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  1. In one of his autobiographies (I'm thinking it was Bad As I Wanna Be, but don't remember for sure), Dennis Rodman says that he picked 91 because his number was taken, and that he chose it because it was the first two numbers of dialing 9-1-1. Apparently, he got special permission from the league to wear the number, and was surprised when they actually allowed him to given his history of bad behaviour on the court. It's been 10+ years since I read his book, though, so that may not be completely accurate. I definitely recall the 9-1-1 bit, though.
  2. Does anyone else find Bernie Sanders' use of his first name to be an interesting decision? Aside from Hillary, he's the only candidate who has chosen to use his first name. I'm thinking that might be a conscious choice in branding himself as her possible running mate. I know it's not directly related to the logo, but it's definitely related to the brand he's chosen for himself. Hillary-Bernie 2016; that way there's no awkward Hillary-Sanders, because it's hard to imagine Clinton actually running as 'Clinton'.
  3. The Capitals set is awesome. At first I just liked it because of the overall retro feel, which reminded me of the New York Americans. I noted the three stars to represent DC, and then the Washington Monument in the 'W' (very subtle, I love that feature). It took me a few seconds to spot, which is how good design should be. Definitely there, definitely very specific, but not glaringly in your face. I think their real 'Weagle' logo suffers from being just too obvious with how they hid the Monument, whereas yours is much more seamless.
  4. Unless there are 7,500 fans hiding in the bottom right corner out of camera view, all I have to say is, "10,074 my ass!"
  5. I thought this was going to be a link to The Onion. This is an identity so bad, that if they copied the story verbatim, it'd look like their own work.
  6. Is it just me, or is the Kingston one completely without logic? What the heck does the 'C' stand for?
  7. I would pay serious dough for a game with a great create-a-team feature. Ditto a great create-a-ballpark feature in a baseball game. When I pop in a sports game, checking out the create modes is one of the first things I do.
  8. My solution to the issue of realignment in the NHL: Move Detroit to the Central time zone.
  9. I doubt it. They couldn't convince the IOC to keep baseball. How much of the world really plays baseball though? Every civilization (or damn near) in the history of humankind has had some form of wrestling, and modern wrestling is a direct descendent of pankration... one of the original olympic disciplines. I think that was the exact reason the IOC gave for taking baseball off the Olympic program. There are only about 8-10 countries who are really into baseball, maybe a dozen where a reasonable enough number play it to even have a hope in hell of being competitive. That doesn't really make for an Olympic sport.
  10. Wrestling is basically the last sport that should ever get pulled from the Olympics, aside from the track and field sports.
  11. http://prohockeytalk.nbcsports.com/2013/02/01/add-another-city-to-the-coyotes-relocation-rumormill-portland-oregon/ Apparently the guy who owns the Portland Winter Hawks of the WHL may be interested in the Coyotes. Gotta say, Portland would make a whole lot more sense than Phoenix, and possibly more than Seattle, too. In Seattle, the NHL would definitely be #4, maybe even #5 behind MLS. In Portland, the worst they could be is #3, and the market is still a decent size.
  12. You are aware that the Harlem Globetrotters are essentially theatrical performers, right?
  13. Go. Away. Read the first 50ish pages of this thread, and compare it to the babble you have written. The 'pointlessness' of this thread is that the moderators got tired of people posting realignments in every other sports-related thread, so they created one thread for all of them. You're more than welcome to post your realignment proposals here, but if you have nothing to contribute, please stop posting. You seem to have a very weak grasp of English and you are annoying many people by posting things that don't belong here. You're also probably going to end up in trouble yourself if you're reporting people who haven't done anything that's actually frowned upon.
  14. I'm not sure how much of what you're smoking, but I'd like to speak to your dealer.
  15. Atlanta kinda kills that one, but there isn't much you can do without going to 8 divisions of 4 instead of 4 divisions of 8.
  16. I imagine it has a lot to do with two MLB teams and four double-A teams. So it's still got 7 of the top 90 baseball clubs in Canada and the US.
  17. If I could make a suggestion, it'd be to swap Erie with London, and keep the border-hopping to a minimum by having all three American teams in one division.
  18. Umm, pretty sure that's the most painfully obvious case of collusion any court has ever seen... If that happened, where would their 2012 Pacific Division Champions banner hang? This reminds me of the 'If a tree fell in the forest' question. Will anyone see it even if they hang it at Jobing.com Arena?
  19. I just have to post a link to this blog because it's so stupid. I almost laughed over it until I realized how many people believe everything they read is the gospel truth. http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Richard-Cloutier/NHL-Lockout-Could-Kill-Coyotes-Franchise/131/47230 Just a sample: Umm, pretty sure that's the most painfully obvious case of collusion any court has ever seen...
  20. It feels like Brampton is out of place now, separated from the other GTA teams, but I suppose there isn't much you could do about it. In the actual alignment of the OHL, Owen Sound is also definitely in the wrong division. There is no reason whatsoever that they should be in the Midwest while Niagara is in the Central.
  21. Stop reading hfboards. I can honestly say I've never intentionally ventured onto hfboards. Been there a couple times after a google search, but that's it. Did someone say something similar there?
  22. I could really see Bettman using the contraction of Phoenix as a bargaining chip against the NHLPA, saying "If you don't back down on this and this, we will have no choice but to contract the Coyotes because we can't find an owner for them under these financial circumstances." From there, the NHLPA will call Bettman's bluff, knowing full well that the NHL will not be able to run a league with 29 teams for very long, and will likely end up expanding to 32 after the contraction. Bettman ends up folowing through, contracting the Coyotes, and due to them becoming defunct, Glendale will have an empty arena with no leaseholder for the foreseeable future. If 3-4 years, the NHL will announce expansion, and give one of those teams back to Phoenix, who are now forced to accept a lowball offer on a new lease deal from the team's owner simply because they desperately need the money. The NHL gets to keep their 'large media market'. ^^ Just my predictions.
  23. And, as is the tradition, the fans of Kansas City will manage to make the fans of Phoenix look spectacular by comparison. I pity any team that would actually move there.
  24. It would have been potentially bad, but he would have funded his purchase of the Coyotes by selling RIM stock, right? So he would have run out of excess money, but as long as the Coyotes themselves turned a profit, I don't think he'd have gone broke. He would have just become the CEO of the Hamilton Coyotes instead of wearing two hats and being an actual businessman as well. And the Leafs sell out all their games even when they suck... unless they can pack in 20,000 more fans into the ACC with standing-room-only tickets, the Hamilton team would be fine. Toronto would always be by far the more popular team, but Southern Ontario already supports two NHL teams, and one isn't even in our country. And most of us hate them. Even playing in Copps, I would be shocked if a Hamilton NHL team didn't sell out every single home game.
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