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  1. Anyone willing to clean-up that logo and keep it true to it's original look? I'd love to put this in NBA 2K16.
  2. So they are just Syracuse form the late 90s?
  3. The helmet fiasco reminds me of the Texas Rangers red/blue combo helmet that never saw action... http://startelegramsports.typepad.com/foul_territory/2009/03/rangers-scrap-twotone-helmets.html
  4. It truly would be a shame if everyone ignored their passions and ridiculed others for theirs. A true realist would understand that in real situations, real people change their minds, for a multitude of real reasons. Check the facts: http://www.raysindex.com/2012/05/bj-upton-is-a-better-hitter-when-he-wears-high-socks-seriously.html BJ Upton wears his socks high all the time now thanks to the article stated previously.
  5. My whale is the Indiana University men's basketball warm-up top with the IU logo on the chest and the script Indiana on the back: They used to sell them on campus, but now I cannot find them anywhere. I would pay good money for one.
  6. I love this set, the Orioles' set, and the Met's change. They're all reinterpretations of the team's uniforms from the 1980s. Couple these changes with what Cleveland and Kansas City have done in year's past and I am getting to see an updated version of what I grew up with.
  7. For what team does the cartoon bird play? They missed the boat for infinite regression as he is not wearing himself on the cap. Silly little item, but it bothers me.
  8. I remember when they chose Blast as their first name and changed it to Aeros to be a bit more sympathetic to the Akron area teacher that was killed in space. Something that reflects the area would be great, like Vulcans or Bombed Out Car Fires.
  9. I don't think so, but even if it was it wouldn't be impossible and would surely have been worth the effort to avoid this garbage. Remember they aren't thinking aesthetics, UA is thinking about how much these pants cost to manufacture. They look terrible, but they were probably cheaper to produce in this manner.
  10. What are the chances this has something to do with the construction of the pants and sewing? This looks like a big plate of stretchy fabric sewn into the sides. If you went wight he sleeve/helmet stripes, would they be more difficult to construct and sew?
  11. I just took notice of how much they are tying in the spray paint with this new EP and subsequent imagery. Not sure i see the "brand identifty" in the other examples. I'm pretty bitter concerning Coldplay after I found out that several of their major songs have all been borrowed or ripped off from other bands... even the new single. They readily admit that they borrow riffs from other bands and rightfully compensate them, but it makes me feel thatt they are so much less original and artistic: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2011/jun/06/coldplay-reject-plagiarism-claims-single http://www.whosampled.com/sample/view/335/Coldplay-Talk_Kraftwerk-Computer%20Love/
  12. They play indoors now. Keep that in mind should you decide to start following football. Is a retractable dome "indoors"?
  13. 4:45 pm AZ time so 7:45 in the east