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  1. Speculation is that the Leafs are going with another big era in the team. I'm thinking a Updated 80's style or a Leafs version of the St.Pats jerseys.
  2. Abandonment only happens 50 years after the Holder had passed away. Anyone can put a TM on anything and say they own it. I could do that with all the stuff on the board right. Does it mean if i go make a t-shirt of any logo you made and make money off it its abandoned by you?
  3. Yeah this is my design. Stolen from i think my first post on Icethetics. But im the one holding the TM to this. But i live in Toronto i don't know how i would enforce my rights to Off the truck t-shirt sellers in Chi-town. But i would love to get my hands on them for sure. They cant even make a good copy of it. sheesh.
  4. Sorry im not trying to Show off but just give and example of the Modern Wheel rim people are talking about.
  5. I like that you're Sketch had the Duck looking Up and away not at you.
  6. Are you kidding me!!! the Reading royals logo looks horrible.
  7. Thanks alot. Im sure that alot of people would look at my stuff and say its not good enough. But i thought it was good that all that matters to me right now. I love that i can do this. its been my dream to have my logos on jerseys.
  8. Just Thought i would update this post. If you look at the original post. I have had a jersey made of the KING version of this logo. Its not a embroidered logo but it is stitched in the jersey. and its a Dye Sub crest. Total cost was about $100 CAD
  9. I think you need to put only 5 stars. You have too much right now.
  10. Which mall. I am not sure I remember seeing it but not really paying attention. I may have to put this logo on cafe Worspress and make my own profit of my logo..
  11. I didn't know people where making hats and stuff out of it? i didn't approve any of it. can you get me some Photos of it. i guess i would love to see it. If I can I will, I've seen quite a few around though. That sucks that you weren't aware of it. I definitely will try though!!! I have heard that they were being sold by free-lance vendors that sell near stadiums and such. How long ago did you do the concept because I believe I first saw it about two years ago. yeah that's about right. when i first started on Icethetics just when it changed to that name from Tournament of logos.It's not a big image thought or is it? ill have to check it out.
  12. I didn't know people where making hats and stuff out of it? i didn't approve any of it. can you get me some Photos of it. i guess i would love to see it.
  13. Well I'm glad you like it Admiral!
  14. Having a Native background i just seemed drawn to the Hawks logo. there is alot of hate yet alot of love for it. I never set out to change a classic. After being around here and Icethetics and Puckdrawn. I know people hate when you mess with classic. I'm happy that you all look at it in a light of a designer and the art of a image, and not just a Fan view! Thanks you! This is the first logo i made ever that i was totally happy with. It also started my love for making more. I would love to make my own logo and sell them at a price where all people to buy one. That's a dream!, i have a long way to go in that. As for this the story for this is that i have 1 more set in my hands ( 1 Main, 2 secondary patches) altogether there was 12 sets made in tackle twill and embroidery. A fan of this logo in Chicago loved it and offered to give me what i got at payment if he could make them and give them to friends. I was worried at first but this person was very truthful and and very understanding of my feeling to what was happening. He also asked a few friends of his if it would be good to go into business with me to produce more, and sell them on ebay. Although we both wanted to do it, it was decided with the help of a lawyer friend that it was still too close to the real hawks logo and i could be infringing on there copyright. He did tell me to trademark(I'm in the middle of trying to do that)it so it would be totally mine if the Hawks ever did want to get there hands on it. I don't think that will happen, but you never know. So all i had to do was order the RBK Edge Hawks jersey and get it pressed on.