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  1. the roundel logo reminds me of this one: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/76/Škoda_logo.svg
  2. JBPerry

    NBA courts

    just to let you know, for sacramento, it is power balance pavilion....you have 2 Ls
  3. i think the reason why the chargers stick with the helmet is because they share a season with San Diego State and it makes it easier to just change the helmet logo/color and the facemask color
  4. JBPerry

    All-City Logos

    dallas even though i don't see there being a lot to work with please!
  5. JBPerry

    Padres Concept

    i love this! i really do...u have actually solved what I always thought the problem was with SD's military uniforms......I understand not everyone can use it, but this is for a good cause......GREAT WORK! (coming from an active-duty Marine in Japan)
  6. Which NFL team do you follow? I am a Cowboys fan true and true.
  7. no matter what deal you have...all of ya'll have it easier......at least the game's on when ur at home.....the game is on while I am at work I am a Marine stationed in Okinawa, Japan......14 hours ahead of the states.
  8. reminds me of texas stadium, smu and cowboys stadium......none of them are actually in dallas, but yet you hear about them being referred to as in dallas....
  9. Dallas Skyline Raiders: Home: Away: Helmet: This is my alma mater, class of 2007.
  10. one problem: "The Rangers have the lineup capable of winning, but can they get enough pitching to compete in the American League East?" When did the Rangers start playing in the AL East? Please tell me this is one sick joke
  11. well they still have the metal framing, but they have replaced the star with a rangers logo.
  12. i am a Marine my self and nothing about that screams US Marines....for one our chevrons aren't that thick....i understand that ur trying to make an "M" but I'm sorry..it don't work
  13. Arlington Cowboys New Jersey Jets New Jersey Giants Orchard Park Bills Glendale Cardinals Anaheim Rams (1980-1994) Miami Gardens Dolphins At least the Pontiac Lions moved. -Dan Forgot the Foxborough Patriots Landover Redskins. Well they used to be the Raljon Redskins.....