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  1. Both banners look inconsistent. Sure, the 1971 banner is mirroring the original MECCA banner, but it doesn't mesh well with the 2021 banner. They already changed font for the "NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION" and "WORLD CHAMPIONS" texts. Might as well flip the order of the "WORLD CHAMPION" text and the logo. And yes, the font for "1971" text has to be consistent with the "2021" text, too.
  2. I'm personally disappointed that Wilson didn't change anything on the new NBA basketball other than slapping their logo on the ball in place of Spalding. If anything, the ball should have looked something like this: #IAmTeamMinimalist
  3. Since there's too many uniforms, if it was up to me, for all Playoff rounds, teams must only wear their default Icon (away in colour) and Association (home white) jerseys.
  4. Yes they did. The Climate jerseys had the adidas logo tag in front (bottom right specifically). The Aeroready jerseys didn't have that tag.
  5. I think it's time we see the purple jersey with yellow colors. I mean we saw the Lakers' yellow jerseys with purple and white numbers.
  6. I LOVE IT. Every team looks different and unique now. It took them 25 years to realize that. Wish the WNBA logo would be in front though.
  7. Looks like the Sacramento Kings debuted a new court design midway through the season. Looks pretty nice eh?
  8. Thank you very much, Colin! This set is as good as it gets.
  9. What do you think of the logo tweak I did? It's not as Western, but it looks modern for sure:
  10. For the home uniform, I think the outline scheming sequence for the "C" and numbers should be yellow-black-white and not black-yellow-white. Flip black and yellow basically. It makes the text stand out more and it just looks better. I'm also bothered by the red and yellow being separated by a black line in the middle for the jersey. It's inconsistent with the pants. I know that pattern was done on the red Pedestals, but it just didn't look awesome at all. And the C on the crest, in my opinion, should look like this: Other than that, great work.
  11. I made sure that the manufacturers name on each side would be something the NHL should do again. My suggested helmet has teams putting sponsor logos on background that features a color to the helmet's color. I won't allow any other color. And I'll make sure that the logos aren't just simple icons. The logo has to be a wordmark or a logo with wordmark. The logos have to stand out well. Those reasons prompted me to put "Scotiabank" instead of the S icon. Wish I wrote about that on my original post.
  12. TSN played me. Had I known they would unveil a new graphics package, I would have decided against posting the picture I posted a month ago. Anyway, here's the updated graphic: I'm glad they modernized it. Looking at you, NBC and Sportsnet/CBC.
  13. I think the NHL should have still incorporated the sponsor logo, only they should do it in front. IIHF-esque. And it still gives teams opportunities to put something special on the helmet (ex. Blue Jackets' 3D-printed crest). And I like it better that way.
  14. The sideline ads for this year now include team logos. I don't know how to feel about that. Example:
  15. What I meant is that if NBA court designers were to create courts in the future, they'll have to consider those baseline ads and have them blend well enough with the rest of the design. For example, If I were in their position, I don't see myself putting "Philadelphia" beside a baseline ad. It just looks off.
  16. Personally, as a guy that does photoshopped courts here on this forum, it pains me to know that baseline ads are now existing. They're probably the worst thing that's happened to NBA sports design since the NBA logo was pushed to the back of the jersey in 2014. It's like there's no more opportunities for one long-word (ex. Philadelphia or Milwaukee) or one-line (ex. Houston Rockets) baselines. Although the Warriors kinda did it pretty well. They're the only one who has pulled it off well IMO.
  17. The Lakers, however, decided to hang the banner already at their practice facility.
  18. I kinda like the normal alternating lines. Makes the uniform original, design-wise, from other established uniforms.
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