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  1. These names are even more awful than I suspected they would be. In some “rename the team” abominations, there is almost always at least one name that isn’t a complete embarrassment, and MIGHT be passable. Not here. Every single one of these team names are horrendous. “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” applies here. If you’re gonna fix it, don’t make it far worse.
  2. Sad reality is, they are going to replace a classic name like Snappers with something off the wall and that sounds completely ridiculous.
  3. Call em the Redd Foxxes and have Fred Sanford as the mascot... Alright, alright, I will see myself out.
  4. Tully Monsters? Ok, Im definitely gonna have to cop a hat for my youngest
  5. I realize that these days, the name is only a portion of the brand, and a strong logo/colors/jersey scheme will make any name stand... but Renegades is flat to me. Meh.
  6. If that is indeed the final five, you can take to the bank the name is going to be either Sockeyes or Sea Lions.
  7. Looks like the Paddleheads may be a short term name. If Rob Manfred gets his way, they will be one of the 42 teams contracted to "save money." The Connecticut Soon to Be Rebrandeds are also on that 42 team list.
  8. If he was still alive, that'd make all the sense in the world to throw out the first pitch in Tampa.
  9. The Can Am Connection. Can have Rick Martel throw out a ceremonial first pitch.
  10. I actually like the logos for NW Arkansas, even though the name is another of Brandioses' over the top ones.
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