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  1. Mavs Champs ring? does anyone know if these little beauties will be the actual ones they receive if Cuban goes that route?
  2. just finished reading most of the posts on this thread...AAO had me in tears. i agree that the new OKC logo looks d-league. is it just me or is this logo very close to the NJ Nets? not that it matters because the nets should have a new identity once they move to brooklyn
  3. i would welcome these if i were an OKC fan
  4. i dont know why rodman settled on 70 with the mavs. he was once #10 with the pistons and spurs. when he headed over to chicago he was 91 because bob love's #10 was retired and 9 + 1 = 10. when he was 73 with the lakers there were multiple reasons why he wore that. 7 + 3 = 10, 10 rebounding titles and he was 37 (the reverse of 73) at the time when he signed with LA. in ron ron's case, he wore 23 and 91 in honor of MJ and Rodzilla. i remember hearing that on tv during a pacer's game. i wonder why he chose 93 and now 96? oh, i and i see the swaz like everyone has commented on.
  5. these are really fantastic. WOW, you werent kidding about the musk deer!
  6. i like the Kings new roads, the previous ones didnt really match. i cannot wait for the new hornets and magic unis. i was a big fan of what they played in last year. i have a feeling that they are going to have the same idea as last year's but with pinstripes. as for the wolves, they are TERRIBLE. i agree that they definitely look like a WNBA jersey.
  7. maybe you can have an alt or BP with the katana blade cutting the wiffleball in half? i do like what you are doing with this league!
  8. do these creatures really have fangs?
  9. not much of a fan for the colors, but i do dig those logos!
  10. J23P


    i totally agree with this!
  11. i like the current set that the Clips have. I can see how some may think it is similar to those of the Lakers. I do agree with some sort of clipper ship or a nautical theme should be placed in their logos and sets. i was wondering the same thing about who should/would be wearing the #23 for the Clips. I think that Gordon should keep it, but Camby should get his old #21 back.
  12. i agree with that. $ persuades.
  13. J23P

    The Amish

    "if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a dodgeball!" i dig it