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  1. What font is the “W”?
  2. I tried creating a Knicks and Jazz custom jersey with Covid as the NOB and number 19 and it won’t allow me to.
  3. I’d like the Knicks to have a 60’s Penn Station themed city edition, lol
  4. Williamson’s NOB on the NOLA jerseys is messed up again tonight
  5. He dunked with the Mountain Dew ball lol
  6. Is there a rear pic of Alexander-Walker?
  7. Saw that Trae Young changes his number to 8 for tonight’s game. I guess their gonna sell those jerseys.
  8. Speaking of 0, what’s with this?
  9. I just came back from Barclays, my first time watching a game there, and noticed the Nets retired jersey banners are all black and white, and even the ABA championship banners!
  10. Who are the retired players on the side stars? It don’t seem like all of them.
  11. Nope, I’m not that cool enough for this one. I went to the 2003-04 and 2008-09 unveilings since those were open to the public but not this lol