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  1. Patience..... Mucho grande patience my friend... Patience, one thing I do not have.
  2. Perfect, ya really good. And how did you get the gradient in there using MS Paint?
  3. I like the overall idea, and it looks really great considering you did this with paint. The only suggestion I have is take the gradient off of the clover and make it only one shade of green. Nice concept thogh!
  4. Good point, but do you say that in a bad way or a good way?
  5. , Don't mind this guy, yea its not showin up with me either.
  6. Yea I'd put 'em in L.A. they need a football team. To quote my dad: "LA ran off two good teams, they don't deserve another!" Yea, the Rams and Raiders, they did have the Chargers, but only for a year.
  7. Yea I'd put 'em in L.A. they need a football team.
  8. Are the Saints really gonna move L.A.? If they are that is a pretty cool concept.
  9. WOW, SCHWEET!! Do you mind doing one for the St. Louis Rams, I don't care what pics you use, but could you possibly put Steven Jackson in there? Thanks in advance -stlramsfan
  10. Since You are a Cubs fan and Im a Reds fan, I shall cheer for the Sox Only kidding of course honestly, I don't care who wins as long as StL loses........ I without a doubt will cheer on the Sox if (and most likely when) they make the WS against the Cardinals. Chigago will never see a WS win. Sorry buddy, they should've let that goat in...
  11. minnesota wild-man. WOW, very clever, Nice!
  12. I hope so cause my dad has tickets reserved for game 5 of the WS, That would be great!