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  1. And Cousins wears 0 which is Arenas’ jersey lol
  2. This has to be the boringest banner ever
  3. My Bases Loaded for NES had a Omaha team lol
  4. I saw the Magic’s current blue jerseys are all discounted at the team store.
  5. Can’t wait for the new Magic set!
  6. Man, no MJ in that game, but Ray Allen is.
  7. Gotta get this one. I’ve had Endless Summer since it came out.
  8. Heat changed the court still, for some reason.
  9. The Magic is just like last season as well, minus the galaxy. Gross.
  10. What’s with Jaylen Brown wearing shoes in his opponent’s team colors. Good times for all.
  11. The banners in my sig are supposedly in a vault.