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    My Nike NBA

    I dig the bobcats jerseys.. Pretty sweet.
  2. swe3t

    World Cup sigs

    I'm not from Australia, nor have ever been, but I'd love to use that sig haha. It's beautiful. Great work man!
  3. Right, that's what I was thinking. And I thought it would be unique to make a fauxback, because their current uniforms don't really have much to do with a locomotive. And they could wear these to represent their first year, where they wore blue, and have a unique traditional looking jersey. I definitely see what you guys mean about it looking more similar to a bus. One idea I had was to make it just a steam train car with a white number in the middle, a la golden states old uniforms, but I wasn't sure if it would be too gimicky. I'll try to draw up both later and see what you guys think looks better. Thanks everyone for the comments!
  4. Hey everyone, here is an idea I had for a Locomotives throwback. I wanted to make a blue uniform that they could wear to commemorate their inaugural year championship, without having to wear those hideous ones from last year. So I tried to make a neo-throwback that is kind of the polar opposite of their new current hip type logo, and emphasize the locomotives, rather than the "locos." I'm still very very new to this so constructive criticism is more than welcome. I am just learning to make vectors and learning the pen tool, but I tried to do the best that I could. Also, I would really like to put this on an action template but don't know where to find one, and currently lack the skill to make one. >_< Anyways, let me know what you guys think! Thank you!!
  5. These are awesommeee!!!! Team: Jacksonville Bulls City: Jacksonville Logo: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/08/Jacksonville_Bulls.png Background Print: Whatever you thing looks best! Anything Else: Maybe make the sun rays behind more apparent? That might look awesome! Thank youuu!!!
  6. swe3t

    The New USFL

    I would love to see the Jacksonville Bulls done!!!! pleeeaassseeeee!!!!!
  7. I really really like the St. Louis script. Very nice.
  8. Can I please get a sig, wallpaper, and avatar with this logo? These are so awesome! http://www.uflaccess.com/wp-content/gallery/ufl/newlocoslogo.png
  9. For the Citadels logo what if you changed the 2 guys on the sides to smaller like dark blue silloettes? (sp? lol)
  10. That Oregon helmet is the coolest helmet I've ever seen. It's crazy how people hate Oregon for pushing the uniform envelope. I love everything they do. I find myself wondering every Friday night, "I wonder what Oregon is going to wear tomorrow?" Go Ducks.
  11. These are so awesome!!! Is there anyway I can get these made please? http://images.chron.com/blogs/fanblogtexans/jags%20logo.gif http://wildaboutazcats.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/logo.UNLV_.gif http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/08/Jacksonville_Bulls.png
  12. swe3t

    MLB Concepts

    i think all of your concepts are an improvement, except for the diamondbacks. cant wait to see what you do with the dodgers!
  13. swe3t

    abstract wallpapers

    can i get a dodgers one please? with the LA logo.
  14. i think one of the main reasons you're not receiving a lot of c&c is all of your templates are really too similar to differentiate, with the exceptions of dallas and charlotte.
  15. swe3t

    New Orleans Jokers

    great stuff logoman. i love the alternate.. i dont know if youre looking for any tips or anything but i might add a little white to the alternate to make the pieces of the hat a little more defined.. but overall, this is an amazing concept.
  16. I don't think these will be very popular here, but I think these are bad***. I love the old english text and the cap, I would buy a hat like that for sure. Great job man, can't really think of anything I'd change, other then I'm not a fan of jerseys with no names, but that's just me. good job man.
  17. swe3t

    MLS Redesign Series

    I guess I should have been more specific, this is not the only reason I dislike soccer, but one of them. and coast2coast, stop trolling!
  18. swe3t

    MLS Redesign Series

    im not a troll.. im just saying.. wtf is a glidden and clomex? and the stripes and stuff are lame. not saying anything against patsox, just soccer in general.
  19. swe3t

    MLS Redesign Series

    This is why I dont watch soccer.
  20. swe3t

    Photoshop Help

    is there anyone who could help me create my own wordpress template pleassseeeeeeeee????? I really need some help.
  21. i agree, second one is better.. great job man
  22. also maybe put a dolphins wordmark above the number. and also maybe something on the sleeves. The gradient is also an interesting idea, but the traditionalists on here wont like it.
  23. Welcome to the boards! I know what you mean about talking to people about sports logos, and they're not interested lol, so that makes this board really cool. I think this logo is very impressive. 1000% better then the blocky-t if you could sharpen it up a bit. I think that the first one is the one that would go the best with their unis. And no this doesn't resemble the philly eagles logo. great job man. edit: just noticed your fsu username. booooo.
  24. I know I'm in the minority here, but I think this uni is pretty ****ing cool. Id change the logo on the sleeves, it doesnt seem to fit. But I love this uni, great job.
  25. yeah, that. but good work, elliot.