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  1. I'm not totally sold on the purple pants. I do like the use of the Burger King logo, it fits with so many teams going back to older logos and looks, I just did the same with one using the Jackets CBJ logo. Overall it's a good look.
  2. With the return of 3rd jerseys next season, I decided to try a new look for my Columbus Blue Jackets. With so many teams starting to go back to older logos, I decided to do the same and bring back the CBJ original. As a tie in to their current 3rd, I used the light blue as the jersey base color and the larger numbers from that set. C & C are appreciated.
  3. So it seems that it's all but official that the NHL is coming to Seattle. I came up with a couple of ideas for how I would like to see them take the ice. The first is the Seattle Totems and the second is the Seattle Kraken. I decided to use the t-bird totem to link to current junior team since they are not considering Thunderbirds as a name, and I went subtle on the Kraken as opposed to going full on octopus for them. Hope you all like them.
  4. Great work as always Sparky. I really like the look of the primary with the subtle Space Needle. I am also in agreement that it's hard to believe Mets is not a finalist for names. Looking forward to what's coming next.
  5. I feel the USA baseball's look has grown a little stale. I decided to try a new script style font and a little patriotic twist with the eagle head secondary with some classic pinstripes. I hope you enjoy.
  6. With the news of Seattle as the next possible sight for NHL expansion, I found an old concept I made for a team but never posted. I did adjust it from old Reebok template to the new Adidas one and added a 3rd sweater that I didn't have in my original. So from the Emerald City, I present the Seattle Aviators.
  7. I know that, I am from Cincy. I was referring to his original post when he doubled the t's instead of the n's.
  8. Christmas colors are red and green, but Santa's costume is red and white with a big black belt.
  9. Ha!! I hadn't even thought of that.
  10. It's been quite a while since I have posted anything. With the holiday season upon us, I decided to have a little fun with a Christmas themed uniform for a team I have called the North Pole Legends. And who would captain a team at the Pole? None other than St. Nick himself. I hope you all enjoy, and have a Merry Christmas!!
  11. I like the looks of a lot of these, and look forward to seeing the uniforms. Two little picky points I have are with my UC Bearcats. First, I would love to see them in the Big 10. Second, Cincinnati has 2 n's and 1 t and they are an Under Armour school, not Nike. Can't wait to see what you do for them.
  12. It has been quite a while since I last posted anything to the boards, due to computer issues and in general a lack of time. So for my return, I decided to fix my hometown Cyclones. Although unlike a lot of people, I like the new logo. But I'm not a fan of their sweaters. To me it's a combination of the odd stripe on the bottom, and using the same logo on the crest and shoulders. I decided to go with a more traditional look, that also pays homage to their roots as far as keeping the same colors and the sweater colors.
  13. I love all of these, especially the Penguins. I was always fond of the robo penguin logo. The black Sens sweater is also pretty sweet. Looking forward to seeing more.
  14. The Blue Jackets are moving to the Eastern Conference next season, where they should have been from the start. I decided to go with a retro look for their move. I've never been a huge fan of their current striping so I went for a classic style. I also brought back their original logo since CBJ is used to describe them by fans and especially social media, the only change I made is replacing the neon with silver on the stick J. And finally, keeping with the retro look, I decided to forgo the shoulder patches. Comments are always appreciated, Thank You.
  15. This is my first posting on here in quite a while. My computer died about 1 1/2 yrs ago and I just got it replaced. So this is one of my first concepts in a while. I'm going into this knowing that I'm probably going to get roasted since I have changed a classic uniform. Even though it's a classic and looks nice, I always felt the Leafs unis were pretty boring with just the blue & white. I liked when they had the hints of silver, so that's what I did with mine. Along with the silver, I also altered the striping and brought back the TML shoulder patch, a look of theirs I also liked. I like how these came out and hope you all enjoy them too. Comments and critiques are also welcome.