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  1. Don’t forget about all the additional advertising opportunities available with this tech. Rotating jersey ads here we come! I can imagine full sections of jersey will be sold for specific time periods during the game. Player is at the free throw line, the entire front morphs into a Mcdonals logo, etc. this is the nba after all!
  2. FINALLY! lakers wearing purple first time this season only took them 1/4th of the season to do it !
  3. I was getting a strong Disney vibe from these things... Sure enough artist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Hubenthal attended the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chouinard_Art_Institute which Disney had strong ties. Interesting fact.
  4. These were worn at the unveiling. I assume Nike adds the hood to prevent this situation going forward.
  5. I didnt realize this before but there are only a few teams in the league now with rounded collars. Knicks and Celtics stand out in this photo
  6. i cant help but notice with all these new Nike reveals is that they are still using the old NBA logo.
  7. Pacers new uniforms have the old NBA logo on the back. at 0:29 on the twitter video
  8. are these real or mockups? http://weibo.com/1757520987/EngiIDqAw?type=comment#_rnd1499641362142
  9. too bad they cant move super bowl LV to Vegas...
  10. i expect the Charges to move back to SD is around 10 years time. Raiders lasted 13 years in LA, its not that big a deal. SD will welcome them back with open arms when the time comes. The only reason they are moving to LA in the first place is to block the Raiders from taking over the So Cal market completely. Dumb owner over reaction. So Cal was once a 3 team market in the 80s/early 90s... granted the NFL is a different beast today. We can assume once the Raiders sure up a long term lease in Las Vegas (minimum 30 year lease terms), then Spanos will feel less threatened.
  11. another potential helmet design change for 2017.
  12. barca 17/18 kits were leaked before their 16/17 kits! http://www.uksoccershop.com/blog/barcelona-2017-18-kit-leak/
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