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  1. Started playing with this idea before the retro reverse jerseys came out. Basically a slight update & cleanup of the original 90's mark. CC always appreciated!
  2. Just a fun little experiment based around the premise of the Panthers not making it through Covid & relocating to Quebec City for 2022/23 (sorry Panthers fans..). As the Avs own the Nords history I didn't want to go that route, and since the Panthers already have a strong, modern brand, I also wanted to retain some semblance of that as well. So after a thorough tweaking - Voila! the Couguars de Quebec... Primary; Pays homage to the former Panthers identity, while also incorporating aspects from Quebec City's rich history & symbolism. Secondary: Basically a similar premise to FLAs current secondary, remove text banner, replace Florida's flag w/ Quebec City's. Thoughts?
  3. Blitz

    Delete plz

  4. Nothing groundbreaking here lol... Turned out ok so I thought I'd share! Have never been able to stand the current Dunedin mark - looks off balance & unfinished. https://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/qw94t4zjebxih1u8o4akhivwh/Dunedin_Blue_Jays/2012/Primary_Logo Thought I'd try to add a bit of regional flare to the bare spot while paying homage to the parent club!
  5. Ummm... The P-40 warhawk (pictured) which made this trend famous was not and is not a JET in any way, shape or form!!! They're the NY JETS not the NY PLANES. Also as an aside, the nickname "Jets" is an homage to the passenger planes flying in and out of LaGuardia Airport in the early 60's... Not military aircraft.
  6. Great job on this series. LOVE the use of the Pyrrhuloxia Cardinal instead of the Northern... Makes so much more sense. Only complaint, and not so much a complaint as a general comment - that ATL primary logo reminds me sooo much of Soundwave's cassette bird Laserbeak from the original 'Transformers' and I just can't unsee it lol... All in all very nice work.
  7. This is brilliant work! I am in LOVE with that script logo!!!
  8. Well, the Rams certainly could have used your help 2 years ago when the design process started... Very nice concept here.
  9. such beauty. it's absolutely perfect. Dont change a thing.
  10. I think the Argos unis will look fine with an elbow length sleeve underneath - would have like at least a single stripe around the sleeve, but overall they look pretty good...
  11. Love, love, love the Avs & Hawks - the Stars concept is solid, but the grey just seems to 'washout' the contrast & sharpness their logo usually has, and IMO needs to have in order to look right. Maybe a bit darker grey (Moonstone-ish), or a lighter 'silver' would help it? Maybe it's just my phone contrast too lol! All in all continued great work!!!
  12. Well, I certainly didnt think you could top FLA... THIS may be the overall sexiest (Sens or otherwise) concept i have ever layed eyes on... Perfect mix of the original set & the current look - Seriously beautiful work.
  13. Not a Panthers fan, but this may be the sexiest FLA concept I have ever seen... Love the rest of them as well, but that cats jersey...
  14. Love 'A' - the subtlty of the CB is the best part of the Whole concept imo.
  15. IMHO, The RED SOX should never wear any colour of sock but RED... they finally fixed this after 2013. Otherwise it looks really good!
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