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  1. You're really calling players that went to an NHL rookie camp "scrubs"? How far did you get in your hockey career?
  2. Polls never mean anything though. At the end of the day, it's Foley's choice and he probably decided a long time ago. I'm going to put my money on Golden Knights, since Black Knights didn't work out and Army's other color is gold.
  3. I have no hate for the Trop. But maybe I've always been partial to it because it was the old home of the Bolts. I guess it did make a better hockey arena than a baseball stadium. Hopefully it doesn't kill the St. Pete Grand Prix. It would have to be re-routed though. (Maybe past my apartment! W00t)
  4. It would definitely have to be re-routed as part of the track would have a baseball stadium on top of it. But I have a feeling it would probably kill the Grand Prix altogether. As a resident of downtown St. Pete I can tell you that having three straights days of not being able to sleep due to noise has not gone over well with the locals here and the days of the Grand Prix are already numbered. That and I don't think it makes much money either. I'm surprised its lasted as long as it has.
  5. Looks nice, but seems like a waste of money to me. Tropicana is only what.. 12 years old? Wouldn't renovating Tropicana be much easier than rebuilding Al Lang field anyway?
  6. I like how the architecture is similar to the University of Tampa's. I'm about to move to St. Pete though, so they better not move over to the city! I like the idea of having it in downtown St. Pete on the water.
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