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  1. So that's how it's gonna be, huh. Wonder if the grey shape was intentionally made to look like Harvard Stadium. EDIT:
  2. A lot of these recent ones have been fonts from Adobe Fonts!
  3. So as I mentioned, mid-80s, I decided that I should lay out the expansion plan moving forward. 24 teams by 1990 seemed like a reasonable goal, since I needed to only grow by 4 teams. I went with two big traditional cities, Montreal and Pittsburgh. I did a MV logo for the Montreal Voyageurs, and actually exported them for the game. But sat on it for a night, and realized I misjudged the timing of the era. I looked for logos of the late 80s, wanting something more illustrative. A Voyageur is a French-Canadian transporter during the fur trade. So I made an outdoorsman with a animal skin hat and beard. This is a placeholder logo until the 90s rebrand makes an appearance. The other one is the Pittsburgh Stallions. Pretty simple overall. A black P logo in the traditional colors of the city. Not breaking any barriers here, but it's a baseball team and it didn't need to be. Pittsburgh made the playoffs their first season somehow, so the expansion draft was kind to them.
  4. Surprise expansion! Doing the timelines, I realized I had the same amount of time gap between my first expansion in 1969, to the second set in 1976. Originally, I had hoped for an expansion team to make the playoffs before I considered that the league was well rounded enough to expand. It didn't happen until 1977, but I expanded anyway. But in 1984, the wayward Denver Coyotes signed a 40 year old future hall of famer, and somehow were well rounded enough to tie LA for the best record. On top of that, the entire league finished above .400. In the background, I worked on my goals for expansion teams because we were heading towards the expansion crazy 90s. I didn't expect to do it so soon, but I think I created some great logos. First, I thought the league needed another California team. There's a gap in the market in San Diego, so they got a team. The name Surf came to mind, but thought having both the Suns and Surf seemed kind of lame, but settled on the Tridents, the weapon of Poseidon. I color dropped the color of waves & sky from a picture in San Diego. We'll call it "Pacific Green". Made a simple trident logo that interlocks with an SD. With this expansion, I plan on going from 3 divisions to 4, including a Southern Division. This means I'm finally expanding to my home state! Little thing about me is I think the Miami Vice color scheme is a little hacky, since it feels like most of the people perpetrating it are from out of state. I think the most Miami brand to have ever existed is the orange/black Marlins set. For me, I used a Coral and Navy color scheme. Someone suggested Herons to me before, and I think that was a winner. Plus, picking Herons and Pink would link them to Inter Miami immediately. I love making old looking logos, and feel like I can do some cool stuff with the name when I am at a point where I can make it more realistic. Oh and just for the heck of it, I updated the Suns scripts to fit the times a little better. See you in a few years when we get up to 22 teams!
  5. Hah, Dallas is one of a few teams that had a generated owner who had a tendency to spend on building a roster. That was about 2 months ago real time, and I think they got a big FA pitcher and a former top 5 pick from Minnesota (?). But Cincinnati has a spending owner and haven’t done anything. thjnk my favorite one year wonder is the Baltimore team that made the playoffs the third season in the stacked East, only to fall back down. Still not sure how that happened. BUT to make this not entirely a sim post - thanks for the suggestion! I have colors picked for New Orleans, but was playing around with swatches and thought a team colored like Borussia Dortmund would be cool, but I’d likely have to do Pittsburgh in that case
  6. As someone who grew up 5 minutes from their ballpark... I love this! Simple, fun. Outside of a real rebrand, there’s not much more yuh can ask for.
  7. You're doing an amazing job. I've love seeing the major step in your design ability, because obviously all of these look that much better.
  8. Hey guys! Little overdue update here. I haven't touched the save in December, but I have some teams that got refreshed and an updated timeline, just because I think it's interesting. So with the last expansion of Denver and Baltimore, I finally went from 1 table to 3 divisions. I really waffled over doing this, but sure enough the division winners + 2 wild cards spiced up the playoff picture dramatically. The different shapes represent divisions, and the stroked versions of the shapes near the top mean the division winner. Expansion teams FINALLY started making the playoffs, although none closed the deal. The east dominated, as players who were heroes early on in the save retired, and were elected to the Hall of Fame. You can see the teams that rebranded there, but for a closer look- Toronto started to become irrelevant, and I wanted to facelift their logo. I used brighter colors for the 80s, while combining a T and maple leaf. The other one is Golden Gatekeepers becoming San Francisco. The name is long, but I felt like it was overdue because the whimsey felt outdated. On top of that, this league's version of Mike Trout, who had won silver sluggers throughout the 70s playing for the Los Angeles Suns, became a free agent and signed with their rival. Hope you all had a happy holidays, and I will probably pick this league up in a week or two. I'm not thinking about expansion just yet since there is still some recent expansion teams that are BUTT. That being said, i'm taking names for teams in New Orleans, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Miami, Montreal, and San Diego
  9. Okay last one for now! The Charlotte Hounds were on hiatus for 2020. On top of this, the Waterdogs are an existing team in the PLL. They're 7th of 7 in my rankings for potential MLL team names carrying over to the PLL However! They have a solid logo and color scheme, and I couldn't leave them out. I had an idea for using paw prints in this, and went from thinking the pattern on the penny to the vertical striping only seen on the Redwoods uniforms. I used gold accents pretty heavily since navy and that cool dark grey were hard to work with at times. Then finally, made sure the gold helmets were represented in this series. Thank you to everyone who touched in for this series. I loved playing on this template, and hope more people make some concepts. I'm sure the NCAA could use a facelift.
  10. I think that would be fun. PLL does retro really well judging from their merchandise. Doing these was kind of odd. I didn't have any lacrosse inspiration, other than the 7 teams. Outside of this, there's restricted college lacrosse unis or 20 year old templates that the MLL seemed to love. Wonder if this conversation would be different if a kit maker actually let the MLL teams differentiate from each other more. The Bayhawks were one of the original teams, and it would be a shame to never see their rebirth in the PLL. With that in mind, I wanted to keep these uniforms a little cleaner than the others. I had an interesting color way to work with that would do a lot of heavy lifting. I created a feather pattern, a throwback to what that they once used when their colors were navy/kelly green. I also used the diagonal break in a solid stripe that they used in their most recent look. I also made different color sleeves, which felt like the limitations of how much I wanted to play with such a clean look. Just think that I wanted to "honor their roots by referencing the naval academy" or something!
  11. I posted in that thread linked in the original post that I really hope they don't. If they strip the Boston AND logo from the Cannons, it won't feel like the same team. Of the MLL teams, the Hammerheads were the hardest to lift the place name from, so partial logos are super easy to make out of the existing brands. I have the Bayhawks vectors and going to play around with that for the next post. Somewhat related, but 47brand is having a hell of a MLL sale https://www.47brand.com/collections/major-league-lacrosse
  12. Thanks for the kind words! Here's the newest team in the MLL. They were expanded after the Dallas Rattlers folded. Connecticut never hosted them, as they played in a bubble at the Naval Academy stadium. I removed CONNECTICUT from their logo, leaving just the weirdly rendered shark. I put a pattern of a shark fin in a circle, repeated across the jersey as the schtick of this uniform. The dark unfiorm has a horizontal stripe, at the angle the text from the logo is. It also has colored thread that some uniforms have in real life, that's what I was going for there. Also @4_tattoos pointed out that some teams have a light and dark helmet, which I hadn't noticed because I believe only two teams had this summer in the bubble. I inverted the blue and yellow for this.
  13. I think the crossed-cannon logo would fit pretty well. I think it would be a shame if they mess with the transition to the new league very much on the brand side. Whats the point of using the Cannons name as a seamless transition if you change the logo, colors, and drop the city. But also self plug because I'm playing with these ideas
  14. Well no biters, but I have some more concepts for you all. The Philadelphia Barrage moved there for 2020, which obviously never had a chance to take place as scheduled. They were the Atlanta Blaze before then, but previously, the Philadelphia Barrage existed from 2004-2008. The name fits in with the PLL, and has a decent logo for the job. The PLL has the Archers, who use navy and orange. I tried to differentiate and use this greener shade color that some logo results on google had. Knowing Archers have an orange uni and navy uniform, I wanted to make a uniform that was a good mix of both, and then a white uniform for the light version. I used this lightning bolt pattern inspired from the logo for both, but used them in two different ways. So here's the concepts for the Barrage Lacrosse Club. I have the Hammerheads done too and may post that tonight if someone tells me if these are good or not!
  15. I'm mad I didn't think of this concept series. Great work for all of them!
  16. I was thinking when this was announced that one team that may get the shaft is the New York Lizards. The 2 decade old club would go in to a league with an existing reptile-named team, and surely they wouldn't want to double up on something so close. But tonight I realized the Lizards and Rochester Rattlers shared a league for nearly their whole existance. The Whipsnakes use a snake scale pattern, so that was out. I was trying to think of some interesting ideas for this. The lime green would stand out in the new league, so I swapped the base of their dark uniform from black to green. I was cruising through the concept, and was making a chrome silver facemask that. Then thought, "hey lizards isn't specific, what if it was like a chameleon with an oilslick typed wrap?" The thinking there is that the color would change depending on which way you look at it. It was more interesting than making them white. Here is Lizards Lacrosse Club.
  17. You're right, Hounds is better. But Waterdogs were named by the Pardon My Take podcast from Barstool, and they have a 4000 follower lead on second place on twitter. So I think there would be a fuss unfortunately.
  18. Outlaws Lacrosse Club This concept was the first one I thought through thinking about this series, but would only feel right if the first team was the Cannons. I'm pretty confident in guessing the Outlaws will be the next team to join. They historically had one of the best attendance and support, even with giving other teams a 6 year head start. I made pinstripes on the dark uniform with the barbed wire from the logo. I originally wanted to make this black, but think going back to their traditional orange really popped. It is my favorite color after all. The other idea I had was sublimated paisley, like a bandana pattern. I threw it on the black penny and light jersey. The light jersey I swapped the base color, and was heading to add more splashes of orange. But took a second and realized I really liked the Las Vegas Raiders look of the uniform.
  19. Cannons will be the 8th team, but have an expansion draft to determine their roster since the PLL teams surely are better top to bottom. PLL has the trademarks to MLL names, so we will likely see names like Outlaws & Barrage before some random mashup of words like other teams. Heres some more info from the man himself.
  20. You had ME worried cause I had sent this out a few places, but I just downloaded it and got an AI. Would have been worrying since I never saved it as a PDF, haha.
  21. Hello! So first off, if you haven't heard, Major League Lacrosse and the Premier Lacrosse League will merge going forward. Major League Lacrosse had a regular franchise model, with teams based in cities. Premier Lacrosse League is a 2 year old venture from former MLL Most Valuable Player Paul Rabil, with backing from IMG and aired on NBC. They have 7 teams that go city to city, basically a touring lacrosse league. Rabil was fed up with the way MLL was ran, and actually tried to straight up buy the MLL in the past. Instead created the PLL which now controls the league. Here's more about the merger What this means is that the PLL will expand to include the Boston Cannons, which will rename as Cannons Lacrosse Club. The PLL also will inherit the names that aren't used. So whenever the PLL expands next, they may choose the name of a team that played in MLL. Overall I think it's good for the sport and growing the game, since MLL was not on healthy standing. Boring part is over, you clicked on this thread for artwork! The MLL has used a New Balance template for yeeeeears. The PLL has a deal with adidas, and they ended up having better designs than MLS has with the same company. The goal of this is to give a facelift to the Major League Lacrosse teams into a modern, fresh uniform. A look in to what these teams might possibly look like in the future. So without further adieu, here are the Cannon Lacrosse Club. The designs are pretty simple, trying to use the cannon shape on both. I wanted to keep them asymmetrical because the logo is too. I couldn't leave you hanging without dropping this template. Last year, I was looking to update my popular soccer template. But I ended up dropping it because I thought that it was too complex and ugly. I arched out the hem, and figured out layers a little better. If I can make a better way to swap brands for soccer, you may get a soccer template in this style. Download right here, and check back for more in the next couple days!
  22. OFFICIAL POWER RANKINGS OF MLL NAMES THAT TRANSLATE TO PLL 1. Cannons 2. Outlaws 3. Barrage 4. Bayhawks (Geographical is questionable, but could be big for the transition) 5. Hammerheads 6. Lizards (Whipsnakes may cover the reptiles names) 7. Hounds (Waterdogs cover this)
  23. I had a Sherwin Williams ad in a black bar at the bottom of desktop typing a few paragraph long post (oh hey its back and did the same thing), but it would pop up and refresh every 15 seconds. When it fully loads, it removes the cursor from the text box, so I have to reclick the text box to type. Super frustrating to have to do that about 10 times during a single post.
  24. I've tweeted a lot this, but I'll put some thoughts together here. People IN lacrosse seem to think this is a great move. Now there isn't two leagues splitting the best players time during the summer. Since jump street, PLL has been more organized, better visibility, and had better sponsors. That being said, I feel for the fans of teams that now lose a home schedule, and even worse if they aren't the Cannons and don't have that direct team to root for in the transition. The PLL was planning to go to Denver, Maryland, North Carolina, Long Island, and Boston this year. Then went to Philly twice last year. Me being from Florida, never had a team to root for because I had no connection to any of the city-based teams. It's growing the game at the risk of alienating some diehards, but the alternative is the MLL folding. Most of the teams were playing at college and high school venues anyway. As for the PLL keeping the trademarks of MLL teams - I hope the Outlaws become team 9. I think the two teams that may not transfer are the Hounds and Lizards, due to the existing dog and reptile teams. But like, Barrage vs Chaos? That fits.