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  1. oh that's fun! Super cool idea. For the sake of argument, what would a red version of this look like, provided you had thick navy stripes on the top and bottom of the seafoam striping?
  2. How dare you carefully say New Uniforms, closing the door for "Rutgers in New Jersey" jokes
  3. Just wait until you see this http://www.andrewclem.com/Baseball/FenwayPark.html#diag
  4. Hey thanks everyone! I felt like the original block H felt out of place, and ended up dropping it. It was picked to somewhat resemble the negative space hammers that you all suggested. BUT i think the hexagon shape on the new primary logo helped make a cooler looking shape. Thoughts?
  5. Nascar has been very transparent with all this. They had their tracks check their garages to see how many similar handles they found, and it was 11 of 1684. they also said the rope wasn’t tied like that at the start of the weekend last October. It truly feels like a crew member needing a better handle on the garage door and doing that. Probably choose a better knot next time, but it doesn’t seem malicious.
  6. Uh yeah this noose sure looks like something you'd report
  7. I haven't seen this part mentioned here yet, which clearly is a factor not many people considered either. The best analogy about the situation that I've seen addressing the dumbasses who are in Bubba's replies saying that HE SHOULD BE PUNISHED???? is that if an airport finds a suspicious backpack, and they evacuate, when the backpack gets discovered to be a misplaced backpack, the airport doesn't get any charges. People are so racist, man. They were so racist they tried to immediately invalidate any of the racism, correctly predicted it, then became more racist. It sucks so hard.
  8. This is so funny, i never thought i'd ever see a Jelle's Marble Runs concept thread. Wisps look good, the pants stripe is ingenious.
  9. Found out yesterday that in 1999, two white hauler drivers "pranked" a black hauler driver by dressing up as Klansmen. https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-1999-08-15-9908150179-story.html NASCAR as an industry seems to be putting their foot down as of a few weeks ago. They should have acted much sooner. Looking forward for this noose to be "eliminated" from the sport.
  10. KIA Tigers wore a fauxback to these old uniforms from when they were the Haitai Tigers Also this week, NC Dinos wore this mint colored number
  11. Hah! Thanks guys, that's so funny about the Owls. They're bad in my save but really got a kick out of thinking they're real As far as the Hammers, I felt like their brand was pretty weak overall and wanted to pitch this concept to you all. The shape is a steel hammer, and the cap logo is an H and an Anvil. As well, here's a flames logo in a roundel which I like more.
  12. This is some good stuff Mark. I can't decide which is the best, the body of work is all top notch!
  13. It's a good start! I would scale up the front and rear so it's more proportionate as a template There's a few small things i've noticed that's not huge, just more realistic. Normally the tires will hide under the sheet metal at the top of the wheel arch. So i'd make your tires bigger but sneak them in. Also I think if you do a squared off black shape to mimic the innards of the car, you don't have to give much detail and it won't look like the wheels are floating. Also :censored: there's so much on that blue print site, i wish i saw that working on a project last year making electric stock cars
  14. Haha thanks guys. Sorry if i came across as a dick posting about the view and reply count, it wasn't my intention. Just noticed it when I went to reply. I've been on the boards long enough to definitely notice that one off good comments get the thumbs up treatment. But always nice to hear feedback from stuff I'm confident in. Totally fair. I wanted to try something else for them and liked the idea of the wordmark, but I can throw it on a circle and dress it up to see if it makes it better. For what it's worth, there was some thinking behind the names of teams. As you can see, KBO teams more or less just pick a mascot that hands off between corporations. But as always, I did some research and found names that match the cities better. But also i made a list of names to possibly draw from in case I didn't find something good (Arrows Owls and Flames are the three) Pohang is known for their steel industry thanks to POSCO being massive Jeju Colts is the island off Korea and they have a specific breed of horses named Jeju Horses Chuncheon is in the north of South Korea and the Crane is the national bird (this is my favorite team) Gunsan has a military base and the home of the SK Air Force As far as the league has gone, the one team not shown has been the best team over the last couple years. When i first expanded the league, I made the mistake of doing an expansion draft, so the two teams coming in got to poach the only players worth while on the teams. It's been nuked over the years but they're still on top. I recently decided to expand from 8 to 12 teams using teams that either formerly existed, or independently exist now. It'll be fun to watch the 12 teams battle it out and possibly develop some talent for me to steal. Oh and if you're wondering what that other team looks like, look no further.
  15. 260 views and 0 replies nice here's all the logos together for no reason other than I wanted to see it.
  16. Sup? I've gotten into playing Out of the Park Baseball again recently. If you don't know, it's like GM mode on a baseball video game that's on steroids, and you don't do the fun parts like actually playing. With KBO coming back before MLB, I decided to start a save in Korea. I've had issues with a thin player pool, compounded by the fact that if a player isn't on a roster, they shrivel up and retire. i wanted to give the players a chance and set up a few teams that hopefully could turn up some diamonds in the rough from good play on an independent team. Being a psychopath, i found every decently sized stadium not being used by a KBO team full time and used that to place my teams. My ultimate goal is to make a brand that could blend in with the current crop of teams. Originally an independent league, I made a split league with the KBO minor league teams since they're at a comparable level. I've expanded real leagues like crazy before, but I love the pure identity of 10 teams playing eachother over and over and over. There's also an 8th team that is a team that folded in 1999, and not worth posting the graphics for. Seoul Owls Mokdong Baseball Stadium 10,500 Pohang Hammers Pohang Baseball Stadium 12,000 Jeju Colts Jeju Ora Baseball Stadium 11,650 Ulsan Arrows Ulsan Munsu Baseball Stadium 12,088 Chuncheon Cranes Chuncheon Baseball Stadium 10,000 Cheongju FlamesCheongju Baseball Stadium 10,500 Gunsan WingsWolmyeong Stadium 12,000
  17. Magic Dynasty pretty much nailed what I was thinking. I don't see Ford letting Briscoe go. Especially with their shallow prospect pool given one of their two flagship teams having a 44 year old, 41 year old, and a (bad) 36 year old. Driver's average peak is at 39, so that's something to think about. Harvick is elite, so we haven't seen the decline quite yet. But hey, Jimmie Johnson was too. Penske could lose Keselowski to Hendrick and easily fill the gap with Cindric. He'll get the jump over DiBenedetto given who his father is. Lastly, Chastain was committed to running Xfinity. Obviously he would have taken the Ganassi ride if he was offered, but remember their current lineup is a 48 year old Kenseth and 41 year old Kurt. HIs time should come, and he might have an Xfinity title run in him. He needs to go out there and win a race shortly, but he's shown he can do it.
  18. In honor of the end of the week, here are some Sunday Alternates I've seen! First, SK Wyverns rebranded over the offseason, but kept their off-white Sunday Alternates that say Incheon, the city they play in. They also wear a black version of their cap. Here's a close up with their previous cap logo. NC Dinos have a gold alternate for sundays too. They wear an alternate cap as well, but it's their regular cap with a gold brim. Samsung Lions commit to looking like Chelsea, with these gradient sash uniforms. They have the cleanest home and road uniforms in the league I think. Finally, LG Twins have a home and road sunday alternate. The home says SEOUL across the front, and the road is just a black version of their main uniforms.
  19. If you're worried about the uniform ads, i have bad news about every team name including the corporation that owns the team. As far as the names in english, they used to have Hangul lettering on the front in the 90s. I think that was to be more marketable overall. Here are some throwbacks Samsung wore last year with it.
  20. Hey all! So with ESPN snagging the rights to the Korea Baseball Organization the day before the season starts, I've gone all in on the KBO. The games are, and i mean this in the nicest way possible, so stupid. No lead is safe and it keeps you watching. The play is good, and the culture is so cool to observe. Check it out on ESPN every morning except mondays, the day they take off every week. As the thread title states, the aesthetics of the league has drawn my attention. All the teams have different suppliers, so they all have their quirks. The jerseys are covered in sponsors as well. A month into the season, we've started to see some one off uniforms start to get worn. Recently, several military themed uniforms have been released and i'd like to share them here now. June 6th is Memorial Day in Korea, June is also Patriots and Veterans Remembrance Month. Descriptions of these are from @myKBO on twitter From June 5th-7th, KBO teams will be wearing the 'Great Patriot Tree' patch on their hats and helmets. Lotte Giants Navy themed uniforms Hanwha Eagles - Black Eagles, a special flight team in the ROK Air Force for this year's military uniform. (Their normal black uniform is black with orange piping) Samsung Lions with a digital Lion in this blue camo Doosan BEars wore a white uniform with white and grey camouflage on the sleeves and hat Then something close to home, here's SK Wyverns wearing green camouflage Ill see the reaction to this thread and circle back and post some normal uniforms and throwbacks i've seen in my research! Also I sent Chris Creamer links to team's vectors on their own website so hopefully the library on sportslogos.net get updated even further.
  21. ^^^I'm glad the Coyotes original designer was able to land on their feet! Just so i follow, it's documented the Tampa Bay Mutiny logo had a bat on it because "you know, mutiny - mutant bat" Is this Pythons because it shares letters with Rhythm?
  22. I would love to see this as a 4D chess play where the city of Nashville sees how well supported the Superspeedway races are, and gives NASCAR a sweetheart deal to fix up the short track at the fairgrounds. I obviously have no basis for what I said, but the contract is for 4 years and that should be enough to completely renovate it and open again.
  23. This is giving me serious Akron Firebirds and Akron Aeros vibes. Imagine the complete lack of nostalgia we'd have now if they went with this logo that would be better suited on deviantart.
  24. It always bugged me that they didn't do a dirt warning track. SInce, you know, there would be no warning if you're tracking a ball in the outfield if the surface is just painted brown.