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  1. Hi. I am trying to upload the Altoona Curve's new logo/Allegheny Yinzer rebrand that I am trying to encorporate in my post about it. Can someone please notify me how to do so?
  2. For seven games this season,the Eastern League's Altoona Curve will rebrand as the Allegheny Yinzers. The team will sport black and yellow uniforms, and the logo is what looks to be the Roberto Clemete Bridge and a steel beam. For those wondering, Yinzers is a term used pretty prominently in the Pittsburgh region to define people from the area.
  3. Agree.. Signed, The Penguins, Ducks, Dolphins, Orioles and Magic
  4. Or a Sod Poodle
  5. Brian Callanan @callananseattle ยท 11h ON @SeattleChannel : We talk #NHLSeattle & its impacts on @seattlecenter , @UptownSeattle & more! #BreakingNews SPOILER ALERT: @oakviewgroup 's Steve Mattson (left) says the @NHLSeattle_ mascot will be "water-related." Thanks Steve, Robert Nellams, Debi Frausto & @ChrisDaniels5 !
  6. If Bill Foley can navigate past the United States Army to use Golden Knights, Bruckheimer and co. will have no issues getting the name Sockeyes if they want to go that direction
  7. You pretty much nailed it on the head. The team hasn't hid from the fact that they are selling merchandise all over the country, going as far as putting a map with all the states where people have purchased Sod Poodle gear (33 to be exact). Yet, go check out any Amarillo news site on Social Media and check out the comments section, or even the Sod Poodles' own page. The response from the locals is not just against the name-- it's overwhelmingly against it. This isn't spur of the moment either, they have been from the start. The day the names in the organization's fraudlent "Name The Team" contest were unveiled, a petition was put online asking the team to punt and come up with better names. Within 48 hours, the petition generated over 4 THOUSAND signatures. Atop that, if I had a penny for the number of times I have seen someone from Amarillo claiming they refuse to go to the games or spend a penny on anything involving the team, I'd own the franchise myself and rebrand them with something far more normal than the gibberish Brandiose spits out. Does it mean a damn thing if someone from St. Albans, Vermont, Walla Walla, Washington or Barrow, Alaska owns a Sod Poodles hat, when people in Amarillo are threatening to reject the team as a whole because of it? Trust me, Amarillo isn't exactly a baseball hot bed, and a majority of the fan base hated the tax burden for the stadium being passed on to them. A majority would have had the deal revoked from Day 1, and would just as soon done without the team because of it. It's comic.. this franchise is saddling them with a tax burden most of them don't want, sticking a name on them most of them hate, and yet they still have the temerity to expect these people to drop their hard earned money to keep them afloat? Good luck with that one. New Orleans is a perfect example of what over the top bs naming can do. If changing the name from Zephyrs, an established brand, clean and classic identity, to the nonsensical... err excuse me... let me put this in Brandiose terms.. "fun" moniker brought a handful of new fans through the gates, I'll be shocked. It clearly didn't bring enough in, as you said, the team is uprooting and heading to Kansas. But hey, at least someone in Beckley, West Virginia probably owns a Baby Cakes hat.
  8. I have many ties to Amarillo, and know many people from there. Before Brandiose brought this idiotic name to the table, none of us have ever referred to, nor ever heard prarie dogs referred to as sod poodles. Yet, Tony Ensor and other member of the organization have gone on record multiple times claiming they conducted focus groups, and swear that the name is synonymous with the Panhandle. I don't know exactly where members of said the said focus group were from, but I'd wager that very few of them have ever stepped foot in Amarillo, nevermind lived there.. and if they did, they likely were paid to go with the flow and swallow this crappy name.
  9. Oh yeah. That shark was jumped long ago... Now, everytime there is a rebranding and Brandiose is involved, you can guarantee each rebranding will be asinine and more absurd than the last. I hope Dusty rides this to the fullest and forces the team's hand. Most people in Amarillo hate this dumb ass name anyhow, and hated all the names Brandiose threw out in their farce of a Name The Team contest. Yet, the ownership told the citizens of a city they are trying to build a new business/brand in to basically suck it up and deal with it, they are gonna name the team whatever they want, public opinion be damned.
  10. Looks like the face us males make after we accidentally touch our groin immediately after using Icy Hot.
  11. I have family in Amarillo. I have been there many, many times. I have never heard of a prarie dog referred to as a "sod poodle," and none of my family or friends there have either. Of the five nicknames that were thrown out in this Name The Team contest, Sod Poodles was a distant third on the list and only that high because Jerky and Boot Scooters were even more embarassing. It's a far cry to call this moniker passable, nevermind good. I get that MILB is moving towards branding where the more over the top it is, the better, and in some cases, they have hit a home run.. Yet, this debacle is far closer to Baby Cakes and Jumbo Shrimp on the "what the f, that's embarassing" than it is Iron Pigs, Yard Goats and Chiuhahas on the "so off the wall, it's actually really good" ones. As piss poor as the name is, a good package could have PERHAPS added a layer of polish on this turd. Nope. Their primary (or the one I assume is their primary) looks like the damn thing has been decapitated, and adding the state of Texas to it in another logo doesn't help. The "cowboy prarie dog" (that I am assuming is supposed to be packing heat) instead looks like he just took the 72 ounce steak challenge at the Big Texan, and now is waiting in line to use the toilet, the circular one looks like three dudes standing in a circle at a Wham or Men At Work concert, and the A logo looks like Uncle Sal at the used car lot on the seediest corner of town. A majority of those in Amarillo despised all these monikers, but especially crapped on the Sod Poodles one. Yet, they pushed it anyhow. Granted, I think the "we aren't going to any games now because of it" reaction a lot are throwing out is a bit of a stretch, but the majority are not pleased at being stuck with this name.