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  1. So that's why he is getting divorced...
  2. The Browns and Bills won playoff games... and I think I just hit puberty...
  3. .... you may want to reconsider....
  4. If I had not seen it myself, I would have thought something terrible happened to the Browns...
  5. ... and then Tottenham beats a team... in the 8th tier.
  6. ummmm.... Tony Dungy, I don't think I would want my leadership capabilities compared to Ray Lewis.
  7. Well, the Bills won't have to wait another 25 years to host another playoff game.
  8. This was always going to be some type of transitional year. Let's revisit their status at the midway point.
  9. No. Got a problem with that?
  10. I would have went with St Hubert instead of McDonald's
  11. What? No "MOLSON'S" Sacre Bleu.
  12. OK. I can live with the ads on the helmets and they could have just stopped there.... but divisions?
  13. That would be great news... for Ohio State fans right?
  14. ... so wait ... a football team from Georgia came from behind to win a game?
  15. Couldn't the league have waited for Seattle to play? You would have San Jose, Seattle, Vegas and Colorado at such an event. Or just for kicks, go to Squaw Valley.
  16. May be so, but I wonder if I would truly be getting what I paid for depending on the arena. Let's revisit that OKC court again. I can make out "Riverwind Casino" and the "OU Health" tarps much better than "Love's" or the "paycom". I think the real issue here is more the camera position than the ad placement.
  17. I don't know, if I was a sponsor, I would even want my ad along the base and end lines like the one in OKC pic. Considering the camera angle and the position of the ad, you can't really make out the sponsor(s) all that well. Maybe they could have done it in similar way to sponsors on rugby pitches or what the Raptors once did along the endline.
  18. Didn't they have "Fleet Center" on the end line when the arena first opened?
  19. I like Windhorst as well. Look, you have to start somewhere right? I don't even know if he thought his career would be where it's at.
  20. I think those advertisers are not so much interested about the exposure on the track as they are off the the track. Those advertisers can put on commercials that say something like, "We're the official colostomy bag of Petty Motorsports" . In the case of the helmets, broadcasters will show close up views of the players during stoppages in play, including goals which will be shown on replays.