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  1. Love, love, love the Avs & Hawks - the Stars concept is solid, but the grey just seems to 'washout' the contrast & sharpness their logo usually has, and IMO needs to have in order to look right. Maybe a bit darker grey (Moonstone-ish), or a lighter 'silver' would help it? Maybe it's just my phone contrast too lol! All in all continued great work!!!
  2. Well, I certainly didnt think you could top FLA... THIS may be the overall sexiest (Sens or otherwise) concept i have ever layed eyes on... Perfect mix of the original set & the current look - Seriously beautiful work.
  3. Not a Panthers fan, but this may be the sexiest FLA concept I have ever seen... Love the rest of them as well, but that cats jersey...
  4. Love 'A' - the subtlty of the CB is the best part of the Whole concept imo.
  5. IMHO, The RED SOX should never wear any colour of sock but RED... they finally fixed this after 2013. Otherwise it looks really good!
  6. This. A "Charger" is literally a war horse... See "Destrier". "While highly prized by knights and men-at-arms, the destrier was not very common.[2] Most knights and mounted men-at-arms rode other war horses, such as coursers and rounceys.[3] These three types of horse were often referred to generically as chargers." hence the horse on all of the older logos...
  7. Ummmm... Yeah - that's not how this works. YOU make the concepts and then YOU post them here for all to see...
  8. Blitz

    NHL-AHL Merge! (2/30)

    That Eagles logo looks awesome... Pay attention Capitals!!!
  9. i used the cobra because that's what it is in the current logo that they use and I wanted this to kind of be an updateI totally get that. Just seems like an update would be an ideal time to correct that issue. Especially with you secondary, that mark is strong enough on its own to remove the cobra hood from the body all together, make it into a actual viper. Frankly you could use that modified alt logo as your primary, it's quite good.
  10. It's a good looking set, and I do agree that the secondary is the stronger mark... However my only real issue is that you've used a cobra as the mascot, when in fact cobras are not actually 'vipers'
  11. It looks good, but it feels so so wrong... Black on the wings is just 'off' imo.
  12. I did this update for the BC Lions a few years ago just cause I hate the dated piece they use now... Threw this Buffalo Bisons logo concept together when the jays announced their affiliation... never progressed beyond a primary, but I really wanted the rebrand to go in this direction... of course it didn't. I may post some of the fantasy stuff later, but I've probably bored ya'll enough fo now!!!
  13. Hey all, Just going thru my PB account and looking at some old stuff I cobbled together years ago - Since I don't really do any type of design anymore, I thought I'd post a couple oldies just for kicks, I think there's a couple that never made it here in the first place.. feedback always welcome, who knows I might even revisit some of these w/ improvements in mind... First, a couple of WHL tweak pieces.. Kootenay: I have always hated the mix of yeti/stick/mountain/text in their actual logo, looks like it was 3 different clipart pcs. slammed together. Simplified the design, smoothed out the colour palette... Kelowna: The current logo has been recycled so many times, and yet the theme works for Kelowna. Smoothed out the Ogopogo and wiped that toothless grin off his face... other than that, again tweaks. This Flyers abstract is actually something I did up for mask art. I have always liked it visually, but I dont know that it ever works as an actual team mark.. To finish up hockey, I'll leave you with an old Thrashers concept... not much good now, but whatever!!! Thoughts?