovakia.
  2. If there is a team named "Chiefs" that need to retire their logo... it's these guys.
  3. Why not quit on them? It's not like you are bound to contract to be a fan of the team.
  4. Qatar are the current Asian Cup holders... I was half-hoping they would win the Gold Cup just for laughs.
  5. I am still holding on hope for that jobing.com Gila River parking lot.
  6. Water polo can be quite violent as well... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_in_the_Water_match
  7. Water polo seems to be a greater challenge.
  8. Wow. I get queasy thinking about jumping off a 10m platform. You are doing twists and turns while falling is not for the weak. What Biles did was not so much "brave" as it is "smart". Only Biles knows what it takes to have the right mental state to perform at her level.
  9. The less we hear about Bela Karolyi, the better.
  10. It had occurred to me that I am looking forward to a Cleveland-LA Angels matchup next season.
  11. The one thing that bothers me about the flying 'G' is that since there are two of them, if you look at the image from the opposite side... wouldn't you see a backwards 'G'? I think it should have been a side profile logo.
  12. For me it's Cleveland, then Cincinnati, then Columbus... and then throw in any other town/city
  13. It will take a while for me to appreciate the flying 'G'. I am not sold on the script "Guardians", I would have with the block font they used for "Cleveland". I happen to like the name, though I was hoping they would take the "Gladiators" name and reuse the arena league logo
  14. Canadian government finally gave clearance for the Blue Jays to return to Toronto. I was really hoping one of the conditions was to have each personnel for every team that comes in to have at least one vaccination shot.
  15. All this time and no one mentioned the Yankees? Or are they too intimidating for the South?
  16. I happened to be in downtown Toronto the night the Raptors won the 2019 title (I had an event to get to that night) I have to say, it was an incredible scene walking through the streets and seeing the euphoria that a championship brings in a city that doesn't happen to celebrate a title of that magnitude very often (sorry MLS). Interesting about the late 90s/ early 2000s where teams like the Bucks, Pacers, Kings, Blazers and Timberwolves at least had teams that were relevant even though they probably weren't good enough to beat the Lakers (well there was Tim Donaghy that may have gotten in the way)
  17. The Blue Jays are finally coming dome! https://www.sportsnet.ca/mlb/article/blue-jays-exemption-approved-will-return-toronto-july-30/
  18. So, an Admiral and Johnny Canuck compete in the fastest skater competition
  19. Yes, that is the one I am thinking of.
  20. Have that 2D logo from the previous set and it would be a solid 'A' grade jersey.
  21. I guess someone in MLB realized they missed the Canadian flag on the sleeve for the Blue Jays uniforms and just ended up slapping a Canadian flag on the front. OY!
  22. Kawasaki was a fringe player at best. No one goes to the ballpark hoping to see Kawasaki. Consider the other way around... how many NPB baseball fans expect their star foreign players to do interviews in Japanese? Ohtani speaks English reasonably enough, but when it is not your first language some translations kind of get confusing at first. Let me provide an example. The French word for "potato" is "pomme de terre". "pomme" is French for "apple" and "terre" is "earth". Imagine having not known about the word "potato" when learning English, the French speaker would probably instinctively think, "earth apple" instead of "potato".
  23. To me, that was the most fascinating image. We're talking about a trophy named after one of the most hated individuals to the Canadiens.
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