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  1. Two teams representing two different cities playing in a completely different city. To a completely empty stadium.
  2. I don't think anyone here is really attacking the fanbase when they want the Coyotes to be moved, but maybe I'm wrong. I think it's a mix of frustration with the stubbornness the NHL has shown in trying to make the team work, despite it very clearly not working, and the idea that it's kind of likely that their continued existence has literally killed people through what Glendale has had to cut to keep them. And I don't mean figuratively when I say literally. I mean literally.
  3. This made me curious, so I did some mathematical jiggery-pokery to help normalize small total attendance against smaller buildings. In a nutshell, if you draw 15k a night at 100% capacity, that counts against you less than drawing 15.5 at 85.5%. Obviously, there are some problems with this, but here's a table I'm getting all hoity-toity about and calling the NHL Relocatometer: .
  4. Just looking for a little feedback on these ideas. You can see the two versions of the logo part here, as well as the current wordmark. I want to know what the yellow part reads like to y'all, as well as which logo you prefer. Suggestions are welcome. I apologize for the compression artifacts. I don't have the uncompressed versions uploaded at the moment and am out of the house. Thanks!
  5. Jordan Swege made it. Look up photorealistic soccer and it should pop up.Thanks!
  6. For the alternate, I love LOVE the first and third (from the left) shirts, and the fourth and fifth socks. For the set of thirds, the third shirt is a thing of beauty, though I am not sure how it would look in real life. It's a fantastic idea, but I wonder how it would look in action and after the restrictions of actual production. I definitely prefer the white shorts in that set, and the socks don't seem to work at all. At a distance, you'd just get a pinkish blob and the waviness doesn't seem to work at that scale. Throw in the swoosh, which I had to really peer at closely to figure out what it was, and those socks just don't really work. On a side note, that is a beautiful template. Where's it from?
  7. no Intercourse, Pennsylvania sounds better. For Satan's Kingdom, Massachusetts we can move the Devils there. What about Hell, Michigan? I'd suggest French Lick, Indiana, but we all know the NHL hates anything French.
  8. To be fair, there are sites for all former teams.With stats about the 2014 team, though?YesThe only one I could find: And it's broken in the same way as the Rams one was. But that's hardly "all former teams," since all other relocated teams with a 2014 team have since been replaced in their vacated markets. The Staleys and Spartans do not seem to have pages.
  9. I'm pretty sure the pinstripes have always been purple. Yeah - I don't believe they've ever change that. Yes, they've always been purple, but every year rumors surface of them losing the pinstripes, partially because of the loss of them on their road grays. And every year I'm excited to see them again.
  10. All the information I could find pointed to the vests being gone. When you mentioned it, I contacted the team via Twitter and the confirmed that they are still around. So I misspoke when I said there was no black option.
  11. I know most of you don't give a tug about the Rockies, given that there are 6 mentions across 73 pages in this thread (I read the first 20 pages, started out on the side of brown for the Padres, got annoyed to the point where I hate the idea of brown for the Padres, and gave up actually reading the thread for about 50 pages, just using Ctrl + F "Rockies" to check). However, I would like to chime in and point out a few things about the 2015 Rockies: There is no black jersey option, except the BP. There is no monogram black jersey option, except the BP. Purple Mondays at home will continue this season, so the gorgeous black-on-purple jerseys will still make regular appearances. The purple pinstripes are back for the white homes, with "Rockies" across the chest. Three of the four caps (including BP) feature purple bills. I'm pretty happy about all this, despite the black vests still holding a place in my heart. Anyone still arguing that Colorado is still too heavily black and not purple enough has no leg to stand on any more. PURPLE PINSTRIPES! To me, this is THE Rockies look and I hope they pair them with the all-purple alt caps as often as possible. The primary caps are still all-black, but without a black jersey option, that shouldn't be a problem.
  12. Will you give this one a shot, Patchez?
  13. Must've taken you a long time to ask 18 million people what they think.