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  1. On 8/26/2017 at 7:29 AM, OliverP said:

    Hey guys, I saw a page on Facebook (''professional photographer'') using this logo and I swear I remember it from somewhere else, it can't be their logo. I couldn't find the original creator, maybe you guys know where it's from.



    Google image search is back tracking to Fédération Boraine, a Belgian futsal league. However, I'm not sure if that is the true original source or not.  (http://www.fbfs.be/)

  2. Ok, so this is version 2.0. Not very clean because I am still getting used to Gimp and dealing with the angles from the nonagon was somewhat tricky. However, I think this is a vast improvement. Inspired by the current cruiserweight championship, the WWE championship, the internet title (app roundel sideplates) and the black strapped Intercontinental championship.


    The idea behind the title:

    WWE Network Title

    In my opinion, it is time for WWE to have a tertiary title again and I believe that the best type would be a “television” type title. The title would be known as the WWE Network Title and any wrestler on a WWE roster would be eligible to compete for it.  The initial holder would be decided in the Knockout.

    Network Title Knockout

    20 Person Gauntlet Match

    ·         9 from RAW (GM’s choice, 3 wrestlers must be women)

    ·         9 from SmackDown (GM’s choice, 3 wrestlers must be women)

    ·         2 from 205 Live (qualifying tournament)

    Title Defense

    Title will be defended weekly, open challenge system. Priority given to those that were in Knockout. Type of match would be determined at random (à la Raw Roulette) . 4 consecutive defenses will entitle holder to shot at championship of their choosing, to be contested at next brand pay-per-view.

    Possible match options: Champion's Choice, Lumberjack, Falls Count Anywhere, Submissions Count Anywhere, Object  On A Pole, No DQ, Tables, Submission, Iron Man, Last Man Standing, Beat The Clock, TLC

    Vacated Title

    Once a Network Title has been cashed in, a new Knockout would occur with the format alternating between Gauntlet and Battle Royal


  3. thanks for the input. working on a new version that I hope will be much better, moving away from the phone/tablet idea and more to a traditional belt- inspired by the old light heavyweight title, intercontinental championship, and the Zack Ryder belt

  4. Idea for a new tertiary title for the WWE. sideplates based off of a phone, center is based off a television. black leather belt, silver would be nickel. black in the screens would be glossy, WWE Network logo and champion would be flush with the “screen” surface with logo done in gemstones and champion in nickel, black dot on “tv casing” would be black gemstone. Phone shaped sidepieces have the Peters projection map split in half. nickel for silver, onyx for black, faux ruby sheet for red.  silver between the plates would be nickel versions of the beveled roundels on the main belts.


  5. On 7/1/2017 at 2:33 AM, Championship Sports Rings said:

    Here is your first look at the new 2017 North Carolina National Championship Ring.  It was made by Jostens.  Traditionally the ring account for the Tar Heels basketball team has been with Herff Jones as i knew the HJ Ring rep for the basketball team but when Head Coach Roy Williams got there they have used pretty much every major ring company to make their rings and National Championship Rings.  The 2005 National Champs ring was made by Balfour , the 2009 ring was made by HJ. 

    North Carolina 2017 Natl Champs crop 2 YM.jpg

    This is a seriously gorgeous design, this seems like it would be a great standard template going forward. Just altering it with the school, year, and sport would minimize costs.

  6. WSUBaseball.thumb.jpg.e69579a02747f16a44

    Didn't see Wichita State's baseball stadium in here anywhere. Very interesting way to deal with all of the accomplishments. Missouri Valley Conference Tournament Championships on the left, NCAA Tournament Appearances on the right.  In particular I really like the commas, as it assumes that they'll keep adding more. Not sure what they'll do after they win 2 move MVC titles.

  7. Warriors have selected Jason of Beverly Hills for their ring.


    we look forward to creating a ring that will be talked about in sports circles for generations


    Pressure is on Jason of Beverly Hills to produce the best Championship Rings ever http://www.warriorsworld.net/2015/09/18/warriors-news-warriors-choose-jeweler-championship-rings/

    Same artists that did the 2009 and 2010 LA Lakers rings, I think the Warriors made a great choice. Can't wait to see what they come up with and what special features this ring will include. The 2010 Lakers ring was cool because all of the rings had a piece of the game ball from game 7. The fact that this was the 40th anniversary of the last Warriors title might also be something Jason of Beverly Hills incorporates into the design.

  8. would have thought they'd have 27 diamonds for the 27 batters faced/ 27 outs.

    Didn't know players got these:


    Neither did I. Those are nice looking rings.

    actually the National League (right one) does have 27 diamonds in the field area. the American League one is harder to tell because I can't really count the individual diamonds in the foul area but it looks like it might have 27 diamonds in the foul area, it does have 9 diamonds in the outfield.

  9. NFL: KC Chiefs- I am a Kansan and as such you have to make your allegiances pretty clear at a young age. I was a kid during the Joe Montana/Marcus Allen/ Derrick Thomas era and was impressed by how awesome those guys were both on and off the field.

    MLB: KC Royals- Pretty much the same as the Chiefs, closest thing to a hometown team and have to like an underdog

    Anaheim Angels- Although I know that it is unfair to root for two teams in the same league I have to root for the Angels because my family is originally from California and so it just feels right to root for them.

    NHL: Mighty Ducks of Anaheim- the Mighty Ducks movies were my first exposure to hockey and then when the team was created my aunt started sending me Ducks memorabilia, I started watching games as often as I could and from then on I was a Ducks fan.

    NCAA: Kansas State-purely family, my parents are from Manhattan and the purple and white will always seem right.

    Southern California- family, I have quite a few cousins that are Trojan alumni and so I started supporting USC.

    Wichita State University- I am a proud Shocker and will support the Yellow and Black forever.

    MLS: Sporting Kansas City (Wizards)- The "hometown team", they also had one of the coolest/dorkiest logos ever.

    Los Angeles Galaxy: The Galaxy were the first team I ever saw play (on television) and I instantly became a huge supporter.

    Australian Football League: Richmond Football Club- Tigers eat 'em alive. That is all I have to say

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