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  1. The wordmark and "winged M" hat logo, I admit, do show promise. However, the whole package comes off as far too comical for a baseball team, collegiate-level or otherwise. Note that the position of the Madison skyline in the primary logo is immediately behind the duck's backside. For a team that's part of the Madison community, treating its most noteworthy landmark as... well, you know what, just seems so very ignoble and cringe-inducing. A couple of things to note from the Wisconsin State Journal (article link below): The rebrand comes from the same design group (Planet Propaganda) who designed the identity for Forward Madison FC; that team shares ownership with the Mallards, and their branding, IMHO, incorporates the Madison touches in a much classier way. (Soccer is perhaps more discriminating in terms of visual brands than baseball, but you get the idea.) The rebrand originated with an off-the-agenda remark from the team president during a staff meeting about whether coming out of the COVID lockdown was the right time for the Mallards to rebrand; the staff thought it was. That meeting took place last September -- only eight months ago! https://madison.com/wsj/sports/baseball/amateur/a-perfect-fit-mallards-rebranding-with-madison-community-in-mind/article_26b56097-056e-5965-9508-afa1e753d4e9.html
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