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  1. Anyone willing to clean-up that logo and keep it true to it's original look? I'd love to put this in NBA 2K16.
  2. So they are just Syracuse form the late 90s?
  3. The helmet fiasco reminds me of the Texas Rangers red/blue combo helmet that never saw action... http://startelegramsports.typepad.com/foul_territory/2009/03/rangers-scrap-twotone-helmets.html
  4. It truly would be a shame if everyone ignored their passions and ridiculed others for theirs. A true realist would understand that in real situations, real people change their minds, for a multitude of real reasons. Check the facts: http://www.raysindex.com/2012/05/bj-upton-is-a-better-hitter-when-he-wears-high-socks-seriously.html BJ Upton wears his socks high all the time now thanks to the article stated previously.
  5. My whale is the Indiana University men's basketball warm-up top with the IU logo on the chest and the script Indiana on the back: They used to sell them on campus, but now I cannot find them anywhere. I would pay good money for one.
  6. I love this set, the Orioles' set, and the Met's change. They're all reinterpretations of the team's uniforms from the 1980s. Couple these changes with what Cleveland and Kansas City have done in year's past and I am getting to see an updated version of what I grew up with.
  7. For what team does the cartoon bird play? They missed the boat for infinite regression as he is not wearing himself on the cap. Silly little item, but it bothers me.
  8. I remember when they chose Blast as their first name and changed it to Aeros to be a bit more sympathetic to the Akron area teacher that was killed in space. Something that reflects the area would be great, like Vulcans or Bombed Out Car Fires.
  9. I don't think so, but even if it was it wouldn't be impossible and would surely have been worth the effort to avoid this garbage. Remember they aren't thinking aesthetics, UA is thinking about how much these pants cost to manufacture. They look terrible, but they were probably cheaper to produce in this manner.
  10. What are the chances this has something to do with the construction of the pants and sewing? This looks like a big plate of stretchy fabric sewn into the sides. If you went wight he sleeve/helmet stripes, would they be more difficult to construct and sew?
  11. I just took notice of how much they are tying in the spray paint with this new EP and subsequent imagery. Not sure i see the "brand identifty" in the other examples. I'm pretty bitter concerning Coldplay after I found out that several of their major songs have all been borrowed or ripped off from other bands... even the new single. They readily admit that they borrow riffs from other bands and rightfully compensate them, but it makes me feel thatt they are so much less original and artistic: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2011/jun/06/coldplay-reject-plagiarism-claims-single http://www.whosampled.com/sample/view/335/Coldplay-Talk_Kraftwerk-Computer%20Love/
  12. They play indoors now. Keep that in mind should you decide to start following football. Is a retractable dome "indoors"?
  13. 4:45 pm AZ time so 7:45 in the east
  14. I was in the dark with Minnesota waether too. It was an earlier argument hear tha made me look it up. The average precipitation is also higher in Cleveland and Boston than Minnesota. I think that is the telling stat. Precipitation is what would keep you from playing the game. As for the Pohlad Patch, I like it. And I like how the two are stacked.
  15. So the OKC Thunder unveiled their new mascot and fancy that it's a Bison! I remember during the logo unveiling the owner mentioned that their current abomination was temporary. Does the mascot foretell a future to come?
  16. I highly doubt that to be true. It's more likely that given the design idea, 8 yards was what made the point fall in the middle. Or it could be a set of 5 yards and a set of 3 yards, for the 53rd Super Bowl. Except that it is the 43rd Super Bowl
  17. There are a ton of stair wells, but there were ushers by them yelling that they were for emergency only.
  18. What did you think of the stadium? It looked great on TV...I'm always curious to hear about first-hand accounts of new venues...I was at the first game at University of Phoenix Stadium myself. I still can't believe they're going to tear down the RCA Dome...it seems like only a few years ago that thing was brand new, and I was in there getting a tour of the place... I too was at the opening of UoP in Glendale against the Stillers. I lived there for three years and worked for a newspaper out there. I attended every game at that stadium until this year, including the bowl games and the Super Bowl. That made the trip to Indy so special because I had something to compare it to. The outside of Lucas Oil is immaculate. It fits into the area amazingly well. it doesn't stick out too much and holds it's aesthetic really well compared to the older buildings in the area. There is not a lot of room around the stadium. We didn't tailgate because we were given tickets but not parking passes, but the lots were plenty large enough for tailgating. UoP has the great lawn and that was awesome. Lucas Oil stadium needs a great lawn and I think plans are in the works to build something similar between the stadium and the soon to be demolished RCA Dome. Inside LOS is much roomier than UoP. The concourses are wider and there are a lot more concessions or seemingly a lot more. Restrooms are easy to find because they are everywhere, just like UoP. If you break the stadium into quads, each one is sponsored by a different company. I didn't care for that. One quad was brought to you by HH Greg, an appliance retailer out here. They were selling TVs and Appliances to fans. You don't need that in a stadium. The views are very similar to UoP. The sideline seats are good no matter where you sit. The endzones feature two separate layouts. One endzone has giant window that opens, so seating there is not as tall or steep, but on the opposite end the seats go way up and are extremely steep. They look like great seats. I sat in the far reaches, section 605... And loved the view. it was nearly the same seat I had for the Super Bowl last year. The field turf looks great and the retractable roof is a treat, and allows the stadium to host their Super Bowl and Final Fours. I prefer outdoor venues though. One major disappointment is the difficulty to get from the lower levels to the upper levels. I have no issue walking a ramp for ten minutes to reach the upper deck and I think more people probably should, especially after you eat a 2/3 pound cheeseburger, fries and a Coke, but there is only one ramp and two upward moving escalators. The foot traffic was packed by the escalators and because most people are too lazy to walk up the ramp, everyone was clogging up that area. There was no formal line so there was a lot of pushing and shoving. That could lead to trouble later. Overall LOS is a great stadium. It's hard to say which is better; UoP or LOS, but I have an affinity for UoP.
  19. Your wolf's front legs are backwards. The joints make the legs look like they would bend forward like a human's arms, when they actually bend back. I really like the tree being included in the primary logo. The wolf just needs work. I couldn't do better, but from looking at your work I think you can.
  20. I was at the game at the New Lucas Oil Stadium last night and I saw the horse used twice. Once on a banner advertising a Season Ticket waiting list and on the t-shirt linked above. I heard at least one person say it was hideous. My buddy IU was with didn't know about the promotion, but thought it looked silly. I assured him there were many better.
  21. The Cardinals had one last year:
  22. Saw the Cardinals plane when I landed at Sky Harbor in PHX yesterday. Looked really nice.