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  1. These can't be the Olympic jerseys. They can't have the Brazilian soccer federation's logo on the kits.
  2. I think it would look good if they got rid of the oversized sponsor and continued the stripes.
  3. What about these classics:
  4. Looks like Norway has decided not to use the new logo..... After massive complains by the Norwegian people about the new design, the NFF President Sondre Kfjord promised that feedback will be taken into account in a further process of developing a new emblem. The launch of a new emblem on Tuesday has provoked strong debate in the last few days. The NFF management is using the points of view that have come out as a background to the debate, and concluded that the teams will play with the flag on their shirts until a new emblem is finally ready. "We have decided to work to develop a new emblem to include the flag, so that players can continue to play with the flag on their shirt", said the President. The debate has confirmed a strong engagement with Norwegian international football and the position of football in Norway. "The engagement shows that the national teams are important flag-bearers for the Norwegian people, and there are many people who are not pleased with the new emblem and want the flag back on the shirts, so it's something we have to take seriously. I can promise that the contributions will be taken into account in the further process to shape a unique identity for Norwegian international football", said Kfjord.
  5. West Ham away kit & new wigan crest
  6. The Away 2 kit reminds me of the England Rugby jersey.....and the crest on the Away 3 doesn't seem to work for me. The red and yellow clashes with the black and blue.
  7. You can go to the Subside sports website:
  8. Not sure if it's the real thing, but here it goes:
  9. MaltonHG

    Liverpool FC

    Great Start..I'm excited to see what else you've got!!!
  10. Can you do one for Malta. Thanks!!!
  11. These are fantastic. Thanks for the Malton sig. I'd love to see a Palermo and Fiorentina sig. Thanks!!!!
  12. Has anyone picked up one yet? Are they worth buying a case of Bud light? They look pretty cool-I'm not on the quality.
  13. Anyone know of a website/company similar to Distant Replays? Looking for those retro tees and track jackets...
  14. I think the Chelsea kit is busy and lacks character, but I think the Liverpool one is much more cluttered. Now that chocolate and gold Spurs kit is a real beauty!!