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  1. I feel as if this is the best of the lot. The first badger flag could be good, if only the badger were single-coloured.
  2. I feel like all Atlanta has to do to have a quality set was give up the light blue and use white in its place. Five colours is just too much, and outside of their alternate jersey (which became a fulltime look), the light blue was only used sporadically anyways.
  3. I can see you're a new poster, so the advice I'm going to give you is this: Make sure your project, whatever it may be, is polished before you post it. It's okay to not be a super-skilled photoshopper, or not be the best artist, and the people here will give you tons of respect and plenty of solid advice if they can see you're working your butt off to bring something you envisioned to life. If people can tell you aren't putting in 100%, though, you're going to get harsh criticism and people pointing out where you took shortcuts instead of looking at the things you did put work into. That being said, here's a critique of your concept. I like the light blue numbers on the dark blue jersey with the red trim. I might be inclined to do a double outline with white so that the colours wouldn't look like they bleed into each other in real life. Try to visualize a real player wearing your uniform in a game, and think readability. I feel like the blue helmet doesn't really say 'Titans' to me, though the 'T-sword' is nicer than what they currently use on their helmets. The jerseys themselves are pretty bland, with no supporting logos and plain pants. Also, the front of your arm sleeve holes are a different colour than the backs. I'd like to see you go back and tidy this up, and show us a polished product.
  4. In one of his autobiographies (I'm thinking it was Bad As I Wanna Be, but don't remember for sure), Dennis Rodman says that he picked 91 because his number was taken, and that he chose it because it was the first two numbers of dialing 9-1-1. Apparently, he got special permission from the league to wear the number, and was surprised when they actually allowed him to given his history of bad behaviour on the court. It's been 10+ years since I read his book, though, so that may not be completely accurate. I definitely recall the 9-1-1 bit, though.
  5. I liked the simplicity of the early-1990s Pepsi logo. It's what I was used to seeing on vending machines as a kid, and it's still what I think of when I think 'Pepsi'. Well, that and tacos.
  6. Yes, they are moving to Brooklyn reluctantly because they tried for years and years to build a new arena in Nassau so that they wouldn't have to settle for two-thirds of an arena in a city where their fans don't live. I'm sure they'd like new fans, but how are they going to see the ice? PUT THE ISLANDERS IN A HOCKEY RINK. my name (offcenteredscoreboard) is a joke at the fact the scoreboard at barclays is over the blue line... that being said its more of a loving joke than a hateful one That Advil logo on the ice sure is fitting- just looking at how asymmetrical that arena is gives me a headache.
  7. Does anyone else find Bernie Sanders' use of his first name to be an interesting decision? Aside from Hillary, he's the only candidate who has chosen to use his first name. I'm thinking that might be a conscious choice in branding himself as her possible running mate. I know it's not directly related to the logo, but it's definitely related to the brand he's chosen for himself. Hillary-Bernie 2016; that way there's no awkward Hillary-Sanders, because it's hard to imagine Clinton actually running as 'Clinton'.
  8. I think the moose is better brown (though I'd go with the original browns), but the jerseys should have been left as the typical Jets jerseys. Just because a colour appears in a logo doesn't mean it has to appear elsewhere in the set- just adding the blues to the logo would have been enough of a tie-in.
  9. It's a nice looking new look for sure, though I think it's a little sad that the best thing they can say about their beer is that it's cold.
  10. The Pittsburgh Pirates earned their nickname from stealing players who were under contract to other teams early in their history.
  11. I hate to say it, but many (maybe most) fans would rather pay $25 and wear something like that than pay the prices Reebok and the NHL are asking for. These counterfeits are only popular because of the colossal price gap in between the two items. I'm sure most of the people on this forum wouldn't be caught dead in a knockoff because they'd know it was a fake and that'd be enough. But I doubt the average schmuck wearing his jersey to the bar to watch the game is going to really care if they didn't get the font quite right on the numbers or if the stitching sucks. They'll probably notice it after a half dozen washes, but aesthetically it's irrelevant to them.
  12. The answer is to call both teams the Blueboys and to get rid of the female mascot. The team takes its name from the Union soldiers, the Union soldier is the mascot, and women should feel no shame being represented by a male, just as a man shouldn't be ashamed if he played for a team called the Tubmans. I actually agree that it is patronizing for the women to be singled out with a different nickname and (especially) mascot, but I don't think the solution is to change everything to have a gender-neutral nickname.
  13. The Blue Jays, for sure. The new look with the small serifs on the split font looks awesome.
  14. I really don't like the baggy pants that go almost to the ground in the heel area, but generally I prefer long pants. I don't hate the high-socks look, but I do find it uncomfortable to wear. Also, and I may be in the minority here, but high stirrups look stupid. Low ones that show a bit of white over the shoetops are fine, but the ones that go halfway up the sock are pointless.
  15. I really like the blue jay that looks like the classic Raptors logo, but there is something off about the bat. From the way it is being held in the bird's hands, the barrel should be angled a few degrees upwards from where it currently is.
  16. The Capitals set is awesome. At first I just liked it because of the overall retro feel, which reminded me of the New York Americans. I noted the three stars to represent DC, and then the Washington Monument in the 'W' (very subtle, I love that feature). It took me a few seconds to spot, which is how good design should be. Definitely there, definitely very specific, but not glaringly in your face. I think their real 'Weagle' logo suffers from being just too obvious with how they hid the Monument, whereas yours is much more seamless.
  17. Gold: 2 Silver: 15 Bronze: 6
  18. Not a common one, but a centrefielder playing so shallow they can take the pickoff throw at second base. I can't remember seeing it in the majors, but I know it used to happen at least semi-regularly.
  19. The Ottawa Senators' home and away uniforms. They're bland paint-by-numbers template-fills with a logo that is a major downgrade over their old logo, and a major downgrade over their unused alternate logo. In addition, they now have two heritage jerseys that are far, far more popular among the fans, and which look significantly better by pretty much any metric. Why they haven't ditched the original red and white RBK jerseys is beyond my comprehension.
  20. The Bloc Quebecois was basically eradicated by the NDP, but that's federal politics. The Parti Quebecois is the provincial party, and they seem to be getting support again. They probably aren't helping the professional-sports cause, anyhow.
  21. I see from your website that you have one official team signed up for next season, but on your website you say, "There is a lot going on behind the scenes. Stadiums and franchises are being built, brands are being created and potential players are being scouted." Could you provide further information on these other stadiums or franchises? More specifically, why would a new independent league not use existing infrastructure where possible? I ask this because I know that independent baseball is notoriously fly-by-night, with a few exceptions like the Atlantic League. Unless you convince entire existing leagues to join your hierarchy, this is going to be a very tough sell. Most independent leagues are already arranged by geography due to limited budgeting for travel costs, so aside from combining them under one larger banner and creating a mega-playoff structure with huge travel costs, I'm not sure what new ground can be broken here.
  22. I agree, TGI Friday's and Arby's were definitely the most improved on the list. Arby's 2012 logo was horrendous. That mix between 3D rendering and flat sans-serif type is hard to look at and just doesn't make sense for a brand like Arby's. Plus, what is up with that apostrophe? The new slab-serif type is a nice return to the style the brand had previously since the 60's. I believe the apostrophe is/was supposed to represent the blade of a rotating meat-slicer (which makes sense for Arby's), but I agree that it just doesn't work within the logo at all. And hasn't Google already unloaded Motorola?
  23. Before the 1993 NHL Draft, the Ottawa Senators and Quebec Nordiques were discussing a deal for the first overall pick that was doomed to become Alexandre Daigle. The Nordiques were offering a package including Owen Nolan, Peter Forsberg, Ron Hextall and several draft picks, because they wanted to be able to pick the next French-Canadian superstar, especially with the Draft being held in Quebec City that year.
  24. I'm a little surprised teams don't request it as a contract clause, to be honest. Especially with guys who aren't free to sign anywhere.