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  1. I looked in the college section of CCSLC fantasy champs, and you haven't added the NCFA-FCS yet. Just wanted to let you know. The league's champion was Minnesota A&M(omnivore), and runner up was me, and my team is Maxwell State. Thanks

  2. 10-1 Mahoning Valley (UL)

    8-3 Vancouver (UL)

    7-4 New York (UL)

    7-4 Niagara (UL)

    6-5 Oklahoma City (UL)

    5-6 Minnesota (UL)

    4-7 Houston (UL)

    4-7 Seattle (UL)

    4-7 St. Louis (UL)

    3-8 Cleveland (UL)

    3-8 Silicon Valley (UL)