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  1. Looks like a Falcons inverted fashion jersey from 2002
  2. I've mentioned this in another thread a year or two ago, but as I remember it (granted, I was 9) the change to red & pewter in 1997 was celebrated in the Tampa Bay area. For years, up until hearing other Bucs fans' opinions of this upcoming uniform change, I had always most people genuinely preferred red & pewter to creamsicle & red. However, when I asked about it over the weekend, one fan said that things just get tired over time. That was the case for the creamsicles in 1997, and that (in their opinion) may be the case with pewter now. Thinking back now, when it was coupled with a successful late-season run in 1996 and successful 1997 season, the change was probably viewed as somewhat like a re-birth of the franchise. And then when you pile on the team's success in the subsequent years culminating in the Super Bowl victory, people embraced it as the true Bucs identity. However, with only two playoff appearance in the following 17-or-so seasons, fewer people have continued to be married to the red & pewter identity. For a growing number of Bucs fans, when they see equal amounts of team futility in both color schemes, it just becomes a matter of personal preference. Some Bucs fans view pewter as drab, see pictures of players wearing the throwbacks (which I'll say look, to me, miles better than pics of the actual creamsicles worn back in the day), and think it could be the best look in the league. Me personally, I would've liked to have seen all three colors being used in the subsequent set. I think just using red and orange makes us look too much like the Chiefs, but those mockups for the upcoming set (especially when looking at just the jersey) makes us look too much like the Falcons' dirty bird set.
  3. I'm a member of one of the more prominent unofficial Bucs message boards, and based on the new uniform thread there, orange is definitely embraced. I've mentioned in this thread that there isn't much of a demand to go back to the Bucco Bruce/creamsicle era full-time, but after reading that thread, I think I may have to stand corrected. As much as I wouldn't want to see it, it seems like people are more willing to get rid of pewter than orange (I don't want either to go). But still...not a full representative sample.
  4. Not of the 1976 orange jersey. It was only worn during the preseason that year, and NFL Films didn’t cover those games. 1976 was the only year that particular shade of orange was used. During the press conference of the 2009 throwback unveiling, the Glazers said that in order to get the exact shade of orange used in 1976, they had to locate a production of that jersey, which they ultimately found at a memorabilia shop.
  5. Thanks for the clarification, everyone! Like I said, before the 2009 throwbacks were released, I was only aware of the “cleaner” version. And since the Glazers said they went to extreme lengths to make sure they got the 1976 jersey right (since it was never worn during a game from which there are color photos), I had simply thought the rougher logo only existed in 1976. Also, I’m happy to get some really cool insight as to how logos were made and produced, so thanks for the history lesson!
  6. Off-topic with respect to uniforms, but I have a Bucs logo question. Does anyone know when exactly the detailing of the Bucco Bruce logo changed? And why it's not recognized as an actual logo change? I remember when the throwbacks were introduced in 2009 and thinking, "his face is different," and then seeing that face in pictures from the 1976 season. I remember trying to research when this happened, but I couldn't find anything at the time. I know that 1976 is the only year that exact uniform and color scheme existed (except for the throwbacks), so maybe same goes for the logo?
  7. Definitely not ideal, but I’ll take it as an upgrade.
  8. I just asked this on a Bucs message board, but I thought it'd be fun to post it here and see what you all think. What would your reaction be if: The new uniforms have a pewter helmet, but the Bucs decide to try and pull off Creamsicle Day anyway. Everything from the neck down would be true to the throwback, but as a middle finger to the One Helmet Rule, they take the pewter helmet and put Bucco Bruce, the helmet stripe, and the orange face mask on it? I think it would look horrible, but I'd be all for it on principle.
  9. Wasn’t there a short-loved music festival in Tampa in the mid-2010s called Big Guava? I remember hearing about something like that after I moved away. I guess I now know why it was called that.
  10. Add another Tampa Bay native (and returning resident) to the "I've never heard the phrase 'Big Guava'" list.
  11. This makes me realize how much I prefer...and miss...the ‘97-‘13 shade of red.
  12. Thanks for the clarification! Five jerseys seems a bit overkill to me, but I’d be happy with two alternate games, with a different jersey being worn each time.
  13. I forget, does the NFL now allow both and alternate AND a color rush? Because I was thinking, while I dig the idea of an orange jersey being worn with pewter helmet and pants, the Bucs could do a one-time all-pewter “cannonball” theme for Color Rush. That is if Nike can figure out how to do metallic fabrics.