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  1. You're really calling players that went to an NHL rookie camp "scrubs"? How far did you get in your hockey career?
  2. Polls never mean anything though. At the end of the day, it's Foley's choice and he probably decided a long time ago. I'm going to put my money on Golden Knights, since Black Knights didn't work out and Army's other color is gold.
  3. And somehow Houston barely gets into the top 25 while Baylor is top 10 with a similarly weak schedule. Makes no sense, but that's college football for ya. The whole P5/G5 thing is just so dumb. Oh well, I'll stop there so the topic isn't derailed further but it's just so hard not to rant about how screwed up NCAA football is.
  4. Well, I guess we just go to different kinds of sporting events as I've never heard the term "sitting section" in my life until now. Although that's probably a good idea for soccer clubs with large supporters groups like Seattle to have. I imagine the actual supporters sections fill up fast over there so the rest of the fans that want to stand are spread out throughout the stadium. So designate some "sitting only" sections and let everyone else enjoy the game how they want.
  5. Not all soccer fans are glory hunters. It's not surprising to me that the lower leagues have more of the type of behavior seen at the Tampa/Orlando game than you see in the MLS because it takes a lot more commitment and passion to be a supporter of lower level clubs. Although Orlando's recent entrance into the MLS is probably a major factor in the surge of support and dumb kids jumping on hip new bandwagons. And there is certainly nothing wrong with supporting your local club just because it isn't in the MLS (which could be considered lower level soccer too which makes that viewpoint somewhat laughable)
  6. I can't speak for DG but one issue is that there are specific sections for standing and then there are certain sections for people who want to sit. However, you get people who want to stand in the sitting section. Anyone complaining about standing in the standing section is rightfully laughed at and ignored. But if you tell a stander in the sitting section to sit down, you get the defensive, elite soccer fan response. That's when the stadium security has to step in, informing those standing that it's a sitting section. It's like those idiots that want to bring beer into the Family Sections at minor league hockey games near me. I don't think that's a fair comparison at all. Alcohol and kids clearly do not mix. Standing and watching sports... not as offensive in my mind. Just because there are "standing sections" (really they are sections designated for the supporters groups and have nothing to do with standing/sitting) doesn't mean that all other sections at a sporting event are "sitting sections". People that complain about others standing, at a soccer game or any sport, have always baffled me. You pay for a ticket and an assigned seat but you never sign anything that says you have to actually use the seat. Maybe it's because I grew up with college sports where the vast majority of people in the stadum/arena stood the entire time but it just seems silly to me to complain about people who would rather stand while they cheer on their teams. In the end it is mob mentality I suppose. Nobody complains about people standing at sporting events when most people are standing because they know nobody will listen to them. But when only a few people in an area are standing suddenly the people who don't want to stand have the power to ridicule and yell at them when really they're doing nothing wrong. Personally I'm just of the opinion that if you're at a sporting event, then get off your ass and cheer. If I'm sitting the entire time at any sporting event I go to I probably don't actually want to be there. Even at NHL games or places where most people sit the entire time I'm generally on my feet for at least some portion of the game.
  7. Slovenia players spotted wearing blue and green uniforms. Though they have ads on them, so clearly not the Olympic uniforms but it does hint at the fact that they will be changing colors to match the rest of their athletes. https://mobile.twitter.com/duledoz/status/422486492863561728/photo/1?screen_name=duledoz
  8. Not great, not bad. Pretty meh. Nothing about Slovenia yet? Their reveal was my most anticipated personally because I'm curious to see if they'll be allowed to keep their traditional red/white/blue or be forced to match the rest of their athletes. Maybe that's what's taking so long.
  9. I love Russia and Finland's whites. Very original. Slovakia's sets are nice too. Overall, they're all at least decent. I don't really get the hate either. Only thing I'm not crazy about is the shiny plastic designs on the shoulders.
  10. No. "Traditionalists" don't want every new team to rip off every Original Six team. So horizontal stripes are ripping off every Original Six team? If these uniforms look like any of the Original Six uniforms, then practically every NHL uniform EVER also does as well. Dallas has a much closer resemblance to the Original Six than these Carolina uniforms do (basically re-colored Blackhawks uniforms), yet are being praised in comparison to the reaction to the Hurricanes' new look. Perhaps the problem is that Carolina didn't copy the Original Six enough. Hockey uniforms are bland and unoriginal. That's because hockey fans complain when they are anything but.
  11. Nothing new or creative by any means, but I'm not sure why people hate them so much. they're solid typical hockey jerseys. Not really any different from any other hockey jerseys ever - which is what the traditionalists want, isn't it? They could have used a new logo though, probably.
  12. ....and USF and Cincy!! Yeah, ... you don't get it. Cinci is closer to being in that "poor, poor ____" category than USF but even that's a stretch. USF has been just as, if not more successful than Cincy and UConn in recent years. (football-wise I mean) I would definitely put Cincy above UConn too.
  13. Southern Miss and Arkansas State would easily pack their stadiums if they were "promoted" to the Big 12. Ohio State already plays teams like Akron, Temple and Marshall every season in their out of conference schedule. Promotion/relegation will never happen of course, seeing as how this is America and money always trumps competition. And by that I mean revenue from TV deals that involve big money for showing more recognizable brands such as Texas, Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, etc. Attendance is irrelevant. It would make far more sense than dividing that top division of football into another two divisions of football (BCS and non-BCS) even though they're supposed to be the same level. But the NCAA doesn't exactly care about making sense. Just cents.
  14. Boring. I guess everyone involved in designing hockey uniforms has given up on creativity and originality - even at the minor league level. Thanks whiny traditionalists.