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  1. I'm probably going to sound incredibly biased and maybe I am but I think the Raiders can pull out a .500 season. Playoffs? Probably not.
  2. Washington at Giants - Giants Detroit at Atlanta - Detroit Cincinnati at Baltimore - Cincinnati Seattle at Buffalo - Seattle Jets at Miami - Jets Kansas City at New England - New England Tampa Bay at New Orleans - Tampa Bay St Louis at Philadelphia - Philadelphia Houston at Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Jacksonville at Tennessee - Jacksonville Dallas at Cleveland - Dallas Carolina at San Diego - San Diego Arizona at San Francisco - Arizona Chicago at Indianapolis - Indianapolis Minnesota at Green Bay - Minnesota Denver at Oakland - Denver
  3. JRH1991


    Man U - Yes. But after doing some research I found that Liverpool had more of a St. Louis Cardinals feel to them, they were successful more often that not, but not perfect.
  4. Since everyone plays, I guess this is sort of inaccurate now but it still sort of fits. This kid is possibly a pitching prodigy. And what I wanna know is, these mothers who threaten to sue the league because their kid sucks, how do you think that makes the really good kids feel? What about their psyches and their self-esteems? The only way to make everyone equal is to treat it like a real game. (Note: This doesn't mean Little League managers should kick dirt onto umpires, and the parents should NEVER get involved in anyway.) I played little league, I sucked and once even asked my coach to not let me play because my friends kept getting on my case and I wanted them to "win.*" *At this age I was not aware that there was no score. My team was called the Red Sox, so we lost no matter what the score was (if it was even there) but I thought that it was for real. Point: Some kids are just not great athletes and some are. I am the kind of person who believes everyone has a talent, so maybe the parents should support their sons/daughters not through athletics, but through something. Find their niche etc. Does any of this make sense? Or was this a wasted post?
  5. Uhh, they've recovered pretty well after quite a few blown games this season. I guess I ain't taking this doom and gloom pill every other Met fan is here I guess You are not alone. I too refuse to take said pill. That said, they are making me worry a bit.
  6. Yes. It is getting worse. I feel for you guys up in Boston/New England since it seems to have started up there. But if anyone is from or visiting New York, and was also living here/visiting around 2003*, try to compare the number of football jerseys and "fans" (Giants and Jets.) *2003 - Giants: 4-12, Jets: 6-10. Personally, yeah, I've had fairweather moments, from 97-04 watching the Rangers was sometimes borderline unbearable. But when it comes to the Raiders, well...if you were to stab me, I'd bleed silver and black. Overall: 1 - Raiders 2 - Bulls 3 - Rangers 4 - Mets (also get an unbearable moments mention.) 5 - Newcastle (just cause I very recently started following them, may move higher.)
  7. JRH1991


    And speaking of crossing bridges, now that I see you're in New York (and I presume you mean city, or somewhere near), go out to Giants Stadium and see the Red Bulls. Yeah, it's not a good stadium for soccer (though they have a new one coming next year, providing it's done on time), and it's not the top level of soccer in the world, but it's a team that you can go see in person without having to cross an ocean. Not the city, but pretty damn close. And yeah, I was thinking about it, but I kind of wanted to wait for the new stadium to open up... or until David Beckham shows up so I can make fun of his overrated ass.
  8. NFL: Raiders NHL: Rangers NBA: Bulls MLB: Mets EPL: Newcastle United NCAA: Don't really care but if I had to choose - Michigan State. Just cause I like their mascot.
  9. Oh how I have prayed in my short years on Earth to hear that phrase used realistically. Last time someone said it like that I was watching (the original) Power Rangers.
  10. I like it. The arch over the jersey reminds me of the gateway arch. The musical feel at the bottom of the jersey is very creative too. It'll never see playing time, but they could sell something similar to this as a fashion jersey or something else.
  11. JRH1991


    Thanks everybody. I know a lot of you say that your club finds you, so maybe I rushed this choice but I think I'm going to go with Newcastle. If another club finds me...well, I'll cross that bridge as I come to it.
  12. Hispanics are considered Caucasoid though. (For those of you who don't know: Caucasian = White.)
  13. JRH1991


    From Wikipedia: "Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair is known to be a keen supporter of Newcastle, as well as Sir Frank Williams, founder and manager of the WilliamsF1 Formula One Team, Also Auf Wiedersehen Pet Star Jimmy Nail is a big Newcastle supporter, Iron Maiden guitarist Janick Gers and AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson." If this is true, then they are definitely in the lead so far.
  14. JRH1991


    For a long time, English soccer/football has held my interest due to the devotion of the fans and the worldwide popularity (I guess this can be said for most other European football leagues too but for now I'm focusing on England.) Like anyone interested in any sports league I would like to become a supporter. The only team that I flat out refuse to support is Manchester United. So now I am asking the members of this forum for advice, which team and why?
  15. Not can: MUST. Rugby is pretty much the only thing the entire island unites over, they alternate home games in both Dublin and Belfast, and a neutral anthem is used. Being in a country that suffers from rugby union, I don't remember Ireland playing home 6 Nations matches in Belfast or hearing any other anthem than "The Soldiers Song". If I can find more on the Northern Irish participation I will.And dude: it's called Amhrán na bhFiann.