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  1. I have a few items on Kijiji and ebay if anyone is interested: Authentic Pittsburgh Penguins: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/223053983477?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 2013 NHL Allstar #8 (no name): http://www.ebay.ca/itm/223053991421?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Kijiji ad:https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1368511951 (willing to ship to interested parties) Also have a 2006 Team Canada Jersey done up for a wedding party for $20.
  2. I've always had my eyes open, hoping to grab some stellar deal somewhere. I finally found mine through Kijiji. I grabbed this beauty below, plus a (fake) 2013 NHL All-Star jersey (white, #8, no name, with Capitals logo on the sleeve) for a total of $20. Glad I saved all that cash, since finding a lettering kit for it is going to cost an arm and a leg.
  3. I looked in the college section of CCSLC fantasy champs, and you haven't added the NCFA-FCS yet. Just wanted to let you know. The league's champion was Minnesota A&M(omnivore), and runner up was me, and my team is Maxwell State. Thanks

  4. 10-1 Mahoning Valley (UL)

    8-3 Vancouver (UL)

    7-4 New York (UL)

    7-4 Niagara (UL)

    6-5 Oklahoma City (UL)

    5-6 Minnesota (UL)

    4-7 Houston (UL)

    4-7 Seattle (UL)

    4-7 St. Louis (UL)

    3-8 Cleveland (UL)

    3-8 Silicon Valley (UL)

  5. I was one who was very excited to have Vlad join the Jays. I was actually hoping he would play on Canada Day, and be able to grab a Canada Day jersey with his name and #. Oh well, more money in the bank I suppose
  6. I've had a couple, all really cool. I was at the 2000 NHL All-star practice. I wore my '96 team Canada sweater and had my picture taken with the Capitals Mascot. He was hamming it up with a bunch of little leaf fans heckling him. The Oshawa Generals mascot has done a really good job. I've high fived him several times after watching him interact with the kids in the crowd, always letting them have a fun time. That's what I feel their roll should be at an OHL game. I met and got my photo with Carlton the Bear at a Leafs free skate. My fiance and I had just started dating, not a sports girl at all, and I got her into a Leafs jersey and on the ACC ice. Those are still some of my favourite photos. Speaking of Carlton, in 2010 I took a class to Racing Against Drugs, a grade 5 field trip program in the GTA and met Carlton and the Marlies mascot. I noticed them head into their changeroom, and when they came out out-of-costume thought that some of the kids had spotted them. I gave them a nod to let them know they hadn't. Kind of a cool little moment.
  7. It would really help the north by putting another team up there, plus just imagine the rivalry between North Bay and Sudbury. The Centennials left because no one was following them, and they had an old arena. Do they have a new rink yet? They had a following, I was in North bay that final year and people went to the games. The community raised $2.5 million to buy the team, but the owner still sold it to Saginaw. North Bay won Hockeyville in 2008, and got a big update to the arena. Right now they have a Junior B team and the University has started a UAO team out of the arena. They could still host an OHL team with ease.
  8. I had something similar happen, a photo I took at an OHL game was downloaded and sold on ebay. I messaged the seller and sent a copy of my email to ebay as well, and the photo got removed. Sometimes it doesn't take much, and ebay itself doesn't want to be associated with IP theft
  9. The Gotye and Alanis covers aren't that bad...could be worse, like By The Way...I remember in stores, the insert would be flipped to the goat page on the inside, stores were squeemish over the nipples on the real cover. Somewhat dissapointed with this one...Garbage already did a G motif on a pink background in the 90's. There are lots of other things they could have done, this seems too simple
  10. Stieb was one of my favourite pitchers when I was young, watching him in that jersey hurt...
  11. Of your three designs, the alternate is the most successful. The crest it uses is the best of the three, and the sleeve designs are unique, and create a lot of interest. The primary you used on the other uniforms are way too busy, and the imagery of the owl and the citadel is too much together. Stick with the citadel theme, experient with swapping the colours and creating a white version.
  12. and again how is this garbage the fans fault? Yeah let's move them to Canada and they'll be the best team in the OHL!! What the hell? I was just commenting on a sporting event that was somewhat humourous, it just happen to be the Erie Otters and so somewhat appropriate for this thread. The story of a forward playing goal is kind of a throwback to hockey a hundred years ago. I would have made the same comment if this was a Hamilton team. Paranoid much? I half expected one of their coaches to come out to play net when I saw the story on TV this morning. I mean, you do what you can, when a forward has to play net, you've pretty much lost already. It's good that he didn't hurt himself with all that flopping on the ice. Hamilton has been home to several teams over the years (The Fincups, Steelhawks, and Dukes), and there is no way to tell how the city would respond to a new Junior team in the area. Obviously it doesn't help that they are Montreal's team in a city ajacent to Toronto, but one would think that they would support a team from their city ahead of a Toronto based team (after all, The Ticats and Argos have a long and sorid history.) Then again, CHL hockey is a big step away from AHL hockey. They would be in a great geographical position in between Niagara, Kitchener, London, Brampton and Mississauga, and you can bet teams will be happy to save on travel expenses (I hear the raod trips to Saginaw are brutal)
  13. The Bulls unis have always been so plain jane. These are awesome, You've used all the great elements that they misuse and have made them into something completely unique
  14. I've thought of it as hero worship mixed with the inability to believe that people can do horrible things. So many people loved Paterno that they cannot fathom that he could be involved in anything so wrong. Denial is a powerful drug, and when taken en mas, you get what we've all seen these past weeks.
  15. That would be Manon Rheaume. She also played in the QMJHL. http://cdn.sportsmemorabilia.com/sports-product-image/139-t501634-500.jpg