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  1. I just checked Lockervison and the Rockets are indeed wearing the classic in Orlando!
  2. Is this gonna be a uni combo?
  3. Here's the Magic home breakdown from Lockervision: white association - 9 black icon - 10 blue statement - 8 city - 14 - Nov 29 is the debut The road: white association - 16 black icon - 15 blue statement - 8 city - 2
  4. Seems like the Magic took the Lakeland Magic uniform and made it their own....
  5. Here it’s is:
  6. Magic Orange court “leak” from Terrence.
  7. I thought there was a Grizz retro court but I guess not! What a messed up game.!
  8. Can we select any stadium, even created ones, in Exhibition, or is that feature still missing?
  9. Others blame broadcasters for their sucky team, like Lakers fans for example.
  11. How do you view all of them? I see the Hawks “peach” one, but I can’t see the Mavs and Clippers.
  12. These are gross...also the black paint is pinstriped!
  13. I was actually shocked to see the Magic homes worn outside the O-Rena at that time, for a regular season game. They also wore the homes for one game in a “home and home” series in Tokyo vs. the Nets in 1996, the second time I’ve seen them wear the homes outside of home.
  14. Gordon was wearing a “SLAM” pair of shorts lol