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  1. I think those are super sharp. To offer another perspective, the minimalist approach really allows the fabric beveling to stand out as the unique and interesting element it is. My only question is, does the name and number on the white jersey need to be a bit darker or will the outline suffice. I can see an argument for either, but it might be cool to look at a version with black letters/numbers trimmed in red. Great work and thanks for posting. I learned a ton looking at this!
  2. Really terrific work on this. I'm very impressed with the thought you put into it. Overall, the look feels sleek and modern but not simply for the sake of it all. For my .02, I think this is one of the more interesting and unique updates to the Miami look. I was a little skeptical about the grey at first, but it really throws the bright blue and orange into strong relief. Agree with the comment earlier about bringing some orange into the numbers. Also, what about pulling just a hint of white into the both the jersey and the pants. Not much, just a bit to tie it all together. Also, I'd love to see this set with a teal-based shirt. Again, great job! I learned a lot.
  3. I really REALLY love the detailing on the Coyotes home and away sweaters. I'd buy both of those! Also agree with the comment about shrinking the coyote a bit. And what if you just made it black - a leaping coyote silhouette against the moon? just an idea. But overall, really inspiring stuff here!! Great job and thanks for sharing.
  4. Bringing fish to the potluck would have only caused a kerfuffle. Not bringing anything would have caused a revolution!
  5. This may be a silly question, but is there a standard gray road set?
  6. As much as I like the scripted name on the current uniforms, I really dig the home alt and the new roads. For both of the lids, the 'C' seems to get a bit lost. I wouldn't mind a very thin outline of white around the C. Wouldn't that help it stand out just a bit more?
  7. Agreed. Clean, unique, interesting and classy.
  8. Isn't that the truth. I shudder to think off all the resources wasted on excess and unnecessary merchandise that winds up adding to landfills 'round the world. In part, it's why I no longer follow pro sports (or even much college) any longer.
  9. I really responded to Houston's all white version you have here. For my .02, that logo was designed to make the most use of a white helmet and it looks just great with the all white set. Nice work!
  10. Wish they would officially go to these:
  11. Wow. Congratulations on some really wonderful work. Watching you evolve and focus this concept was a mini master class in development. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Wish 'Vegas Gold' or 'Gameday Gold' (seen it referred to as both) would disappear.
  13. Thanks for your thoughts! And yes... 'Yinzers' did cross my mind ;-)