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  1. Images from the video on They had a version of the blue jersey with solid yellow numbers, and a white version with yellow sleeves. How could you, Nike?!?! Seeing aqua green and orange next to the Rams colors makes me want to puke. Nike is so extra.
  2. I personally would have preferred to keep the current Away and just slap on the webbed D. A white version of the new home (old third) is just weird. We'll see how it looks tomorrow... Oh and from what I understand, we get laces with this jersey. Crossing my fingers for real laces and not the crap Stadium Series faux-laces.
  3. From what I understand, middle-bottom is the winner and what will be shown on Friday at the NHL Draft.
  4. A few Anaheim Ducks related rumors... From someone who has seen the new Reebok/CCM catalog, the Anaheim Ducks home/away jerseys are showing as TBD, with the third jersey as unchanged. I'd like confirmation if possible; anybody involved with seeing all the Blues stuff as TBD see this with the Ducks? And an employee for the team is claiming the home/away are going to be the same as they are now, just replace the Anaheim Ducks wordmark with the D logo. Third jersey stays third jersey.
  5. Been sitting on this for a few weeks from a live chat... Anaheim Ducks Director of Publications and New Media, Adam Brady confirmed the current Third Jersey will become the new Home Jersey. We all knew this was coming and there's been talk of it in this thread. Just good to know that it's actually happening and not something we are just dreaming/hoping for. I also agree with the talk that there won't be a white version of the current Third Jersey. I too haven't seen a single mockup/concept that looked good enough to be worn on the ice. The design was just not made to be white. We'll either get a new design or keep the current Away Jersey. My money is the current Away Jersey stays for a few more years.
  6. I'd rather be caught dead or in the Wild Wing jersey than these! The game was absolutely awesome and couldn't have gone any better. So many shots on goal on my side of the ice. And to have Bobby Ryan be the only Sen to score last night... it was perfect. I'd say close to 60% of Honda Center was wearing Mighty Ducks gear. People broke out jerseys, hats, and jackets that had been collecting dust for the past 8+ years. I was disappointed in the quality/price of the CCM replicas. My wife has an old eggplant/teal CCM replica and I felt the material was of higher quality than what Reebok is selling. The Ducks Store did not have the means of customizing these jerseys, and it appears doesn't either. I was 5 when the Mighty Ducks movie came out. I watched the sequels; I watched the animated series. For me, when the rebrand hit, it was the right time. I was 19 and had grown out of the Mighty Ducks. As I've grown older, out of my teens and into adulthood, I've completely lost the connection between the [current] Ducks and the Mighty Ducks. I loved the rebrand, and the change to black/orange/gold. But 7 years later, I have that yearning to reconnect with the Mighty Ducks. This game was step 2 to righting the ship and embracing the Mighty Ducks. Step 1 was of course the Mighty Ducks patches on the shoulders of the 3rd jerseys. I hope the Samuelis will do it right and host more throwback nights; twice a year would be perfect. And I hope they embrace more of the Mighty Ducks when it comes time for new uniforms. The graphics that were playing on the scoreboard were absolutely horrible... the pre-game video was circa '93 CGI. They did a great job. I popped on the recording from Fox Sports Prime Ticket. Did anybody else notice that John Ahlers and Brian Hayward were using mics with the original Prime Ticket logo? I'll see if I can snag a screenshot when I get home tonight.
  7. Guys, it's really looking like there will not be a Reebok EDGE version of the Mighty Ducks throwbacks. Ducks just posted these photos from the team store, and they appear to be CCM.
  8. FYI, the Stadium Series presser is about to start. We might see something here...
  9. When was the last time the Rams wore white at home?
  10. What people fail to realize is that the Mighty Ducks logo NEVER appears in the first Mighty Ducks movie. It's not until the end of D2: The Mighty Ducks, that they wear the logo and jerseys that would be used by the NHL franchise later that year (1994), on that ice. The use of the logo and jerseys was a pure marketing move by Disney to associate the movie with the NHL franchise, not the other way around. With the move to the webfoot as the primary logo, the Ducks are all but confirming that a change is near for the home/away jerseys. The Ducks no longer need to utilize the "Anaheim Ducks" wordmark, as after 7 years, the team has done more than cement itself as the "Ducks" and no longer the "Mighty Ducks". They've reached a point that they can re-integrate pieces from the Mighty Ducks era, and this includes the logo that everybody but hockey week seems to love. The Ducks web-foot is not going anywhere and will be more prominent for the franchise with the obvious change to the home/away jerseys. Fans love the current third jerseys. Over the past two years, every piece of marketing or event the Ducks or Ducks players have done is with this jersey.
  11. I think you hit it on the nose. We'll see the current alternates become the home, with a white version as the away. From the rumors I've read here and elsewhere, the Stadium Series game will have the Ducks wearing a modern version of the classic Mighty Ducks jersey. I'm too betting that we'll see that as the alternate jersey in 2014. The Ducks will be printing money this season with the classic Mighty Ducks jerseys and these Stadium Series jerseys on sale. This is a concept from these forums that I found a while back. Will be interesting to see whether this is close to what we get...
  12. ^I'll be sure to ask permission to use that super logo once I start up my minor league franchise in Tijuana! TJ BlueJays!
  13. 1) Againts All Odds (Cleveland Thunderbolts) 2) lightbluenc (Houston Thunderbears) 3) Lost Limey (Washington Commandos)