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  1. SUNDAY Tennessee @ New York Giants San Francisco @ Kansas City Dallas @ Houston Buffalo @ New England Atlanta @ New Orleans Cleveland @ Baltimore Detroit @ Minnesota Pittsburgh @ Tampa Bay Cincinnati @ Carolina Washington @ St. Louis Philadelphia @ Jacksonville Indianapolis @ Denver Oakland @ Arizona San Diego @ Seattle New York Jets @ Miami MONDAY Green Bay @ Chicago
  2. Week 2 SUNDAY Baltimore @ Cincinnati Chicago @ Dallas Philadelphia @ Detroit Arizona @ Atlanta Kansas City @ Cleveland Buffalo @ Green Bay Pittsburgh @ Tennessee Tampa Bay @ Carolina Miami @ Minnesota St. Louis @ Oakland Seattle @ Denver Houston @ Washington New England @ New York Jets Jacksonville @ San Diego New York Giants @ Indianapolis MONDAY New Orleans @ San Francisco
  3. A pretty good first week.(for me anyway)
  4. Too Miami Dolphin-ish.
  5. This has already been done, but that was a while ago. He didn't finish the whole NBA, so keep going!
  6. NL East- Braves NL Central- Reds NL West- Padres NL Wild Card- Phillies AL East- Rays AL Central- Twins AL West- Rangers AL Wild Card- Yankees NLDS- Padres 3, Phillies 1 Reds 3, Braves 2 ALDS- Rays 3, Rangers 2 Yankees 3, Twins 1 NLCS- Padres 4, Reds 2 ALCS- Rays 4, Yankees 3 (Goes down as one of the greatest series' ever) World Series Padres 4, Rays 3 (Another great series) Who would've thought of that series 3 years ago?
  7. The Jazz, sadly. Also, Wasatch, are there alts? Sorry, the graphics I posted don?t do the uniforms justice, and I?m afraid to release anymore artwork! So just wait another few hours and we?ll all be able to feast our eyes on what I know will be the best uniforms in franchise history! Everything from the modernized retro logo, down to the mesh itself, these babies will prove to be the furthest thing away from disappointing! As for the green alternates everyone was hoping for, those probably won?t be coming until 2012-13. But if it's not white, green, or navy....
  8. The Jazz, sadly. Also, Wasatch, are there alts?
  9. Too close to Patriots, I think.
  10. I'm still not sure if they would move to Toronto. First of all, Buffalo averages about 94.8% attendance for home games. That's an average of 70,128 people coming to each game. Knowing that, I'm sure a fair amount of current Bills fans would make the 2 hour journey up to Toronto, there would be plenty of Argos fans that would want to see the games, and the Rogers Centre only holds 54,000 people for American football. I just don't see it.
  11. When my computer froze it auto-drafted Glen Coffee. He retired about an hour later.
  12. Las Vegas Dice or Nevada Pistols in the last loss? By the way, how many teams make the playoffs?