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  1. I live in Chicago and have noticed within the past few years a surge in popularity for sports merchandise featuring parts of the Chicago flag. For instance: I then thought about the Cubs incorporating the light blue as an accent with the pre-existing red and white in their color scheme to resemble the flag. The royal 'Cubbie' blue is still the primary color and there are still familiar elements like the home pinstripes, so it's not a huge departure, but I have also tweaked the logos and scripts to earlier versions from past years. I've always felt this Cub head was severely underutilized and the current circle C logoset to be pretty boring (I know it's been around for centuries but it's just my opinion). Just a fun concept to throw together, I know it looks pretty minor league-ish. Thoughts, opinions, criticisms welcome.
  2. Anomalied

    Cubs Concept

    With the recent buzz about the Northsiders changing up their look, I threw together this quick concept. I went for a more simple, vintage feel, with the Tuscan lettering and the cream homes without names. The light blue is derived from the Chicago flag, which is worn on the sleeve. I know the color scheme is similar to Tampa, so I thought about adding more pops of red or another color to make it more unique, thoughts?
  3. Anomalied

    MLB Cap Concepts

    Seriously send that Indians cap to someone in Cleveland's front office. That's an instant classic. Can't decide if I like it better with the white or not.
  4. These are all awesome. Is there any way you could post the template you've been using? I used to have it and lost it somehow, and I can't find the download link on here. Thanks!
  5. My favorite team is in a bad spot. I believe Epstein & Co. need to reinvent the whole franchise, including their uniforms. For my concept I decided to completely eliminate the red. It's the primary color of the Cubs' main division rival and there are no two-tone blue teams in the National League while there is an abundance of red/white/blue schemes. The round C logo is classic but it's boring. I replaced the hat logo with the bear face from the mid 90's (someone vector'd this for me on this board years ago). Let me know what you think...
  6. so weird you would mention Downers Grove. I actually grew up literally right across the street from that Wal-Mart (which is technically part of Darien). Always wondered why it was red too... my theory was because most of the storefronts in that plaza have the same color scheme (tan stone with red letters) so it would be for uniformity. I wonder if they will eventually change to the new logo.
  7. This is the best MLB redesign series since AAO's. Can't wait to see the rest.
  8. First, an explanation for the name change. The Angels obviously want to disassociate themselves from the city of Anaheim, but they aren't located in Los Angeles either. The only option left is a revert to California, which I actually think rolls off the tongue rather well. As for the colors, I started by making the halo in the script yellow and ended up converting their entire color scheme to red/gold. I think it makes them appear more unique than yet another red/blue team. The scripts were created the MLB font package I downloaded from this forum ages ago. The sleeve patches wrap all the way around and are meant to look like halos. Some more of my recent MLB concepts (I'm going to eventually do all 30 teams): Phillies Braves Mets
  9. Anomalied

    Texas Two Step

    Can you please post the blank template you use? I've been trying to find that one forever...
  10. Love the color scheme and the hats. The home wordmark looks a bit too small. Overall, it feels like Florida: fun and relaxed. I like it a lot. Great job!
  11. This is good news for me. I've never been a fan of their road cap and wish they would go for a simpler, more traditional set. Here's a concept I never got around to uploading. It replaces the current primary with the logo in my av, which is my favorite Cubs logo ever. I could probably have added a sleeve patch or something, but I like it the way it is.
  12. Chicago in a landslide. And I'd say that if I lived anywhere else too. Even one of the more overlooked teams, the Wolves, have an excellent look.
  13. The best Nationals concept I have seen on this board. This is exactly what they should be wearing. Great job.
  14. Nice. I'd like to see your take on WGN.