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  1. They actually have confirmed it. They’re throwing away the uniform schedule and going white-over-pewter this Sunday
  2. So it’s confirmed then. We’re going to see mono-pewter vs. mono-bone. Not looking forward to that. Btw, how the hell did I miss that the Rams actually had yellow pants? Never noticed it in any of the original reveal videos or photos.
  3. Kinda disappointed that we’re not gonna see white-over-pewter or red-over-white this season. Anyway, here’s the uniform schedule as mentioned above
  4. Anybody else looking at those uniforms and catching some of these vibes?
  5. So we all know there have been (and currently are) some BAD football uniforms out there, but this is the first NFL uniform that I can say is just sloppy. Too many inconsistencies between the jerseys and pants (gradient for one pant, side by side stripes for another). The patch with the 3-tiered wordmark looks like the designer forgot to zoom out to see the jersey as a whole. As I stated earlier, white patches and sleeves on an off-white jersey looks like the materials supplier ran out of one of those colors and the Rams decided to say “**** it, no one will notice.” And that random yellow zigzag stitch bugs the hell out of me. Yeah, the Browns’ orange stitching sucks, but at least it was used consistently throughout the jerseys. Did I miss the Nike explanation as to the significance of the zigzag? By the way, I’m not calling “bone.” That color is “gray cream” to me. EDIT: 2002 Bills is stiff competition for the NFL’s first “sloppy” uniform.
  6. I’m just gonna say it. 2013-2017 Jaguars were better. The white patchwork on the bone jersey is egregious.
  7. Do we know if the home numbers are just a plain white twill, or is there gonna be a slight reflective quality to them? For some reason, that’s what I see when I see the photos, and I actually think making slightly reflective numbers could work out for a team like the Chargers. Maybe even do the same for the road numbers.
  8. To which we have... Take that how you want.
  9. I'm a personal testament to that. In fact, earlier in this thread, I stated that I don't like it when teams simply go back to the old uniform. While I maintain that I like the tweaks between the new Bucs set and the original 97-2013 set, give me all the crow to eat. Of course, that also may be due to the facts that: (1) the 2014-19 set was so horrid, so anything would've been an improvement; and (2) I was mentally prepared for the old set, but without any orange in it.
  10. UniWatch shared this article on their Facebook page. Pretty interesting to read. edit: Totally forgot/missed this thread, so thanks mods!
  11. I'm placing an imaginary bet that one day, they'll wear the red gradient jerseys with red pants. And it shall be called the Hula Hoop look.
  12. Just read a USA Today article saying the Bucs missed an opportunity to sell a lot of Creamsicle Brady jerseys. But the Bucs have never stopped making Creamsicle jerseys for sale. They were even making Jameis Winston Creamsicles. Is there any new rule saying that there can’t be new creamsicle fashion jerseys?
  13. Gallery on the team website also shows a red pant option.
  14. Sorry that I’m too lazy to go through previous replies to see if this has been discussed already, ...but the picture of the jerseys on the hanger, does anyone else think it looks like some of them have different number fonts? EDIt: duh, those are the throwbacks