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  1. The second row is the truth and how they should've looked like. One of the best sets in the league with that look. Sweet, especially the purple one. What a shame they didn't go this route. They're also the closest to the originals without being a copy. Other than that, everything's been already said by others about the actual changes: too little purple, no pinstripes on the shorts (I don't care that's how it was on the originals, it looks better on both), too much white on the teal uni... Are they worse than the previous ones? Dunno. The way the stripes were placed on one side was overthought and forced and never really worked for me. I liked them more while they still had the striped collar, but then they got rid of it. Also not excited about the new lackluster waist logos. What comes to the court, why use the same hornet shape three times? I guess it was a way to add purple, now that it has been removed from the keys. And while adding honeycomb to the keys is nice and resembles the 90s court in a good way, having two different honeycomb patterns on the floor at the same time is too much, and I prefer the wood pattern to this new one. I also see they removed the pattern from inside the 3-point areas to not have too much pattern clash and have the patterned keys pop.
  2. Jamal Murray has entered the All-Star territory, after previously just being in the conversation. And he scored the 50 points on 70+% shooting, including 9/12 from three.
  3. I've witnessed the Clippers forcefully trying to be a black and white team by wearing only black gear (alternate and blackletter white unis) lately, all while they have a semi-good-looking main blue uni, which is annoying as hell.
  4. Because two of their key rotation parts were lost to injuries and some of their other role players are not very good and have nothing on these two guys in question, and the Lakers were losing to the eighth seed. Waiters never was a bust in the first place because he was a massive reach when the Cavs drafted him with the fourth pick, but still he can play, though, and has shown that throughout his career to this day. JR hadn't played since the start of the season and still made 6 out of 7 threes in the resumption game against the Wizards.
  5. Yeah, I figured that. Was just wondering, why they opted to put that same logo on the front on some caps, when some others use the alternate logo there, which is a better design decision not to display the same logo twice.
  6. Lol, I pointed out to what just took place, and you obviously haven't paid attention, neither these past five years. JR played on the Cavs up until this season. When was Waiters on a level to look back to? He just is what he is, which is a pretty productive player that would give the Lakers a little boost that they're missing. He's not old either to not be something he was sometime ago. Nothing to go on about.
  7. I saw them both playing well in some of those games, especially Waiters, and JR put up a three-point show too. And Waiters shoots decently too, so please, stop. Why sign them if you won't play them anyway? Always had me wondering.
  8. What I don't get, is why some of the teams use the alternate logo on the front and others duplicate the main logo in both places? For example, the Grizzlies could use the ball-in-claw logo on the front.
  9. This exactly. It never made sense the way the team was and is assembled, none of the parts fit. And when they drafted two guys they really needed to succeed in Landry Shamet and Mikal Bridges, they traded them away on the first chance they got. The whole roster and management should be blown apart and built with pieces around Embiid OR Simmons, but I'm very skeptical about the latter, wouldn't want a backcourt player who doesn't shoot anywhere near my team.
  10. I know that. And it was hyped to an extent, at least the JR signing, and for a good reason. Both can play.
  11. I just never understood signing some loud free agent names with all the buzz and then not playing them at all when it matters. Waiters and JR would both be of more benefit on the floor than KCP, for example. EDIT: I see after the first loss they did get some burn in the second game.
  12. I like the alternate versions of the caps with a colored base better.
  13. I see where you're coming from, but they still took it to the extreme with the design where it just looks gross, even while going for a 90s aesthetic. I would've also liked for this new Space Jam to be as much fan service as it is for the new audience (see: the new SW trilogy), since it was such a cult movie of the time for the 90s' kids that made us fall in love with basketball, and I'm not really aware of Looney Tunes being a thing among kids today.
  14. Godawful! As a Space Jam fan since childhood, I was looking forward to this movie with an open mind, but this uni design definitely lowered my desire to see it a bit. 90s did 90s better. The new logo was bad too, for that matter, but this is even worse. A good example of the power of design and branding, and how it affects and inspires people if done the right way. For instance, the Cavs' brilliant rebranding in 2003 created an affection that much stronger with the team for me as 13 y/o kid, even though I would have become a fan of the team anyway with the drafting of LeBron, but still disliked the pervious identity deeply. That's also why I have always been an advocate for "angry and aggressive" logos, since it can set a mood for the players and fans alike. The GSW, for example, are a team with a visually decent identity that is totally uninspiring.
  15. Totally agree, except on the black. I think it fits into the color scheme a lot better than navy the way it is used atm.
  16. I have to disagree entirely. This one was totally gratuitous to me with the navy blue and absence of red..
  17. Of all the GFGS jerseys, Pistons' is the one that really works for them with their colors. The red alternate from back in the day was good too, but it doesn't make this one any lesser.
  18. I liked the alternate red set with the ATL wordmark that had a cool 'A' character, and would've worked with yellow too instead of the volt that I despised. All of the main three sets had awful shorts design, though.
  19. You hit the nail on the head and took the words out of my mouth with that statement. The value that those looks have, had been developed over time and gained through achievements, that's what makes them classic. You just can't come up with such a generic bare-bones design today and call it a day and expect it to last and be successful and classic, the way the Sixers have done with their last set. It's just a retro design at this point and nothing more. This Hawks set works in a little more interesting way to its benefit, but it's still of the same. That's why I don't see it having much staying power or ground for that. I've witnessed the Hawks since the 90s, and their identity has always had personal character the way this new set doesn't apart from the colors.
  20. Now that we see the full set, I can say that the black one is the best of the bunch and surprisingly my favorite, with the white one being solid too and the red just suffering from the yellow and white colors clashing. Playing with black as an additional color on both the white and red jerseys might've solved that problem. The side stripe pattern is overkill, though, and I see no reason for so many stripes - could've done without one outer stripe on both sides of the panel. The new alternate "logos" are a disgrace, and the wordmark by itself in that font does absolutely nothing. They could've added some more interesting details to the unis using the main Pac-Man logo more prominently and with actually cool alternate logos, given that the unis are very generic on their own. One of the white/red jerseys should say 'Hawks' instead of 'Atlanta' too.
  21. You know, I don't hate it. I was set to dislike it as soon as we knew that they would use those drop shadowed block numbers just like the Skyhawks, but the font they picked for the wordmark fits so well in matching the number font but at the same time having the right amount of character to make it all look just interesting enough and very cohesive with a good color balance. And using the traditional yellow instead of volt looks so much better. Also, the angle of the shadow to the side is so much better than straight downwards that the Lakers use, SMH. Does it suck to have block numbers for a team that can use something more original and creative? Yes it does. What comes to being generic, the first post-LeBron Cavs had laid the absolute floor for high school like looking uniforms, with Brooklyn having had given them a run for their money, and this doesn't come close. I could see it as a "stripped down, generic" fad that will not stand the test of time and them being not very relevant after a while, though. I don't want anything resembling the Nique unis, that's for sure.
  22. So, it appears Westbrook has covid after all. Wonder what's up with Harden.
  23. Nah, they just arriving on their own at a later date, same as Kawhi. Everyone should calm down with this.
  24. I think they did well, given the cards they were dealt. What the Wizards are gonna do, however...
  25. More like there was nothing good about them.